Sunday, 29 March 2015

Do you remember our Daffodil Blankets?

Good Morning,

With Daffodils starting to flower now I thought a nice time to look back at the 9 Daffodil Blankets we made in 2013. These Daffodil Blankets were all made by Ladies of the 'SIBOL' Group and we donated them to the 9 Marie Curie Hospices throughout the UK. 

Many hours went in to the making of these Blankets  and it certainly was one of the most enjoyable projects we undertook.

I have Daffodils starting to flower in the garden now and also in the house and they reminded me of  the fun we had. I thought I would like to share with you once again.

Thanks to everyone that took part.

The 9 Daffodil Blankets which will be donated to 9 Marie Cancer Care Hospices here in the UK.

x Sue x 

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