Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Such pretty Squares arrive!

Good Morning to you all!

I would like to thank PinkLemons from Singapore for sending me  her Sunshine Granny Square. Made especially for our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket. Thank you so much and I apologise for the delaying in posting a photo on here.

Pink lemons thank you

A great combination of colours and  very pretty indeed thank you.

Next we have a Square from baw1812. Apologies to you too for the delay in posting a photo on here.
You have once again made a great Square for our Blanket and I'm very grateful to you for making it for us.

baw1812 thank  you so much.

Our special Blanket is going to be beautiful and what an achievement! We are only 20 Blankets away from our milestone now.

Thanks to you both.

x Sue x

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