Monday 30 November 2009

Do you Wanna See? - Ta dah!!

Hi Everyone!
The start of a new week, Monday here again already.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I am very lucky to be able to be on-line this morning as my Talk TAlk landline is down. Thankfully the internet is okay. Fingers Crossed!

Very chilly weekend, rainy and cold. Good job I have something now to snuggle up too! Yes, finally it's ready to be unveiled!!!!! Ta. dah!! (As Lucy says) ha.ha.

I wanted to do another Ripple. We all know they're addictive! This time one for my Lounge. When it started off I really wasn't sure about the colours although I knew they were the same colours as my sofa, I still had my doubts. But after doing a few rows and trying to be 'creative' with how I arranged the Ripple to take my photo I soon got into it.

Night 2. 'Fireside Ripple'. Ripple No. 4!

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

It was nice to sit by the fire and do my Ripple while watching TV.

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 5. Ripple 4.

'Fireside Ripple'. - completed.

I was so.....happy to finally get that last row in! 100 rows in all. Measuring 40" x 63". Hayfield DK. Around £1.49 a 100gm ball. I would say roughly £9.00 to make. Just an edging of Double Crochet. I really have a problem with putting an edging on any wider than that. I think it spoils the flow of the Ripple.

Then outside to take some shots. Sun today makes a change. Lighting is a problem now.....

Crocheted Carnations match the Ripple perfectly.

Took along my Crocheted Carnations out of the vase on the fireplace to take a shot. They matched beautifully.

Ta - dah!!

Ta - dah! Introducing 'My Fireside Ripple'.

I really enjoyed doing this one. Just what I need on these cold nights. I have been a little held up with this one. It's taken me slightly longer, but does it matter? Got there in the end....... I hope you enjoy looking at my Ripple.

What's next?.............. I have a plan BUT I'm not sure whether it's going to work out so all I can say is 'WATCH THIS SPACE!'.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to comment on my Ripples. My friend BrendaS2 gave me the pattern, without her all of this wouldn't have been possible. So thanks Dear Brenda x

If anyone would like the pattern please email me
or Flickr mail. Flickr Mrs Twins

Thanks again!! December here, Christmas Crafting in full swing now for a lot of you, hope you enjoy whatever you get up to. Bye for now, 'Keep Crocheting!'.

Today's slide show. Will Young - Light My Fire (How appropriate!).

Thursday 26 November 2009

'Show and Tell' Friday - My Crocheted Ripples.

Hi Everyone!
Thanks for visiting my blog today on 'Show and Tell' Friday. Cindy is hosting from My Romantic Home I hope you'll check her blog out. It's always lovely to see what everyone is showing.

Today I have been racking my brain wondering what to Show! I know a lot of my friends have seen my Ripples but there may be some Followers on Cindy's blog that haven't so, here they are.

The First Ripple I crocheted was 'The Candy Ripple Cuddle Hugger'. My friend gave me the pattern.

My First Ripple Blanket and Crocheted flowers.

This one matches my Conservatory, lovely summery colours.

I just love taking photos when everything is finished!

What's Black and White and 'RED' all over? 'The Newspaper Ripple'.
A Ripple Blanket for my Daughter's flat.

Out into the Garden we go again!

Of course then a Ripple for my other Daughter, can't leave her out.'The Cotton Candy Ripple'.

Now I'm in the process of crocheting the 'Fireside Ripple'. This one is for me! This one is taking me a bit longer as time has been a bit more limited. So this is a W.I.P.

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

'Fireside Ripple' Night 6 - Ripple 4.

If anyone would like the pattern,I don't charge I'd only be too pleased to let you have it. I use Flickr mail more than ordinary. Flickr (Mrs Twins). Just shout!

Thank you everyone for your weekly support and to all my friends in the US I hope you have a very 'Happy Thanksgiving.'

Monday 23 November 2009

I want to ask a question! :)

Hello to all my friends on Monday!
Good Weekend I hope!

Most of you have seen photos of my home, but I thought I would show them again for those who haven't.  We all love our homes and I am no exception. I just love making my home cozy for the family and I love to show off my Crocheting around the house.

Our Kitchen.

My Kitchen this is where I say hi to you all!

Growing Flowers.

It's also where I do my Crocheting!

Our Lounge.

On an evening I sit in the Lounge to do my Crocheting

'Fireside Ripple'. Night 4. Ripple 4.

so cozy by my fire.................


and in the Spring and Summer months this room is a joy my Conservatory is so pretty when the sun is shining and it really is a lovely room to sit in and spend a couple of hours crocheting away.......and away........and away!

'and again!'.

Can't you just tell how I enjoy this room?

'and again!'.

Crochet in the Conservatory.

My brass pig keeps me company (very expensive piggy he was too!).

I think this is my favourite room of the house.

Where do you do your Crocheting? I have in the past even taken it out with me in the car.  If we've gone on long journeys I've sat doing it in the car to pass time away.  Do you ever do any in public? I'd just be interested to know where you do your Crocheting maybe a really weird place! Want  to leave a comment?

Thanks for visiting my post today. Have a good day!

Friday 20 November 2009

'Show and Tell' Friday - My Crocheted Flowers.

Hi Everyone! Friday's here,

'Show and Tell' Friday arrives again.Thank you Cindy of Romantic Home for hosting.

Today my Crocheted Flowers are here for all to see. Apologies to my regulars for showing them again. Not many words today, just lots of flowers!!

Growing Flowers.

Crocheted Carnation.

Crocheted Flowers in my garden.

My Bouquet of Carnations.

Crocheted Bouquet of Carnations and Button Flowers.

Hope everyone will have a nice weekend. Thank you to all my regular followers and new ones too. Thank you so much for all your support. Have a good weekend!

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday 18 November 2009

'Crocheted Butterflies'.

Welcome to Wednesday's post.

What a dreadful day here in the UK. Dark, wet and miserable. Good job we've got some pretty Butterflies to cheer us up!

'Crocheted Butterflies'.

I crocheted these yesterday. A break from my Ripple. I haven't done any Ripple since the other evening when I sat by the Fireside waiting for my daughter to come home. Thanks to everyone 'all over the world' who were just a little concerned for me! You all know what's it's like when you have young adults living in the house. Worry, worry, worry! I think this age 23 is one of the hardest for us Moms!

Bethel of Bethania very kindly gave me a link to Nets Pets. The lady on the blog has very kindly put a video up to make some Butterflies. I must say she really did a fantastic job. Her instructions were fantastic and I'm very proud to say that I have now done 4 coloured Butterflies and I've done 5 white and gold ones. (Which I shall post a bit later).

The Butterflies are just basically made using trebles and the instructions are really dead easy! Please have a go. They are such fun. I think I actually like doing them better than the Birds because they are so........quick. You can change wool to make a variety of different designs to suit whatever and you can put them anywhere.

The ones on the Conservatory by the Window are just stuck up there with white sticky fixers. The one on the Cage is wired on.

If you visit Bethel of Bethania either on Flickr or her blog you will see the gorgeous ones she made and put in her garden. She has taken some wonderful shots. Look closely though, because the first time I visited her blog I thought it was just a leaf in the garden and I nearly missed them! She's done a variety of different colours and they really are so pretty. Well done Bethel!

Please visit to watch the Butterfly video.

Here's another photo of the Bird Cage and Butterflies.

'Crocheted Butterflies, Crocheted Flowers, Crocheted Birdies!'.

I'd love to know whether you've managed to have a go. As I say a very quick easy project.

Have a good day everyone!
Bye for now.....

Oh! P.S. I have this afternoon managed to get another Christmas tree! If you read my blog you will know the story! x

Please watch my very quick slide show and listen to the music of Alicia Keys - 'Butterflies'.

Sunday 15 November 2009

'Christmas fun!'.

Hi everyone!

Monday has come round rather quickly. The start of another week. Hope everyone's weekend was enjoyable.

I would just like to say at the start of the week how much I'm enjoying chatting to you all. Receiving your comments really make my day on Flickr. I can't believe I have loaded 831 photos in 6 months and I've had 7,751 views! I've also been blogging since September and I'd like to thank all my loyal friends and new Followers! 45 in all. I still can't quite believe people want to look at my photos and read my blog!! Yes, Kate we have come a long........way since starting blogging more or less at the same time. So thank you all so......much!

November is passing us by and before we know it we will have Christmas upon us. I went into the Garden Centre last Saturday to pick up a new Christmas tree I had reserved, but they told me they had a break-in two nights before and they had 'nicked' all the trees and reindeers the ones that light up. (Shame!) Fortunately, the police were doing a routine check on the retail park and they caught the two chaps red-handed! You'd think in that case they would have recovered the goods. I'm waiting for a phone call to say that they've managed to obtain one for me. The tree I have had for the last 5 or 6 years has now come to the end of it's life. It's a twig tree with lights wired into the branches. I just can't face putting it up again this year, as I have to tie the ends of the branches with rubber bands because the branches have dropped because the hinges have broken. I'll let you know when I have some news (that's if you're interested!) ha.ha.

I don't know whether you ladies on Flickr have Sarah London Textiles as one of your contacts, but her blog is really worth looking at. She's got a pattern there for a Christmas Tree which really is 'easy peasy' and some lovely little Christmas decorations. So please take a look

Also I'd like to give Kim a plug. She has a beautiful Snowman Garland hanging in her home along with other Christmas decorations she has made. It's well worth a visit because she is sharing a tutorial.

I'm thinking of Christmas today and the fun I had a while back making these mosaics from Big Huge Labs. If you haven't already tried making them I suggest you do. Here's some of my Christmas Sewing. The Mosaics are really easy to make.

Christmas Sewing

Christmas Village Tree Skirt - Handmade by Mrs Twins.

Gingerbread Family and Tree Skirt Handmade by Mrs Twins.

Fairy, Valentine Kisses Doll and Angel by Mrs Twins.

Friday 13 November 2009

'Show and Tell' Friday - Bird Cage

Hi Everyone!

First of all may I welcome my new Followers! I'm pleased to meet you all.

'Show and Tell' Friday is here once again. Cindy is hosting from 'My Romantic Home', I must thank her and I hope everyone pops over there.

When I first joined Flickr I was amazed at the talent of women all over the world. One of my friends on Flickr said, 'Flickr is better than opening up any magazine, there is always so much to see!'. Don't you just agree?

I was greatly inspired by Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. Her Craft room was such a pleasure to see. She loves working in felt and I have to say she is pretty good!. Among her other talents she crochets and loves working with paper. I hope you'll pop over to her blog. On reading her posts every day I came across her beautiful Bird Cage. She was in fact decorating the Bird Cage with felt red roses. It surely was a pleasure to see and from this she inspired me to have a go at decorating one myself.

A Sunny afternoon 'Cupcakes', 'Birds' and 'Flowers.'

After searching high and low for a Bird Cage of my own I visited a Garden Centre one Tuesday with my Mother. I came across this Vintage one, and decided to crochet some carnations and roses for the top. I made them into a corsage and threaded them through the wire.

I was dead chuffed because Elizabeth 'The greatest of all bloggers' I always thought mentioned me soon after in her blog. I can't tell you how 'over the moon I was!'. It was like hitting the jackpot! :)

Soon after Lucy of Attic 24 made some little Birdies. I thought I would have a go myself.

My Birdies.

I decided to make two for my Bird Cage. This now takes pride and place in my Conservatory. I'm so thankful to Elizabeth for giving me inspiration. I do hope you'll visit her. Also to Lucy for giving me and lots of others from all over the world the inspiration to make their own little Birdies!

Decorative Bird Cage.

Two Birdies find a new home.

So my 'Show and Tell' was another Crafty one, I do hope you've enjoyed it though. Apologies to my blogland friends who have seen the Bird Cage many, many times before!

Have a good weekend to all my friends whether new today or my 'regulars'. Thanks for supporting me again this week. I know I've been pretty quiet but I've had a load of work to do in the house and family have been demanding!

Enjoy your day and thanks again!!

Good Weekend everyone!
Hugs Suex

Please make a cup of tea and watch my slideshow! Caged Bird by Alicia Keys.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Not again! :)

Tuesday is here.
Hi to everyone!

Well the week is starting off very cold here in the U.K. It really was quite chilly yesterday. I love this time of year when you can cozy up to the fire on an evening. I think I'm a 'Winter person' more than a Summer one. I love being at home in front of the fire sitting Crocheting watching T.V. especially when there's a good drama on. Today (wait for it) I started ANOTHER ripple! I know I said the pink and white was my last. But I'm off again. Mainly this time to use some wool up. I'm going to do one for the Lounge this time. So my colours are going to be.............


This is because I have just finished something for the Bathroom. Wanna see?........ Well I'll tell you how it started first before I do ta-dah!!

I walked into Hobby Craft the other day and there stacked up were some red baskets. I know typical Christmasy colours. I don't like the red but I wanted it for something......

Take a basket.

So Take one red Christmasy basket from Hobby-Craft.

Crochet a Rectangle of Ripple.

Crochet a rectangle of ripple (again) wide enough to fit around the basket and make a tubey. Deep enough to cover the outside and the inside. Sew the edges up.

Outside and Inside of the Basket.

Crochet a circle shape to make the base, with rows of trebles. Sew it in to place.

Base of the Basket.

Make another circle shape with trebles to fit. Sew that in place. So you know have the outside, inside, base (outer) and base (inner.

Thread a white ribbon through the holeys.

Add the ribbon and make a bow.

Then you end up with a basket to keep those Bathroom towels in! You can just see a tiny-weeny bit of red through the holeys but who cares!

'Towel Basket Rescue!'.

Now back to the ripple.......... I'm not in any hurry to finish it. Just something to do while watching T.V. and I also want to use some of my wool up.