Saturday, 13 July 2013

'A Ray of Sunshine'

Good Afternoon and welcome!

I am so pleased to be showing you a 'Sunshine Blanket' that has arrived today from Scotland. One of our 'SIBOLETTE's' 'jenniferanne' has very kindly made and donated it to our 'SIBOL' Group for the Elderly.

Such a lot of work has gone into this Blanket, lots of tiny Squares crocheted and ends sewn in this is definitely a 'work of art'. What a lot of planning must have gone in to this Blanket!

It's called 'A Ray of Sunshine' and when you see it you will be see why.


'jenniferanne' said,

"The colours were all from my stash - even the grey, all apart from the bright turquoise that I wanted for the “shaded square” between the dark and the light turquoises. I love those most of all. I wanted to try making the triangles, and the blanket evolved from that. Lighter at the top to indicate where the sun is shining through."

This Blanket is fantastic 'jenniferanne'
it's so warm too, thank you very much indeed.

'jenniferanne' also sent me some 'SIBOL' Butterflies and Ribbon
these will help me also thank you!



I hope you enjoy looking at the three Blankets received today. 

Thanks for visiting the 'SIBOL' Blog.

x Sue x


  1. Hi Mrs Sue !....Thank you ....thank you for your wishes....thanks for visiting.So happy to see you around.....I'm working ,working and working.Very busy at work.
    Nice blanket and the pattern....beautiful colors too.

    Xo,Xo,Xo.....Luna :)

  2. THAT blanket is amazing! Such a piece of art!


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