Monday 29 September 2014

Yet more Blankets arriving today!

Good afternoon and welcome!

I would like to thank Jane at 'The Centre', Age UK, Sandwich, Kent  for sending in some Blankets for us today. They recently started a 'Knit and Knatter' Group at the centre and their clients have very kindly made and donated some Knitted and Crocheted Blankets for us.

Age UK, The Centre, Sandwich, Kent (Thanks Jane).






Please thank everyone concerned Jane.
I will be  sure to take the Blankets out on my next delivery!

x Sue x 

Saturday 27 September 2014

Colinette Knitting Kit For Sale. (SOLD THANK YOU!).

Hi everyone!

I have a Colinette Knitting Set For Sale today.
If you are interested I do have Paypal.
Postage is extra.
Thanks for looking!

Colinette  Yarns Knitting Kit. £25.00 

New and un-used. Un-wanted Gift.
Comes complete with '3 for all' Pattern Book
and Knitting Bag to hold your yarn measuring 20" x 15"
No Knitting Needles included in the Kit.

Yarn colours 

2 x 50gms Cherry,
1 x 50gm  Whirley Fig.
1 x 50gm Pastures New.
1 x 50gm Elephants Daydream. 

66% Pure Wool, 33% Welsh Black Wool.

I've had this Kit for a few years (2011) but I've never got round to
using it. Why not make something different for yourself or for
someone at Christmas time? It would make a great Gift for someone
who enjoys the Craft of Knitting.

Thanks for looking!

My email address is
I'm Sue 

x Sue x 

Beautiful Sunshine Blankets arrive today!

Good morning to you!

Thanks so much for popping over to ''Mrs Twins' today!

Today I would like to thank Liz 'tangled web' for helping us out on a shout out. If you remember I asked on RAVELRY and our Blog if any Ladies were free to help make some Crocheted Blankets a little larger. Liz was kind enough to offer. The centre parts were made by AXA Purls Knitting Group. Liz came up with some great ideas for making these Blankets larger and honestly you wouldn't know they were made by two different Ladies!

Let's take a look at them now.

845 With thanks to Liz and Axa Purls Knitting Group.


844 Thanks to Liz and Axa Purls Knitting Group.


843 Thanks to Axa Purls Knitting Group and to Liz.


Fantastic Blankets I really love them! Thanks so much Liz for helping us out on this one! Thanks also to the Ladies of AXA Purls!

Three more Residents are going to get some good use from them. I shall have to go out sooner
than what I thought. Sunshine Blankets are mounting up and the weather is getting a little cooler.
I will save the Shawls and small items to nearer Christmas then make another visit.

I wonder if I could ask you a favour? If you have a Blog or Facebook would you consider putting out a shout out for us? We are always in need of Sunshine Blankets and Shawls but of course we are also trying to get in some smaller items for Christmas Gifts. Such as Wrist Warmers, Fingerless Gloves, Bed Socks, Scarves, Crocheted Slippers, Warm Hats, Bed Jackets etc., Not Cardigans or Jumpers though due to space. Thanks so much!

If there is anything you would like to ask me please feel free to mail me.

I'm Sue on

Thanks so much!

Friday 26 September 2014

What's new on Friday!

Good Morning everyone!

Welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I would like to thank Julie this morning for making  such a pretty Sunshine Blanket for the Elderly. This is a Granny Blanket made in such beautiful colour combinations. A good size too Julie and I'm sure this Blanket will keep someone so nice and warm. It's so nice to receive yet another Blanket from you and I'm very grateful to you for your continued support with SIBOL. I do hope you manage to see this post before I find your email address. It does sometimes take me a while to find them. It really is lovely in every way and I'm very grateful to you thank you.

Let's take a look now.

One for the girls I think  this time!



A superb Sunshine Blanket!

Next we have Sunshine Blankets from the AXA Purls Knitting Group.
I would like to thank Jane for sending  them in  and thanks also to everyone
that have made them. They are so pretty  and once again
the Homes are going to love them!





842, 841, 840, 839 Thanks to AXA Purls Knitting Group.

An absolute pleasure to receive thank you AXA Purls Knitting Group!

We are in need of Shawls as well as Sunshine Blankets and if anyone would like to use up a couple of odd balls of yarn please do!
One of our favourite Shawls to make is the Half Granny Shawl
Why not have a go!

Here's a Link to Bev's page 

I think that's all for now.

Oh before I go I must tell you Little Miss Twin  (2) was discharged from Hospital yesterday with her fractured ankle. I would like to thank everyone over the past few months for enquiring how she has been getting on. It has been very much appreciated!

If there is anything you would like to ask me please feel free to mail me

I'm Sue 

and here's our Group on RAVELRY.
Why not join us!


Wednesday 24 September 2014

Sunshine Blankets, Gloves and a Shawl arrive today!

Good afternoon and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

Well I've had quite a delivery today  over on SIBOL  -  three parcels full of wonderful goodies for Residents in our Care Homes. I would like to thank 'jessiebonbon' and also 'Liztelf' for sending in some superb work.

First of all let's take a look at two pretty Sunshine Blankets sent in by Liztelf.

The first one is called  'Eight Pointed Flower Power'. The pattern is by Julie Yeager.

Liztelf this is such a pretty Sunshine Blanket. The Squares are really very interesting and each one is made in a different coloured yarn which is Stylecraft.  I just love the flat braid joining method you have used and I know this Blanket is going to be loved by a very lucky Resident. The Blanket measures roughly 38" Square which is a great size for someone and it is going to be so warm.

If you would like more information on this Blanket please follow the LINK.

and a close up of the Squares now. Superb work! I love it thank you.


The next one is called 'Let it Snow!' Details are on this LINK.

Another pretty Square used in this Blanket and once again a beautiful selection of colours used. I'm ever so grateful to you Liztelf. I know how much time goes in to the making of just one Blanket but to make two well I think that's very kind of you.


A pretty Square and this Blanket is so.....colourful!
Thank you very much!

Not only did Liztelf make two Sunshine Blankets for Residents she also made a Shawl.
I love this Shawl - a simple Half Granny Shawl made in  lovely shades of Grey.

I am so grateful to you Liztelf thank you so much for all your hard work.

'jessiebonbon' has also sent in three pairs of Gloves for Residents in Care Homes. If you remember I have been asking if anyone would like to make a small Knitted or Crocheted item which we can give out at Christmas time. Items such as Gloves, Scarves, Bed Socks, Warm Hats, Crocheted or Knitted Slippers, Bed Jackets etc. would be very much appreciated thank you.

'jessiebonbon' has sent in these wonderful Gloves. The Brown ones would be great for a Man. Thank you so much. She also sent in some pretty Butterflies for our Blankets. I'm grateful to you too 'jessiebonbon'. I will be sure to give them out at Christmas time.

'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative but at the same time doing something worthwhile for the Elderly and if you think you can support us in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

I'm Sue on
Thank you.

Thank you to Liztelf and  jessiebonbon for today's donations!


Tuesday 23 September 2014

Make a Butterfly for SIBOL!

Sally thank you for the Butterflies.

Good Afternoon,

I would like you to see these beautiful Butterflies received a few days ago from Sally.
I forgot to load them up to our SIBOL Blog.
All made in wonderful colours these Butterflies are going to be attached to our
Sunshine Blankets for the Residents in Care Homes.

They are a nice finishing touch to our Blankets and if you want to have a go at making some please pop over to Netties Blog in Australia. She has a great video tutorial and I warn  you they are very addictive!
One you start making them  you can't stop!

Thank you very much Sally! 

Here's the LINK.

I would like to welcome  all new visitors to our Blog and if there is anything you would like to know about our SIBOL Project please contact me

I'm Sue

Thank you!


Saturday 20 September 2014

New Shawls and Sunshine Blankets arriving here at HQ!

Good afternoon  to you all!

First of all may I welcome anyone new visiting our 'SIBOL' Blog today and over the last few days. It's so nice that you are coming across us. There is always something new to see on here and I do hope you will scroll down on previous posts too.

May I say before we go any further there is no need to wrap the 'Christmas Gifts' in Christmas wrapping paper. Although I said they will be 'Gifts',  the Homes will do this as they do our Blankets for Christmas. So I wouldn't want you to go to that added expense. If you are new to SIBOL I have been asking if anyone would like to make small warm items such as Bed Socks, Bed Jackets, Crocheted or Knitted Slippers, Warm Hats Knitted or Crocheted, Scarves, Fingerless Gloves, Wrist Warmers etc., anything like that for an Elderly person to open on Christmas Day. The Residents in Homes do not receive many Gifts and I just thought it would be something new we could try as a Group this Christmas. Thank you.

I would like to thank Kianie this morning for sending in a Blanket for our Elderly Residents. I just love the colour combinations in this one and the Squares are delightful too! A great sized Blanket this one will give a lot of comfort to someone Elderly. It's called 'Paint the Town Red!'. A wonderful piece of work and I love the name too! Thank you so much Kianie!



I would also  like to thank Sally very much indeed for assembling Knitted Squares from our 90 year old Irene. She has made a couple of beautiful Shawls which will be very useful and also some Sunshine Blankets.  I would also like  to thank  jenn1feranne for sending a lovely purple Knitted Shawl too. We certainly are getting some lovely work arriving.

First of all let's take a look at the Shawls from Irene and Sally.



A pretty pastel one and now a shocking pink one!



Sally has assembled Irenes' Squares so beautifully. Thank you.

Now the Sunshine Blankets.

Sally has assembled some odd Squares that I had at home into this Blanket and she's also added some of her own. It's an interesting Blanket Sally.



I love the colourful border.

Then Irenes' Squares have been put into Sunshine Blankets. A pretty Blue one now.



The Squares go together so well in the next Blanket.



Striped ones make an interesting Blanket too!



All of our Blankets are so...different.



I'm over the moon with them Sally thanks so much for giving us a hand!

jenn1feranne (Scotland) has sent in a Shawl  which arrived today.
Details are on here.
A gorgeous Shawl made in pretty colours this is going to be so warm for someone frail.

Your work is amazing jenn1feranne!
Thank you! 




It's always so lovely to receive everyone's work and I can guarantee you that it will all be given out before Christmas.  I go to the Homes myself and hand deliver everything. I'm sure the Residents will be very pleased to receive these wonderful makes.

I think that's about all for today.
If there is anything at all you would like to ask me please feel free to mail me
I'm Sue

Thank you

x Sue x