Thursday 17 December 2015

Happy Christmas!

Good evening,

May I wish you all a very 
Happy Christmas and New Year.

Thank you all for your wonderful support with the 'SIBOL' project once again this year it is very much appreciated.

x Sue x 

Our Christmas Challenge is now complete. 3 Blankets in this Challenge. 75 Squares from all over the World.  Thank you all so...much!

Thursday 3 December 2015

Christmas 'SIBOL' Deliveries to the Care Homes.

Good evening and welcome!

The 'SIBOL' project was started in January 2010 in Memory of my Grandmother who lived to the fine age of 103. She was very fortunate indeed she lived in her own little Bungalow in Hockley Heath and she had lots of family and friends visiting her. She knew everything about History and Politics and was so interesting to talk to. She cooked and bathed for herself  and it was always such a pleasure to visit her.

After she sadly passed away I thought I would like to do some Charity work in her Memory, knowing who for wasn't difficult at all. I wanted to make Knitted and Crocheted Blankets for the Elderly in Residential Care/ Nursing Homes.  I realised that there were many not so fortunate as my Grandmother so I asked my friends on-line if they wanted to help me and of course they jumped at the chance of using their skills.

First we collected Squares but it soon became apparent that I couldn't cope with the amount that were coming in to me, so I decided to ask for made up Blankets. The response has been absolutely amazing and since 2010 we have now made 1189 Blankets. We call them 'Sunshine Blankets' because we hope that when a Resident receives one it 'Sends a Ray of Sunshine into their lives' knowing that someone maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away has been thinking of them. Very often they don't have family visiting  and I thought it would be a nice thing to do for them. We owe such a lot to our older generation and sometimes they are forgotten.

Today is my end of year 'Delivery Day!' I had 62 Sunshine Blankets and 7 Shawls to deliver.
It's always such a joy to take them out to a Home I am always so proud of everyone's work.

After lunch I rang up Oaklands Care Home in Moseley, Birmingham. Sue Baldry is the Manager there and she very kindly agreed to accepting our Sunshine Blankets on behalf of the Residents. The Staff were such lovely Ladies very happy and friendly and they agreed to having their photos taken for me. I do like to show you where I have delivered our Blankets.


I gave the Home 36 Sunshine Blankets and  7 Shawls. Sue and the Staff absolutely loved your work. They were so grateful to each and everyone of you  and wanted me to send you all a Big Thank you! I think they will be wrapping them up for Christmas Day. Can you imagine what it will be like in their home? I would love to see the Residents faces on receiving their Blankets. A couple of the Homes I visit have done this and it really makes their Christmas special for them.

Thank you Oaklands so much for accepting our work, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

The second Home I chose was a Nursing Home in Wythall, Birmingham.  Once again quite close to my home as I live in Hall Green.  The name of the Home was Glenfield Nursing Home.

Once again the Staff were extremely pleased to receive such beautiful donations and were just so grateful to everyone. I told them about our project and as they have 46 Residents I have promised to go back next year with more so that everyone can receive one. Your Blankets really are such a joy to take out to the Homes each one made in such wonderful colour combinations and the designs are really unique! Great sizes and  they will definitely be brightening the bedrooms up! They always wash so beautifully made in Acrylic yarn and made in bright colours they are easier to see if eye sight is failing.



(26 Sunshine Blankets).

The Home was really friendly and welcoming situated out in the countryside I had a lovely ride out this afternoon. 

Thank you all so much for donating these Sunshine Blankets and thank you also to the Staff of Glenfield Nursing Home for accepting them I'm sure your Residents will love them.

Once again we have had a massive response this year from all over the world. It always amazes me how supportive you are. To think that you all sit for hours Crocheting or Knitting away and then to send donations to me it really is very kind of you all.

Before I go, I would like to show you Butterflies sent to me from Sally.
As I have said to the Homes we always attach one to our work whether it be a Blanket or a Shawl,
it's a nice finishing touch.

So thank you Sally.

Sally thank you!

Thank you

x Sue x 
Thank you to Anne Murray for this very pretty Blanket.
I shall be delivering it to a Home next year.