Tuesday 30 June 2015

A hot day......

Good afternoon,

'BigBlue' over on RAVELRY has been very busy assembling Blankets for the 'SIBOL' project. I am so excited to be showing you some new ones that she has put together with the help from our friends.

The first one is called 'Spring Greens' it's so pretty!

Spring Greens

The next one 'Summer Sunshine' that's what we are having here right now it's so...hot outside.

BigBlue thank you for Summer Sunshine.

Once again these are beautiful Sunshine Blankets and they will be delivered to a Home near to 'BigBlue'. This is a great idea because she has put them together in the name of 'SIBOL' but suggested giving them out by her to save postage. This is also a way of getting our work further afield. Thank you BigBlue and to everyone else also who has helped her.

If you would like more information about our project please follow this LINK.
Or of course you are most welcome to contact me on

I'm Sue

Thank you for popping into our Blog today!

x Sue x

Saturday 27 June 2015


1070 - Purple Haze Made by Dulatis (RAV).

Hello everyone!

I have a beautiful Sunshine Blanket to show you today.
This one is called
'Purple Haze'.

Made and donated by Dulcatis over on RAVELRY.
Here's the LINK to her page.

This one is to be handed to her Manager who will take it in to a Home
near to where she lives.

This Sunshine Blanket is 

I love it. 
Thank you for all your hard work. 

x Sue x

Monday 22 June 2015

Monday's post.

Good afternoon and welcome!

I would like to thank Anne today for two beautiful Shawls received  and some very pretty Butterflies.
As you know we decorate our Sunshine Blankets and Shawls  with Butterflies and we get through quite a lot so these will certainly be very useful. It's so very kind of you thank you Anne.



I had another parcel this morning and inside was a Crocheted Blanket from a Lady called Louise who is 93 in August. What an amazing age and how fantastic that she can still see to Crochet! This Blanket will be so useful in one of our Homes. It's a great size and very warm indeed. So thank you Louise.


Prettily decorated it will be a wonderful Gift for someone. A beautiful pattern too.


Thank you both!

x Sue x

Wednesday 17 June 2015

A Sunshine Blanket from Singapore.

Good evening to you all!

Thank you for visiting the 'SIBOL' Blog today.

A Big thank you to PinkLemons today for sending a Sunshine Blanket all the way from Singapore.
How kind of her!  PinkLemons has called her Blanket 'Still Waters' and I must say I think this is a perfect name for such a relaxing Blanket.  I love the colours of the Squares and I think the joining colour really makes the Squares stand out. It's a great size too and I know it will give a lot of comfort to an Elderly person.

PinkLemons I would also like to thank you for the very kind card you attached to the Blanket I'm sure the person who receives it will appreciate that very much.  What a thoughtful thing to do.

I love your Sunshine Blanket thank you PinkLemons for your kindness.


'Still Waters' made and donated by PinkLemons (Singapore). Thank you!

Any enquiries about our 'SIBOL' project
please do not hesitate to contact me 

I'm Sue




Friday 5 June 2015

What's new today?

Good afternoon,

 I am very pleased to be showing you what was inside Gill's parcel today. Some beautiful Chunky Blankets which will be fantastic for male Residents and a gorgeous Shawl too. It must be the week for anything chunky!

Thank you so very much Gill once again you have sent in some really useful donations for our 'SIBOL' project.

Thank you Gill for the Shawl

Thank you Gill

Thank you Gill

Thank you Gill

Our 'SIBOL' Project has certainly used some of your yarn up!

I would also like to tell you that I have recently sent off 18 Sunshine Blankets to a Home in Hemel Hempstead called 'High View Lodge'.  One of our SIBOLETTE's asked me to arrange it for her.
They are the last 18 Sunshine Blankets on our Blog posts.
I'm really sorry I forgot to take any photos this time I have things going on at home and I completely forgot to take any before parcelling them up.

18 Sunshine Blankets up to the 21st May.

Thank you very much!

x Sue x

Thursday 4 June 2015

Georgina's Blanket and Anne's Shawl.

Good Morning to you!

I am very pleased to be showing you a Sunshine Blanket which has been made by Georgina here in the UK. This Blanket is such a good size and it is so.....warm. Knitted perfectly in chunky yarn this Blanket is once again going to be loved in the Homes.  Thank you so much Georgina for making it and also for sending in a donation of Ribbon too which will be very useful.



Donation of ribbon from Georgina thank you.

Your kindness is very much appreciated. Thank you.

 I would also like to thank Anne today for this very pretty Crocheted Shawl.
I love the Shawl very much thank you so much for making it Anne.

Anne R thank you for the Shawl.

If anyone wants to join our friendly 'SIBOL' Group over on RAVELRY
Here's the LINK.

Any enquiries about our project
either pop over to 

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I'm Sue 

Thank you! x

Monday 1 June 2015

Colourful Biscuits, Battles and Victories, 100 Dreams and Ooh La La!

Good evening,

Lots of new Sunshine Blankets arriving at SIBOL HQ today, I am so excited to be showing you.

First of all may I thank Maria-Jesus for sending in three beauties. Here's her RAV Page.

 'Battles and Victories' 

'Battles and Victories' made by Maria-Jesus thank you.

 '100 Dreams' 

'100 Dreams' made by Maria-Jesus. Thank you.

Then finally we have 'Oh La La!' 
Wow!  I love them all.

'Oh La La!' Made by Maria-Jesus thank you.

Thank you Maria-Jesus.

Beautifully decorated and ready now for delivery. The Homes are going to love them. Thank you for your kindness Maria-Jesus.

Next I would like to thank Liztelf for 'Colourful Biscuits'. I love the colours in the Squares and this is such a popular pattern. Here's the LINK.

1063 'Colourful Biscuits' made and donated by Liztelf. Thank you.

1063 'Colourful Biscuits' made and donated by Liztelf. Thank you.

Another wonderful donation thank you Liztelf.

 Thank you for visiting today.

x Sue x