Friday 29 April 2016

Delivery to Broomfield Hospital.

Good afternoon,

Just an up-date for you today. I would like to thank Susan for taking in three beautiful Sunshine Blankets to Broomfield Hospital. Susan very kindly made 'Purple Heather', 'Granny's Garden' and 'Vanilla Sundae' and gave them in on behalf of our group 'SIBOL'.

Susan tells me in her email that she delivered the blankets to the Baddow Ward where they have been distributed to three patients. The Dementia Care Nurse thanked Susan for her help and said the patients responded very well to the bright colours and textures.

I'm really grateful to you Susan thank you. If anyone else would like to deliver their blankets near to where they live please contact me. I will send you a 'pdf' label which you can attach to your work. This is a great way of getting our blankets and shawls further afield.

My email address is

Thank you.

Vanilla Sundae.

Vanilla Sundae made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Granny's Garden.

Granny's Garden made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital. Thank you.

Purple Heather.

Purple Heather - Susan Thank you. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Thank you. x

Thursday 28 April 2016


Good afternoon,

Thanks Lisa.

I would like to thank Lisa today for 3 Sunshine Blankets and 2 Shawls.
Perfect for Residents in our Care Homes.
All made in beautiful colour combinations these certainly will be welcomed.


Thanks Lisa.


Thanks Lisa.

x Sue x 

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Dali Rock arrives all the way from Singapore.

Good Morning!

I am so excited to be showing you a new Sunshine Blanket that I have received all the way from 'Pink Lemons' in Singapore.  This is such a beautiful Blanket and I know one of our Residents is going to take a great deal of comfort from it.

'Pink Lemons' said in her note, 'This  photo inspired the colours of the Blanket.  It's a photo I saw online  titled 'Dali Rock'. I chose it because it looked majestic and beautiful and the light shining on the rock appeared to me to be a beacon of hope.' 

I really think a lot of thought has gone in to this Blanket 'Pink Lemons' and I would now like to show you the beautiful  Blanket she made.

1231 Dali Rock. Made by Pink Lemons (Singapore). Thank you

Dali Rock




I love to hear what has inspired you to make a Blanket.  So please feel free to enclose a note with your work.

Not only did PinkLemons send a gorgeous Blanket she also made a Shawl for one of the Residents.

Thank you Pink Lemons Singapore.

Thank you Pink Lemons.

The pattern is just so pretty and you have used some wonderful colours.

Thank you so much.

Shawls are very useful in the Homes so please feel free to make and donate to me for the Residents.
Thank you.

Up-dated Lunchtime. 

Susan sent me an email at lunchtime telling me that she will be taking the following Blankets into Broomfield Hospital on Thursday.  This is fantastic thank you so much.

I am encouraging Ladies in the Crafting Community to make and donate a Sunshine Blanket near to them if possible. This is a great way of getting our Sunshine Blankets further afield and to be honest I am running out of Homes near to me.  So if you are interested please contact me on
for a 'pdf' label.

I can send this as an attachment  and you can attach it on to your work in the name of 'SIBOL'.

Of course if you would rather send your Blankets and Shawls to me then please do.

Let's take a  look at Susan's work now.
These Blankets are so pretty and I know they will be loved.

First we have Purple Heather.

Purple Heather - Susan Thank you. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Granny's Garden.

Granny's Garden made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital. Thank you.

Vanilla Sundae.

Vanilla Sundae made by Susan. She is taking to Broomfield Hospital.

Aren't they gorgeous? I love them. 

Thank you Susan. I look forward to reading about your visit.

x Sue x 

x Sue x 

Thursday 7 April 2016

Care Home visit today!

Good morning and welcome!

It's one of our Delivery Days today and I would like to thank every one that has sent me Sunshine Blankets and Shawls for Residents in Care Homes.

Today I visited Maple Dene Care Home which is situated in  Moseley, Birmingham where I met Leisha the Home Manager, a member of Staff and  Debbie one of the Residents

The Home is beautifully decorated and as soon as you walk through the door you instantly get a warm and welcoming feeling. 


Today I took in 27 Sunshine Blankets and 12 Shawls and Leisha and Debbie absolutely loved them. 
Over the past few days I have been getting the donations ready.


Thank you to Rachel (18 yrs), Elsie and friends.


Thank you Gilly Lilly.

In fact Leisha asked Debbie to choose a Blanket while I was there and she chose one of Sally's Blankets called 'Sea and Sand'. Made in beautiful Yellow and Blue Crocheted  Squares Debbie thought it was perfect for her lap.

I am always so proud of our Blankets and Shawls and I can honestly tell you that they really were admired. They will be used on  Laps but  also to be put on the beds in Residents' rooms.  The Residents are encouraged to make their rooms personal to them so I know  that once Blankets have been chosen they certainly will bring lots of smiles. I have promised to go back with more as soon as I have some more arrive.



My Husband Colin kindly agreed to giving me a hand with the Blankets.
 Thanks Colin. 

Left to Right - Myself, Leisha, Debbie and Colin my Husband.

Thanks Debbie for agreeing to have your photo taken! 

27 Sunshine Blankets 12 Shawls to Maple Dene Care Home, Moseley, Birmingham.

In closing may I thank Leisha and Staff for accepting our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls today.
It was lovely to meet you all and hopefully I will pop in again very soon. Leisha and all at the Home would like to send a Big Thank you too!

Thanks to everyone that has sent me donations for the Home today. 
I am always so grateful to each and everyone of you.

For your information we have now made 1227 Sunshine Blankets since January 2010 
and the project was started in Memory of my Grandmother who lived to the fine age of 103.

For more information please contact me on

Thank you.

x Sue x 

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Donations of Shawls arriving today!

Good afternoon and welcome!

I would like to thank Gilly Lilly  over on RAVELRY today  for 4 beautiful Crocheted Shawls she has made for Residents in Care Homes. These Shawls are so pretty, great designs and wonderful colour combinations.

Thank you Gilly Lilly.

You are one talented Lady Gill!
Many thanks.

x Sue x 

Monday 4 April 2016

New Sunshine Blankets arriving today!

Good afternoon

A parcel arrived this morning from Rachel of Wigan thank you so much.  Inside the parcel was a beautiful Black sparkly Shawl that she had made and four Sunshine Blankets which were made by herself, her Grandma's friend Elsie. Ch, and Z too.

Rachel is only 18 years of age and back in 2012 she made us some Squares for our Olympic Blanket so she would have only been 14 then.  Her letter was lovely and she said she was thrilled to spot her Squares in the Knit Today magazine many moons ago!'.  It has certainly inspired her to carry on with her Crocheting and she tells me she is 'Granny Square mad!'

Her work is beautiful and so are Elsie's and friends.  Thank you all so very much. I wish you all the very best Rachel.

Let's take a look now.

1227 Terracotta Delight Thank you Elsie.

1226 Warm Chunky thank you Rachel.

1225 Thank  you Rachel. Rainbow.

1224 Blues and Lilac's. Elsie, Ch, Z thank you.


Great Sunshine Blankets thank you and here's the Shawl.

Rachel (Olympic Squares also). Thank you.

You've all worked so well thank you all.

I would also like to thank Big Blue today for sending me a couple of photos for our records. She has very kindly assembled a Blanket for a Lady called Margaret. 
Some of the Squares were received from Ladies in the 'SIBOL' Group and I'm sure you will love it as much as I do.

It's called 'Violetta'.
Thanks so much for doing this Big Blue and I do hope Margaret finds it useful.
It will certainly keep her legs warm.
Margaret would like to thank everyone.

1228 Violetta made by Big a Blue and SIBOLETTES. Thank you!

Margaret with her Sunshine Blanket called Violetta thank you.

You look a picture Margaret! Enjoy your Blanket. 

x Sue x 

Saturday 2 April 2016

Sherwood House delivery.

Good morning,

It's so nice that Ladies who donate to 'SIBOL' can do it locally to them. I have delivered so many Sunshine Blankets in the Birmingham area over the years I have often said it would be lovely if we could  get our work further afield. Gill who lives in the Nottingham area has recently donated quite a few Sunshine Blankets and Shawls to Sherwood House.  Sherwood House is a beautiful refurbished period residential care home and yesterday I had great feedback from the Home Manager Andrea.

'Having received your parcels this week I just wanted to say how grateful we are. 
The blankets and Shawls are beautiful and will be put to good use.

Thank you for your kindness.


Thank you Andrea.

I'm very grateful to you Gill for arranging this. It's so nice to receive feedback too from the Homes that we visit.

I would also  like to thank Alma for taking in 6 Sunshine Blankets to the following Care Home.
Laurel Court Care Home, 

x Sue x 

Friday 1 April 2016


Good Morning,

I would like to say a big thank you today to Gemma 'Woolly Pumpkin' who has sent me some wonderful donations for our 'SIBOL' project. These blankets are larger than our normal 'Lap' size but would be ideal to use on Single beds in Residents' rooms. The colours are bright and cheerful and  I know that all of them are going to bring lots of smiles. Made absolutely beautifully too thank you so much Gemma.

It was a pleasure to receive your letter too it's always lovely to find out what everyone is making at home. Gemma enjoys making Dog coats for Battersea and is in the process of making a Bridal Shawl and Baby Blanket.  So best of luck with those Gemma.

Let's take a look now at Gemma's work.

1222, 1221, 1220 Thanks Gemma.

1222 Pink Posh thanks Gemma.

1221 Thanks Gemma. Nautical.

1220 Thanks Gemma 'Woolly Pumpkin'.

I love your label Gemma and I've now added one of our 'SIBOL' Butterflies which is rather like our trademark.

It's a joy to receive your work today thank you Gemma.

x Sue x