Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Memory Lane.

Good afternoon and welcome to the 'SIBOL' Blog,

No new Shawls or Sunshine Blankets arriving today so I thought it would be nice to go down Memory Lane and have a look at the Sunshine Blankets we have made in the past. I'm going back now to 2011 when we made our 'Springtime' Sunshine Blankets. When  I first began 'SIBOL' we had
a lot of themed Blankets. The Postage unfortunately put a lot of people off in the end from sending Squares and I did actually have a lot of trouble getting them in so I decided to stop the Challenges.
Today I thought I would show you some of the Blankets that we made once again. I realise there are
lots of new Ladies visiting 'SIBOL' and it's now your chance to see what we have made for Residents in Care Homes.

In 2011 we made two Blankets with 'Spring' in mind.  Here they are.

'The Spring Challenge 'Blanket 1')

Such a lot of beautiful Spring Flowers!

Such pretty Squares.

What fun we had!

x Sue x

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