Monday, 2 March 2015

What's new at the start of March?

Good afternoon and welcome!

I have some pretty Blankets and Shawls arriving today.

First of all Dulcatis over on RAVELRY has made a Sunshine Blanket which she is going to deliver to one of her local Homes. A very sensible idea because this will save postage to me and I'm sure she will get a great deal of satisfaction of delivering it herself. I have no problem at all with this anything to save money.  She has even made one of our SIBOL Butterflies to decorate it with.  Introducing 'Midnight Flowers'.

980 Dulcatis thank you.

Pretty isn't it? She has sent me a photo so I can count it in with the other ones. Thank you Dulcatis I know you have enjoyed making.

Next we have four Shawls from Hilde (Norway).

Shawls from Hilde (Netherlands) thank you.

Such pretty Shawls Hilde. You are so kind making these for the Residents in UK Homes. They are all wonderful patterns and I love the yarn. Many thanks indeed.

Next we have a Sunshine Blanket from 'Gilly Lilly' with  two Shawls.

979 Thanks to Gill 'Florists Delight'.


Gill P thank you.

Thanks so much the Blanket and the two Shawls are superb!

Thanks everyone!
We only have 20 more Sunshine Blankets to make now.
Then we will reach our 1,000th Blanket.

Well done to you all

x Sue x

There is good news on postage charges. Royal Mail will REDUCE the cost of posting some parcels from the end of March 2015. The main difference will impact on a lot of our blanket-size parcels and is very good news. Basically the current charge for posting a medium size parcel weighing up to 2kg is £8. This will go down to £4.89 from March 30th. This means Royal Mail will be able to compete with cheaper couriers.
Letter charges are going up by 1p, but I think we were all really finding parcel charges prohibitive, so roll on March 30th.
The £2.80 charge for small parcels doesn’t seem to be changing.
There is more info about prices here.
Anyone planning on posting a parcel in March needs to weigh things up carefully…(excuse the pun!)


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