Saturday 31 May 2014

Crocheting for my Home.

Hi Everyone!


Running 'SIBOL' takes up so much of my time but over the last few months I have been Crocheting for our Home.

As you know I have recently had the new Kitchen installed (see previous post) and we also had a new Roof put on the Conservatory so we took the opportunity to re-decorate  with new Wallpaper and changed the paint from Green to Cream. New Carpet too. I wanted to give my Conservatory a re-freshed look. My previous Cushions had faded so I decided to make new. Most of the yarn is James Brett's which is only around £1.25 100gms and what wonderful yarn it is too!  It took me quite a while to make the Cushions. I found a great video on You Tube for 'Loopy Flowers' here's the  LINK and the Butterflies are from Netties Blog in Australia. LINK The same Butterflies as we use for our 'SIBOL' Blankets.

Do you like my Wall Art? Well that's what I call it anyway.  Usually I stick on with those little white sticky fixers but after buying a packet from Sainsburys which didn't stick for some reason I decided to hammer a nail in to each piece of Crocheting. I know it sounds daft but I had to find a way of keeping everything on the wall. It's an awlful shame I have got that stupid pipe in the way but after having the new boiler fitted there wasn't really anything I could do about that. 'Unless  you have any ideas?'

My Conservatory Wall Art/. Well that's what I call it anyway. Shame about the pipe! :(

'A yarnbombed pipe maybe?' :)






The Roof has been changed from those polycarbonate panels to an Edwardian style.
Of course we had that awlful Sahara sand land on us several weeks ago and the Roof people very kindly came and cleaned it for us.

Now we can sit on the sofas in the evening and look through the glass up to the romantic! 


Thanks for visiting me today! 

x Sue x 

Saturday 24 May 2014

I thought it was about time to show Kitchen!

Hi everyone!

Well as you all know I have been having my new Kitchen installed and I thought it was about time I showed you a photo.

Before last Christmas Mr. T. and myself decided to have some designs drawn up by local Kitchen companies. The main ones being Magnet and Wrens Kitchens. After sitting for hours in their Showrooms we finally decided to go with Wrens. My Mother had recently had them and she had no problems at all. We used the same fitter that she did and I have to say he was brilliant.

It takes a long time to finally finalise the designs, we often changed our mind. But our Designer at Wrens was great. It was no trouble to change things and we even measured our Kitchen ourselves to make sure everything was right.

We had the Kitchen  booked in for 17th February and the cupboards were due to arrive the 10th. So that  same week we emptied our Kitchen and made it easy for the men to start work. The cupboards arrived the right day but there was a corner post missing and also our Tek Wall was not delivered.

Not boxes of Blankets! But new Kitchen cupboards! :)

We were quite puzzled as Wrens hadn't contacted us saying there was a problem with delivery of the Tek Wall. If they had we would have delayed the installation date. Anyway our fitter started on the 17th and over the next few days our Kitchen was installed 'apart from the Tek Wall'. Slightly annoying we had to keep chasing Wrens to see where our parts were. After several weeks we got in touch with their M.D. I'm sure we would be still waiting now if we hadn't  because within a few days it had arrived. Tek Wall if you didn't know saves you from tiling. It is basically sheets of mdf I think...... with the same coating as the work tops. There were a couple of doors that had to be changed too which we had to chase up.

The months of February, March and April have been so stressful mainly because of the delay with Wrens. We tried to plan things but of course it didn't work out the way we wanted. I am so pleased with my Kitchen now it is finally finished but the question is....'Would I have Wrens again? I'm not really sure. My fitter says it's a 'Kitchen thing' and that you find it happens with a lot of suppliers. You often get things missing with Kitchens. But we have felt that we have been let down badly by them. Replacement doors arrived which were still faulty and the hassle of phoning up and re-ordering was a nightmare. I have since read on the Wrens Reviews other people sharing the same problems. I often wonder how the Company survives to be honest.

But today I am very pleased to be telling you that my Kitchen is now finished and I want to share a photo with you.

Kitchen finished!

Not sure whether I have fixed the curtains right. I had a quote from John Lewis for a curtain scarf on a pole and they quoted me over £400.00. Ridiculous! The material was only £5.50 a metre and I only needed around 4. The pole was less than £30.00 too it was a Stainless Steel pole measuring 19mm.  So we thought we would have a go ourselves. First time we've fixed curtains on a pole we usually have the old fashioned hooks. Much nicer than hooks I think. It's a cream crushed voile from John Lewis.

Can you spot my lovely mugs on the Window sill? baw1812 very kindly gave me them as a gift. Our initials 'C and S'. I am in to initials at the moment. Can you spot the  Gold Letters above the units?  They are from Posh Graffiti here's the Link. They are old English Wooden Gold Letters and they measure 23cms high. The L and H would stand up on their own which was my original intention but as the other two letters don't I decided to stick them up with sticky fixers. Emily and Lucy were very helpful who run the Company.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post. I'm only showing you because so many Ladies have taken an interest in my Kitchen and I have promised a photo.

Thanks everyone for having patience with me during these months. I now you were all working so hard still for 'SIBOL' while I was busy with the house.

x Sue x

A warm Shawl for the Elderly.

Good Afternoon,

Another Shawl to show you today! This one has been kindly made by MarilynJG. Beautiful yarn it's so warm and it's ideal for one of the Residents in a Home. Cute Buttons decorate the Shawl along with one of our Butterflies! Thank you Marilyn.

Marilyn thank you for the Shawl it's gorgeous! x

I bet you love it as much as I do!

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Oh it's a busy day today!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for popping in to 'Mrs Twins'  today.

I have had such a busy day today I'd like to tell you about it.

First of all I went to Irene's house. As you know Irene Knits Squares for us and today I came away with another big pile for us. Irene is 90 and lives in Sheltered Accommodation. Knitting for us gives her such a lot of pleasure. As you know I don't accept any other Squares now only from Irene as I know how important they are to her at this age.  I came away with these.

Irene and Co., Squares today. Thank you. x

Irene Knits so beautifully. Amazing at her age. Thank you Irene.

When I arrived home I had two parcels in the porch one from Sally and the other was from Jayne. Sally enclosed 2 Blankets which she had made up for me  and Jayne sent 3 Shawls and some beautiful Butterflies.

718 'Blocks and Stripes' assembled by Sally. Irene's Squares.

719 Thanks to Sally. 'Windows'. Irenes' Squares.

These two Blankets were made from Irenes' Squares some time ago. The Blankets have been assembled beautifully. Thank you so much for your help.

It was lovely to receive a parcel from Jayne today. She has been very busy indeed making Shawls for the Homes. Such wonderful colours and designs I love all three of them.

Jayne  P thank you for the Shawl. x

Jayne P Thank you for the Shawl. x

Jayne P. Thank you for the Shawl. x

I also received some 'SIBOL' Butterflies from Jayne. These will be terribly useful as my stash is going down now. I'm really very grateful to you for your wonderful donations today. I'm so pleased you have enjoyed making everything.

Jayne P Thank you for the Butterflies!

I had intentions of visiting a Home this afternoon so as soon as the Blankets and Shawls arrived this morning I got them ready for a Home. It was a bit of a rush but I managed it. Getting them ready is always so excited and I'm amazed that each one is so different. 51 'Sunshine Blankets' and 3 Shawls were ready finally.

Delivery Day again. Ashley Lodge Care Home, Moseley.


I am often asked how do I find a Home? Well I just type in 'Care Homes in ?' on Google and I have a long list come up. It's as simple as that. I often click on to their website and have a read about the Home. Today I found 'Ashley Lodge' Care Home in Moseley. I'm so pleased I did. When I telephoned to ask whether they would like donations of our Blankets they were only too pleased to accept them. I arranged to go up more or less straight away and was greeted by Linda.

Linda was so.....grateful to you all. She absolutely loved the Blankets and so did her Member of Staff - I think her name was Sue if I remember correctly.  They couldn't believe that everyone in our Group were so....generous thinking of her Residents. She said that they would use them in many ways maybe lying them on the foot of their beds in and also using them in the Lounge. She honestly just couldn't believe how talented you all were and how kind you all were. So a Big Thank you from Linda and her Staff and not to mention their Residents.

Linda asked if she could take a photo of me for her Notice Board. I always seem to have my eyes shut! :(



Linda is on the Left. What a lovely photo. Once again I know that our 'Sunshine Blankets' and 'Shawls' will be so useful to the Home. Our Blankets will certainly bring some Smiles  to the faces of the Residents in the Home and will also give them a lot of comfort.  As I told Linda our project was started 5 years ago and was in Memory of my Grandmother who lived to the age of 103. She was so lucky that she never had to go in to  a Home she lived very independently in her Bungalow but I realise there are many who aren't so lucky and it is to these people our project is aimed at. I'm sure it will be lovely for them to know that someone is thinking of them. Linda did say that she would let the Residents choose their own Blankets which I thought was a really good idea.

Thanks for visiting today and thank you once again for the wonderful Blankets and Shawls. They are always very much appreciated by all.

x Sue x

Monday 19 May 2014

Would you like to make a Shawl?

Good afternoon and Welcome!

I actually walked out of Grove Care Home in Solihull with tears in my eyes and feeling really quite emotional this afternoon after handing over 10 of our beautiful Shawls. I telephoned earlier asking if they would like any and of course they were only too pleased to accept them. I visited Grove Care Home back in September and October last year delivering around 30 'Sunshine Blankets' and I was told today that every one has been used.

Delivery Day again! 18th September 2013. The Grove Care Home, Solihull.

We started making Shawls in January of this year after it was  suggested by 'silver surfer'. What a great idea!
Shawls have been flying in to my home and often take me by surprise!

Each one like our beautiful 'Sunshine Blankets' are so different and each one has your own personality stamped on them.

De;overy Day of Shawls today! Thanks everyone. To Grove Care Home, Solihull 10 in total Thank you.

One of the Residents in Grove Care Home kindly agreed to having her photograph taken for our web site and as you can see she absolutely loved the Purple 'mile a minute' Shawl sent to me recently by the Loving Hands Group.   It's so nice to be able to show you Residents holding our Blankets or wearing one of our Shawls and not only is it showing you where I deliver to but also how useful they are. It really was quite overwhelming.


Delivery Day of Shawls today. I visited Grove Care Home in Solihull with 10 of our beautiful Shawls. Everyone was so grateful thank you all.

Lyndon and her Staff Member were extremely grateful for the Shawls they really were so happy to accept them. Lyndon told her Resident  about about Group and how kind you all are. I don't think the Lady could believe the Shawl was for her. They really would like me to pass on their thanks to you all. Thank you!

I have promised to go back with some more Shawls as soon as we have some and I know for certain that they will be very useful to them and I know that your hard work has been appreciated.

If you are interested in making Shawls why not contact me
I'm Sue on

Many thanks to you all

x Sue x

Sunday 18 May 2014

A visitor today arrives at SIBOL HQ!

Good Afternoon,

It's always lovely to meet one of my 'SIBOLETTE's' and today I had the pleasure of meeting 'jenn1feranne'. Travelling all the way from Scotland on route to see her family she very kindly popped in to SIBOL HQ and bought me some 'Sunshine  Blankets' and a beautiful green Shawl. We had a lovely natter over a cup of tea about Knitting and Crocheting as you would imagine and her Hubby and mine spoke about cars 'boys toys' of course. The hour or so went very quickly and as soon as she left I got started on taking some photos to show you all.

First of all she very kindly Crocheted a Green Shawl for a Resident in one of the Homes.


A larger Shawl than normal but Ladies are all different sizes so this will be perfect. I'm sure someone will love Green too!



Next we have 'Stars and Stripes' The Squares were made by Lynnes222 over in the States and 'jenn1feranne' very kindly assembled them for me. It's such a striking Blanket. A nice size and will keep someone so warm!

716 'Stars and Stripes' Squares from Lynnes222. Jennifer assembled thank you.




The next one is called 'Pressed Thistle'. 
A lovely edging on this one 'jenn1feranne'.

718 'Pressed Thistle' -Thanks to Jennifer for assembling.


Just love Purple and Green together. Superb!
Thank you.

The last Blanket was assembled by 'jenn1feranne' but the Squares were
sent over by Lynnes222 from the States. Such interestinig Squares make this Blanket
once again unique! Thank you Lynnes222 for your 'SIBOL' donations and thanks to 'jenn1feranne' for putting them together. You've both made a wonderful job.

717 'Thanks to Jennifer and Lynnes222 Squares (USA).


It was lovely to meet you  today thank you for popping in.

x Sue x 

Saturday 17 May 2014

Busy Saturday!

Good Afternoon and what a lovely day again!

I'm very pleased to be showing you some new 'Sunshine Blankets' and Shawls arriving from Ladies in the 'SIBOL' Group. Every one is a joy to receive once again.

First of all we have 'Purple Passion' from joyce28. A great Blanket in lovely colours and once again a very nice Square used.
710 'Purple Passion' made by Joyce28. Thank you! x


The next one is called 'Summer Bouquet'.
Squares were made by Lynnes222 (USA) and joyce28 has very kindly assembled them for me.
Decorated with Ribbon and a Butterfly this is going to be a pretty Blanket for someone.

711 'Summer Bouquet' assembled by Joyce28. Squares from Lynnes222. Thank you both.


Our Shawls have become very popular and joyce28 has made a Capelet for someone.
I'm sure you will love it.

Capelet made by Joyce28. Thank you it's lovely. x


Your Knitting is lovely joyce28 thank you so much for your 'SIBOL' donations.
I will be sure to take everything out to a Home very soon.

The next 'Sunshine Blanket' is from Maria-Jesus.
This one is called 'Stormy Weather'.
Maria-Jesus tells me that she couldn't get this song out of her head while making it.
I love the colours and the cute Butterflies.

712 'Stormy Weather' made by Maria-Jesus thanks so much.


I love the colour combinatons and the edging finishes it off so well!

The next one is a 'take a bag' Blanket assembled by Maria-Jesus for me.
It's called 'Copper Cauldron'.
Another great name thanks so much for putting it together for me.

713 'Copper Cauldron' assembled by Maria-Jesus. Thank you x


It's come out really well. 

Next we have a lovely Shawl from Purlygalore.
It's so pretty with the flowers as decoration. What a great idea.
Lovely and warm too. I'm sure someone is going to love it.


P{urlygalore thank you for the Shawl. x

Purlygalore very kindly assembled a 'take a bag' for me.
This one is called 'Alpine Meadow'.
Squares were made by Lynnes222
and it's so interesting.

714 'Alpine Meadow' thanks to PurlyGalore for assembling 'Alpine Meadow. It's lovely. Lynnes222 for Squares thank you.


Thank you very much Purlygalore. I love everything.

Thanks to you all for sending the parcel. I'm very grateful to you all.

x Sue x