Thursday, 4 July 2013

Challenge Squares and new Blankets arrive today!

Hi everyone!

Well today I have been getting the 'Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil Blankets' ready for the post and while doing so I had an alert come through on my iphone to say that joyce28's parcel had arrived at the local convenience store so off I went to pick it up. Came back opened up and what did I find inside? A book called 'Needled to Death' by Maggie Sefton the author of Knit One, Kill Two, Challenge Squares and 3 Blankets.


Joyce you have been busy.  Made a cup of tea, knock came to the door and it was another courier! This time a parcel from 'cosseted' in Wales. Wow! What a lot of work you sending my way today! Another cup of tea I think....

Where do we start? Let's take a look at Challenge Squares from joyce28 first I think.


Squares for Wartime Challenge.


Gardening Challenge.


Festivals Challenge.


What great designs joyce28!

Kite, Mardi Gras, Hanukka 'Festival of Light'. These Squares are going to look great in our Blankets. Some really lovely ideas once again thank you!
Colourful too, great!

I'm going to move on to the Blankets joyce28 sent in now. The first Blanket is one that joyce28 has assembled for me. I would like to thank everyone for these pretty Squares!
A very pretty border, I love these colours together very fresh looking! It's called 'Ice Cream Sundae' a great name!

Thanks to everyone for donating these Squares!

A beautiful Knitted 'Stars and Stripes' Blanket next wow! Just look at this one. You certainly are very talented joyce28 to make such a beautiful Blanket. It's a lovely large Blanket too and it's really lovely and warm. I just love the colours thank you so much. Can you imagine an Elderly person's smile on
receiving this one!


I was expecting 'Stars and Stripes' to come in the post but I didn't expect a 3rd Blanket.
Once again in the same colours it's another stunner!


What a fantastic Blanket again!
I wonder what this one will be called?

We certainly have some very talented Ladies in our Group.
Thank you so much for keeping me busy!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Not only did I receive Squares and Blankets from joyce28, 'cosseted' (Wales) has also been very busy.
She also sent me 3 Blankets, Squares and also Butterflies which are so pretty!

'cosseted' Thank you for the Squares and Butterflies.
A couple of Squares for our Challenges which are lovely 'cosseted' thank you so much.
Blankets too, what beauties!
'cossseted' very kindly put together a 'take a bag' for me and what a splendid job!
Thanks to everyone that sent in Squares for this Blanket, they really are lovely.
A great job of assembling too!
Pretty Squares in this one!
I just love the next one.... What great colour combinations!
'cosseted' also donated the one above and the next one.
Such lovely Granny Squares.
How quick you make them 'cosseted!'
Nothing like the Granny Square. The Black and Cerise one is made with textured yarn and when I was taking the photos this evening the yarn was really sparkling!

Created with flickr slideshow.
Well there you are I have been busy today.
6 new Blankets for 'SIBOL'.
Our Blankets are piling up again, looks like another delivery very soon!
Thanks to 'joyce28' and 'cosseted'.
Enjoy your evening.
x Sue x 

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