Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Blankets arrive today!

Good Morning,

A couple of months ago I went to visit the Mother of June 'the Chairman of the Solihull Craft Group' to pick up some Squares from her. She is 90 years of age and she loves Knitting. June very kindly told her about our 'SIBOL' Group and she started Knitting for our Blankets.  I'm very pleased to be showing you the two Blankets that have come in today from Sally who very kindly assembled them for me. Sally has made a wonderful job once again of putting these Squares together for me. I love both Blankets and I'm sure you would like to take a look at them.



A friend of June's Mother also Knitted Squares for us and I would like to thank both Irene and Pat.
The Pastel one is so delicate with all the lighter colours and the one at the top is slightly larger than normal but that doesn't matter at all, it is going to be so warm for an Elderly perston to snuggle up under. Great colours in the top one too, I loved the striped Squares.

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I hope you can view the Slide Show.
Thank you Sally very much indeed a superb job and thanks to Irene and Pat too, although I'm not sure whether they will be on-line! :)
x Sue x 

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