Saturday 31 January 2015

Saturday's delivery.

Good Morning,

I have a lot to show you today.
First of all I would like to thank Jayne here in the UK for a parcel received this morning. Inside I found a very pretty Shawl, a Sunshine Blanket, Butterflies and a 'Sunshine Granny' Square for our special 1,000th Sunshine Blanket. Everything is just so pretty and I'm very grateful to you Jayne for your wonderful donation.





Jayne thank you for the Butterflies!

Jayne thank you.

Thank you Jayne.

Next we have a 'Sunshine Granny' Square from LizT.

Once again this Square has come out so nicely.
Thank you. Great colours!

Liz T thank you.

Finally, wilfi (Fiona) has very kindly sent in a Square from
The Netherlands.
A truly international project don't you think?

A superb Square thanks Fiona.

Fiona (Netherlands) thank you.

I am so grateful to everyone that has taken part.
Please note the Squares arriving at my Home  are for this
special 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.

I NO LONGER accept Squares only Sunshine Blankets and Shawls from

My email address is

If you would like to contact me for any reason.

x Sue x 

Friday 30 January 2015

More Sunshine Granny Squares arriving today!

Good Morning,

I am very happy to be showing you three more 'Sunshine Granny' Squares for our special one off 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.  The Square has been designed by 'theemuts' over on RAVELRY here's the LINK to her page.

Let's take a look now.

The first Square received this morning is from Annha over on RAVELRY.
Made in lovely bright colours this is a beautiful Square for our Blanket.

Annha (RAV) Thank you.

We have another beauty from 'modelwidow' over on RAVELRY too.

'modelwidow' (Jane) Thank you.

The final one from Jill. I love the red in this one Jill. I'm pleased you have enjoyed making it.

Jill thank you!

I'm really very grateful to everyone today for making these Squares. I'm  sure 'theemuts' over on RAVELRY is pleased too that you have enjoyed making them.

She is also collecting Squares for Blankets that she is making for a Home for Cancer Sufferers near to where she lives in Belgium and if you are interested in helping please follow this LINK.
Please note that I am NOT collecting Squares for the 'SIBOL' Project only the Squares that I am showing for our special 1,000th Blanket.

I am collecting Sunshine Blankets and Shawls for Care Homes and if you are interested please feel free to mail me for any enquiries.

You can of course pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES
for info.

I'm Sue 

Thursday 29 January 2015

I love these Squares!

Good Afternoon to you all!

Thanks for visiting today!

I'm very pleased to be telling you that  Squares for our special 1,000th Sunshine Blanket have started arriving now and I would like to show them to you.

The first two are from 'roamin in the gloamin' all the way from France.
They have come out so nicely, I love the colours thanks so much!

'roamin in the gloamin' thank you! 1,000th Blanket.

Then we have one from 'Hazel' at 'Quitely Stitching' here's her Blog if you would like to pop over!
LINK. Once again this has come out so well and I love the colours that you have chosen.

Hazel 'Quitely Stitching' Thank you.

These Squares are gorgeous and one of the top ones will be sent on to 'theemuts' over in Belgium. She is making Blankets for cancer sufferers a very worthy cause near to her Home. All details are over on her RAVERLY page. Here's the LINK. if you'd like to help too!

Thank you both so much, I'm really pleased how these Squares have turned out.

If you have any enquiries about our 'SIBOL' project please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks so much.

I'm Sue on

x Sue x

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Just to tell you....

Good evening,




I'm happy to be telling you that  'SIBOL' is mentioned in 'Let's Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet' this month that's Issue 38. We are on Page 28 'Knit Your Bit!' If you are thinking of doing some Charity Knitting or Crocheting 'SIBOL' would welcome you warmly. We make Sunshine Blankets for Elderly Residents in Care Homes and to date we have made 956 since January 2010. I can assure you that each of the Blankets I receive has gone to a Home where they are greatly needed. I hand deliver them myself and each Blanket is named before it leaves HQ.

Sunshine Blankets are certainly making a difference to the lives of many older people. They give a great deal of comfort and become part of them. They can quite attached to them to be honest and the
Homes have great difficulty putting them in the wash at times! Very often the Residents arrive at the Homes with hardly any belongings sometimes not even a change of clothes I have been told so that's
how special one of our Blankets would become to them.

We also make Crocheted and Knitted Shawls which once again are so useful to the Residents so you are invited to make one of these too.

If you have any enquiries about our work and can't find the information on here
'SIBOL CHALLENGES' please do contact me
I'm Sue

Thanks so much for popping in to the 'SIBOL' Blog. Oh I must tell you too that we have a group over on RAVELRY. Please feel free to join us! Here's the LINK.

With your help we will be able to reach our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.

Thank you so much

x Sue x

Saturday 24 January 2015

What's new?

Good Morning and welcome!

I would like to thank 'uomalley' today for the beautiful Sunshine Granny Square received this morning. This Square will be used in our special 1,000 SIBOL Sunshine Blanket. It is designed by
'theemuts' over on RAVELRY. Here's the LINK.

Thanks to uomalley.

I am so pleased you have enjoyed making  this Square uomalley it certainly has come out very well indeed. I love the colours they are perfect. Thank you.

There are a few places left in this special Challenge.
For details please pop over to RAVELRY SIBOL GROUP
You will have to join RAVELRY to gain access.

Here's the LINK

I have also received some warm items for a local Care Home from the Ladies of the AXA Purls Knitting Group.  I'd like to show you them, but I have to say at the moment I am not collecting any more these are just left over. I  may start collecting again towards the end of the year.
So please do not send any more just yet.

Thanks to modelwidow 'Axa Purls'

Beautifully Knitted  Bed Socks thanks so much.

I would like to thank everyone for new enquiries I have received.
Everyone is always welcome to join in.
If you would like to ask me anything please do not hesitate to
contact me

I'm Sue 

Thank you!

Friday 23 January 2015

A busy day again!

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank Jane today for sending me a Shawl and 5 Sunshine Blankets from Axa Purls Knitting Group. I am always very grateful to you all for your continued support. Your work is beautiful and I know it will be loved in the Care Homes.


The Shawl on the left is from Axa Purls and the one on the right is from Kate. Both Shawls are really beautiful thank you. It's very sunny today sorry about the photo.

Kate has also sent in a very colourful Granny Square Sunshine Blanket. I love it. Once again thank you Kate.

Thanks for  visiting today!

x Sue x 

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Do you like a Challenge? Why not Crochet a pretty Square for us?

Good evening to you all!

I have a very exciting Challenge for you today.
Would you like to take part?
If so, please read the following.

‘theemuts’ over on RAVELRY has designed a gorgeous Square. It’s called ‘Sunshine Granny Square’ and I thought that this Square would be ideal to celebrate our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket.
I am inviting you all to take part. If anyone is interested could you please leave your name on the  thread over on RAVELRY. Here's the LINK. You must leave your name. 
We are collecting 24 ‘Sunshine Granny Squares’ for this Blanket and 1 'centre Square' with ‘1,000’ in numbers Crocheted on.
So if you would like to make a ‘Sunshine Square’ or a ‘Centre’ Square let us know.

Any remaining Squares will be sent to ‘theemuts’ for her special project over in Belgium.
 She makes Lapghans for *“Zorghuis Oostende a small project where single cancer patients can stay during or after their chemotherapy. This home runs on 2 halftime care takers and volonteers 24/24.
Here’s a LINK

It would be fantastic to reach our 1,000th Sunshine Blanket but at the same time helping ‘Zorghuis Oostende’. So please help us.

If you live in Europe maybe you would like to send your Sunshine Square directly to ‘theemuts’ to save on Postage. She lives in Belgium.
Just let us know thank you.
Here’s a LINK to the pattern. ‘theemuts’ is offering it free to everyone that wants to make it. She will send you a pdf.
6” Crocheted Square 
Made in 4mm Hook 
Acrylic yarn. 
Any Bright ‘Sunshine’ colours e.g. Reds, Oranges, Yellows, etc.,


I know 'theemuts' is very excited and I am too. I can't thank you all enough for your support over the years.
Together we are making a difference to the lives of Elderly Residents in Care Homes.

Any other enquiries please feel free to contact me
I'm Sue and you will be able to contact me on

x Sue x 

This is an up-dated post now 21/03/2015

I have received a lovely Blanket this morning from Philipa here in the UK.
A beautifully Knitted piece of work measuring 48 x 72" made from 12 rows of 8 - 6" Squares.
The Squares are Knitted so well and it's so colourful.
Although this Blanket is larger than our normal ones it will be ideal for a Single Bed in a Care Home. I am often told that they sometimes need larger Blankets to put on the beds when someone isn't feeling too well.

So thank you Philipa. Let's take a look now at this gorgeous Blanket.

Decorated with Butterflies I know it will be accepted so well. Many thanks to you Philipa for thinking of the 'SIBOL' project.

x Sue x 

Fluttering Butterflies!

Good afternoon,

We've had some beautiful Butterflies fly in this afternoon all the way from Switzerland. My good friend Bettina has very kindly made them for the SIBOL project.  Her Blog is Here if you would like to pay her a visit.

The Butterflies add such a lot of interest to our Sunshine Blankets and if you would like to make any please follow this LINK.

They are so...pretty Bettina thank you so much  and also for the donation of Ribbon which will be very useful.

x Sue x

Monday 19 January 2015

Shawls from Norway arrive today!

Good afternoon,

I've had a parcel arrive all the way from Norway today,  'Isrose' over on RAVELRY very kindly sent me three beautiful Shawls that she has made for our 'SIBOL' project. How kind of her.

The Shawls are of a good size and I'm sure they will be loved in the Care Homes.

Many thanks Isrose.

SIBOL CHALLENGES is where you will find information about our work.
My email address is

Thank you.

x Sue x

Friday 16 January 2015


Good morning to you all!

Welcome  to our 'SIBOL' Blog.

All details about our work are over on SIBOL CHALLENGES. Here's the LINK
My address is available by email I'm Sue on

Today I am very pleased to be showing you a beautifully Knitted Sunshine Blanket arriving from Linda of Chalky's World. Here's the LINK to her Blog.  The Blanket however was made by her sister in law Beverley. Now I have to tell you that Beverly hasn't Knitted for years and years and this is her first attempt at Crocheting too. She has made a lovely Crocheted edging which finishes the Blanket off so well. I'm really pleased to be acccepting this wonderful Blanket and I will be sure to go out and deliver it very soon. I am gathering Blankets for a Home near to where I live.

Let's take a look at it now.



I love the variegated Squares in this Blanket.

Thank you so much for making the Blanket Beverley and thanks to you too Linda for sending
it on to me. It's very kind of you both.

I'm so pleased to be seeing Sunshine Blankets arriving at my Home and I would like to tell 
you now that this is number  948! Not long now till we reach 1,000!

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x 

Thursday 15 January 2015

Sunshine Blankets and a Shawl to show you today!

Good afternoon and welcome!

I have a beautiful Shawl to show you today along with 5 Sunshine Blankets. Beautifully crocheted by Gill here in the UK. The Blankets  and Shawl will be very useful to Residents in local Care Homes near to where I live. I really do appreciate your help Gill and  I know by your letter that  you have really enjoyed making them  over the Christmas period. It's so nice that we can keep ourselves busy while watching TV on these dark nights. Doing something for others is a real feel good factor.

Gill has very kindly added her own Butterflies to the Shawl and Blankets. Let's take a look at them now.

Do you know we have now made 947 Sunshine Blankets! Well done everyone. Thank you  so much. These Sunshine Blankets will be going to a local Care Home very soon I have one  in mind already.

Thanks once again Gill for your help.

If you are interested in helping SIBOL make Sunshine Blankets for Residents in Care Homes please do pop over to SIBOL CHALLENGES for all information. Here's the LINK.

For all enquiries please feel free to mail me.

I'm  Sue on

Thank you

x Sue x

Thursday 8 January 2015

Thursday's Sunshine Blankets

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank 'uomalley' today for her beautiful Sunshine Blanket. The name that sprang to mind was the 'Something Blue' Blanket  from the old wedding rhyme 'Something old, something new'. I  think this name  is perfect and I know the Homes will find it very useful indeed. It's a great size and made beautifully. Thank you so much for sending it to me.

Let's take a look now.

936 'Something Blue' - Thanks to Una.


Thank you so much! x

I thought 'Something Blue' would be the only Sunshine Blanket arriving today but I had a lovely surprise when I came back from lunch with Mr. Twins I found a card through the letter post to say that a parcel had been delivered to my neighbour. It had come all the way from Spain from dear Sonieta and her kind  mummy.

These two kind Ladies work very hard for our 'SIBOL' project and every few months or so send me  a parcel full of these wonderful Granny Blankets. The colours are so bright and cheerful just what the Homes need. A perfect size for laps and I know Residents in the Homes once again are going to find these really useful. It's amazing what you can do with yarn isn't it? I do hope our Blankets  are inspiring you to make one yourself!

Let's take a look now.  I've had fun taking some photos.

Absolutely beautiful thank you both.

The Sunshine Blankets are already mounting up!

x Sue x