Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gardening and Wartime Challenges are finished!

Good evening!

A busy weekend here at 'SIBOL' HQ. On Saturday afternoon after visiting Mom I went over to the wool shop by pippa. On the way back I called at her house hoping that she would be back from her holiday. I was amazed when the front door opened I really didn't expect her to be there.  I knew she had some Blankets made up with Squares from Grace and thought I would take them off her hands. Well pippa has been busy because she gave me 4 made up Blankets. Grace is 80 years of age and lives at one of the sheltered accommodations I have visited. Actually pippa's mom lives there too. As well as
the Blankets I came back with another 75 Squares from Grace. She is a non-stop Crocheter at the moment and is churning out massive amounts of Squares. It's good for her hands I understand. Isn't it nice that an Elderly Lady has a new interest! Grace isn't our oldest 'SIBOLETTE' I have a 90 year old too! She also is Knitting for our Blankets. Anyway I found some Ribbon and Butterflies and decorated the Blankets up and took some photos.





Aren't they good! pippa has very kindly assembled the Squares from Grace.
I have another two yet!



Wonderful Blankets thank you pippa for assembling them. I will write to Grace to thank her.
I always send her photos of the finished Blankets too!

I have been quiet today I have been trying to make the Squares up from pippa 'the 75 from Grace'
I have assembled two Blankets today and I still have a third to do so I will
show you what I've done with the remaining Squares as soon as I have finished.

Yesterday I managed to finish the Gardening and Wartime Challenges. I hope you like them.
The Squares were so interesting and it was a pleasure to work with them.


You don't always notice how you place Squares when doing them. I think the middle Poppy should have been over the other side. I think there are two many medals down the bottom? Nevermind. I hope you like it.

The next one is the Gardening one. I had a couple of Squares over for this Challenge, so I tried to do something different with them.


467 'Gardening Challenge'.

I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful Squares 'Grace' I don't think she will be on-line! 
But thank you Grace. Thank you to pippa for assembling the four Blankets for me.
To everyone else who took part in our Gardening and Wartime Challenges I'm very
grateful to you!

I have one more Blanket to make up with Squares from Grace.
Also the Butterfly Blanket to finish.

  I really need Squares for 'What a Wonderful World' and 'Festivals' please.

We do need Ribbons for Blanket decoration too if anyone has any lying around not being used. We get through so many. Thank you!

If you are interested please pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES Blog
The Link is here

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