Friday 9 March 2012

'One Heart From Around The World'.

Hi Everyone!

'One Heart From Around The World' Challenge. Thanks everyone great Squares!

This is a great Challenge. 'One Heart From Around The World'. If you are interested in reading about it please go to our Challenge Blog. Or alternatively email me for the Heart Diagram. Sue on

Luna very kindly submitted the Diagram to 'SIBOL' and I am very happy to be showing you the first of two Blankets all with beautiful Hearts!

I love the colours of these Heart Squares!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thanks to Karin for the hanging heart, superb! Thanks to everyone so far that has contributed Squares for this lovely Challenge. The Blanket is made with lots of love from everyone!

Tuesday 6 March 2012

I have a Ta - Dah for you!

joyce28 (UK) Joyce made and donated 'On Target!' for 'SIBOL' Thank you very much! SIBOL 135!

Good Evening everyone!

I am extremely happy to be showing you a Blanket which was made and donated by joyce28 from here in the UK.  The Blanket called 'On Target' is just so interesting with all the different coloured circles.
It reminds joyce of shooting targets and that is why she chose this name.

Let's take a look at her Blanket now.

This is a gorgeous Blanket. Circles within Squares! Beautiful colours and so kind of you thank you joyce28!

I really love this Blanket and I am very grateful to joyce for taking the time to put this together for 'SIBOL'. 

Created with flickr slideshow.

You're very kind thank you joyce28!

Thank you for visiting 'Mrs Twins' this evening!

x Sue x