Saturday 27 February 2010

Happiness on Saturday!

Hi Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. The weather here in the UK is pretty miserable. We've had rain, it's wet and dull. But we are lucky, so lucky compared to others around the world. So what do I do on a miserable day, when there's not much else to do? Yes you've guessed it, get out my beautiful Squares.

Last night I got my Square collection out and lay them on the floor. I have a theme for this one. Can't tell you too much it will spoil the surprise. This morning dear Mr. Postie visited me again and I was really chuffed to receive Rita's Squares. They are the most beautiful colours, so appropriate for my 'Sunshine Blankets!'. They are so bright and cheerful. I have used two of these Squares in the Blanket that I was laying out last night, they will finish the Blanket off beautifully. Absolutely lovely they are. The Squares are of a Granny Design, but just look how using different colours makes each one so different.

I'm updating my Slideshow and playing 'Saint-Saens' - 'Aquarium'. Oh how I love some nice classical music.

Have a good weekend everyone and I'll be checking in next week with hopefully no 3!

Look at Rita's beautiful Sunshine Squares, thank you Rita. So bright and cheerful.

Rita from the UK sent me these lovely Granny Squares today. Thank you so much! Such gorgeous colours! If you would like to help please visit

Thursday 25 February 2010

SIBOL - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'.

Hi Everyone!

I'm really pleased to say that we've thought of a name at last for the Blankets. 'SIBOL' - 'Sunshine International Blankets of Love'. After feedback from our circle of friends we think this is a good name. So thank you everyone for helping me.

Wednesday I received Squares from 'Handmade in Gibraltar', thank you so much Louise your Squares are really lovely. I particularly like these Squares that have the four square pattern in them. I must try them. You are all definitely giving me some interesting things to try my hand at.

I also received Squares from Gillian. Now Gillian is a friend of Kathy. They both belong to Martin's Money Saving site. If you live in the UK you probably know Martin off GMTV. They have a Knitting Forum on his site where they make things for Charity. I'm very pleased to say Gillian, Kathy and Linda have now contributed Squares to my project. I'm extremely grateful thank you!

The Squares are certainly mounting up now and I can't wait to start no.3.  I have been finishing my Crocheted Basket Cover off. I'll post some photos in a few days.  This is for the Kitchen, colours blue and white to match my Kitchen.  I'm pleased it's finished now I don't like doing two projects at the same time. Now I can concentrate on the third Blanket.

Every day I am getting new offers of Squares, Rita in the UK very kindly is sending me some and Darmaris in Puerto Rica would you believe. I am just amazed how everyone has taken on this project of mine. Thank you. Oh, also Pilar in Spain is asking whether she can send some 12" Squares. She wants to try out a new pattern and wondered whether I could incorporate these into my Blankets too! Such fun! Of course I said Yes! So thank you Pilar! Everyone is so......kind.

I've put the new Squares into the Slideshow for you all to have a look at.

Shall we all wish Kate a very happy holiday! She's leaving us all for a month. We all hope you have a good time and a well earned rest away from all your building work! We'll be here when you get back! Take care!

Bye for now, back to the Squares.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

'Sunshine Blankets' (Haven't decided 100% on the name yet,any ideas?) Squares arrived this morning from Elizabeth Cat hope you'll stop by.

Hi Everyone on Tuesday morning!

What excitement this morning! I saw the Postie walk on to the drive. I had the front door locked because the lock is playing up. Got my bundle of keys to open up, well I just could not find the proper key. I kept trying different keys, so silly. It was because I was excited I think. I managed to open the front door, then I couldn't open the Porch Door, that keeps sticking too! Poor fella was standing out there for ages!

This morning I received a parcel from Elizabeth Cat from Lativa. You probably all know her on Flickr. She makes the most beautiful Squares and the nice thing about Elizabeths work is that she combines different yarns into her Squares. You know the yarns which have a texture. So when the Squares are made up the feel of them is just fantastic. This is certainly something I will be trying.

Maria I will be putting you next to Kate in the next Blanket. Any more requests? I'll put one of my Squares by you both too! As well as the edging!

I couldn't wait to take some photos to show you all and to update my Slideshow. This is something I really enjoy.

Here goes make yourself a cuppa and enjoy looking at the Squares this morning. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Total 132 Squares. Thank you.

Anyone who would like to help in my Elderly project please go to 27th Jan / 14th Feb Post. Thank you. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun whether you Crochet or Knit.

Sunday 21 February 2010

Ta - Dah! 'Sunshine Blanket (2) for the Elderly. HELP!! We need to decide on a name, any ideas? I can't make my mind up. UPDATED SLIDESHOW MARIA'S HAVE ARRIVED!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Well if you are in the UK you know we've had more snow again.  It did seem to disappear quite a bit on the pavements and roads  but then during Saturday evening it came back.  I was 'on edge' waiting for Little Miss. Twin to come back from her clubbing night.  Looked out the window and I couldn't believe my eyes again. Everywhere was covered.

Before going any further the name of the Blankets has changed slightly. Molly has suggested 'Sunshine Blankets For the Elderly' and Maria is suggesting 'International Blankets of Love for the Elderly. So I'm thinking of combining the two names. Can you all 'comment' your suggestions? Please!! Another idea is 'Sunshine Blankets of Love', (Karin) or even 'Sunshine Blankets of Love for the Elderly'. I need help. I need a name, so I can focus.
                                   'Sunshine International Blankets of Love for the Elderly'.

What does everyone think?

I haven't been posting much this week because I've been busy with 'Sunshine Blanket no 2'.  I decided to make the second Blanket focusing on the Granny Squares which I had. All so.....beautiful, really gorgeous colours.

Me with 'Sunshine 2' - The Granny Blanket.

Mr. Twin took the photo, I do hate having my photo taken but I wanted you to see me finishing off the Blanket. We went outside afterwards into the Garden.  The snow was quite deep on the grass but I had to do my Ta - Dah and hold the Blanket up for all to see.

Here I am!

Ta - Dah! 'Sunshine Blanket no.2' outside in the Snow.

Just look how the sunshine shone through the holes in the Granny squares.  I think the sun is telling me Molly thought of a good name!

'Sunshine Colours!' Just what we need.

It was so nice in the Conservatory yesterday the sun was shining through the windows it really was quite pleasant in there, I took a photo of the Sunshine Blankets together. Just look at the wonderful colours on the squares, simply gorgeous.

I'm really enjoying doing these Blankets.  Now the second one is finished I'm waiting for some Squares which I know are on their way from Maria, Heather and Elizabeth. So I'm hanging on starting the third until they arrive.  They should be here for definite this week and I just can't wait to see them 'in the flesh'.  It's so nice now I have started the 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010' Flickr pool because you are able to load your photos up and we can all see them before they reach me.  Please visit Flickr and the group if you haven't been over there yet. It's nice also to have the Squares in a special place.

I know I have said this before many times but I couldn't get these Blankets done so quick if I didn't have your help. I just can't get over the response either, it surely is so nice knowing that you are all behind me, and giving me such wonderful feedback. We're doing these Blankets together and it's such fun. Thank you!

Shall I give you a total of Squares received?  To date (Sunday 21st) I have received 109 Squares. I've made two Blankets already. I've got enough Squares  for another two Blankets.

I could just sew the Squares together, but by putting an edging on them and doing a border it's making the Squares go further for me. I'm only using yarn which I have left over from other projects.  That's my aim really to use some of the yarn up I have already.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Blankets, a 'BIG THANK YOU! ' to all of you for helping me.

Ooh, nearly forgot. Kate was saying she'd like to be near Maria on one of the Blankets. They are such a long way from each other in turns of mileage! 'Chicago' to 'Australia'. This way if I put their squares close together, they would 'be closer'. Any more requests? ha.ha. :)

Thanks for visiting me today.

UPDATE 11.00am,MONDAY. Postie has arrived very early today he usually comes around 1.00pm. I'm really pleased to say Maria your Squares have arrived! They are so wonderful. My Mother would love these ones as they are her favourite colours. Kind friend she even put me a bag of sweeties in to suck while I'm making the Blankets!! :) Ooh, I am lucky!! I've updated the Slide show. So Maria I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Slide Show this morning.! Total 115 now! I'm counting!

Friday 19 February 2010

Updated Slideshow for 'Sunshine Blankets for the Elderly'. 'Show and Tell Friday'.

Hi Everyone, Especially because it's 'Show and Tell' Friday again, hosted by Cindy.

I was so excited this morning the Postie walked down my drive again! What did he bring with him? Another package this time from my friend Susanna in Austria. Susanna often reads my blog although she doesn't have a blog of her own and I'm very pleased she does because she's taking part in my project. 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010'.(New readers please see 14th Feb post). My email address is if you want to help.

I opened the package and inside found some beautiful squares,not just one! But 20! I know 20! I was amazed. I'm sure you will agree they are beautiful, the colours are so bright and cheerful I can see they are going to be a great addition to my blanket! Thank you Susanna.

Do you want to see? What a lovely pile of squares!

What a pile of wonderful colours! Thank you Susana!

Please visit I'm making Blankets for the Elderly. Would you like to join in the fun? These are squares from Austria, Susanna! Thank you :)

Just look at these beautiful squares! Thank you Susanna! All the way from Austria.

Beautiful coloured Squares make up a Blanket for the Elderly. My project for 2010. Do you want to help me? Please visit

I always sit on the floor by the fire. Just look at those beautiful squares!

I've had some wonderful comments off people and I want to thank everyone for them.

MOLLY from the USA suggested I call the Blankets 'Sunshine Blankets for the Elderly' because when people receive them it will be like a ray of sunshine into their dreary world. I think I'm going to take this idea on board. Do you think it's a good name?

I should have Blanket no2 ready next week. Until then here's my updated Slideshow with Susannas squares.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Sunday 14 February 2010

Ta - Dah - My Friends help me make a Blanket for the Elderly.

Here's Wishing Kim a very Happy Birthday today on the 16th from all her Friends across the World!

Hello Everyone!   It's 'Spot your Square Day!',

I hope you have all had a good weekend and a really special Valentine's Day!  Today I am very, very excited because I have a Ta - Dah!! I wonder what it could be? Shall I give you a clue? Over the past few weeks our local Postie has been extremely busy.  He often walks down our drive now with little packages in his hand.  I bet he's wondering what on earth could be in them! Well you know what's inside and so do I!

Little squares made out of pretty colours, each one with a different personal design. Each one so unique and each one so very, very important to me, coming from every part of the World absolutely fantastic. The latest squares received were from Kate and I'm just over the moon that she wanted to take part. Thank you Kate!
(Kates squares are on the Slideshow at the bottom).

I feel now after launching my project early in the New Year that I am achieving something. Yes, you're right the first blanket for the Elderly is finished.

I've enjoyed opening the packages, I've enjoyed sorting the squares out and I've enjoyed crocheting them together!  So here dear friends is me sitting in the Lounge doing the final rows of double crochet around the blanket.

Not a good photo of me but nevertheless here's the blanket


                                                    AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU!!

Very bright and cheerful I feel. Each square means such a lot to me because my dear friends on Flickr and indeed in Blogland have helped me achieve something that I really wanted to do. Help the Elderly. Some Elderly lady (or man maybe) will hopefully get to use the blanket let's hope it brings a smile to their face. It certainly does bring a smile to my face. It's just so colourful, it's weighty so it will be nice and warm.
It's the ideal size I feel. It measures 36" x 36" exactly apparently the ideal size for a lap blanket. I do hope it will give some one a lot of comfort. I can just imagine some Elderly person sitting in a chair drinking a cup of tea looking down at each one of the squares looking at the different designs and hopefully enjoying it.

I can't thank you all enough for your kindness. Your support to me has been wonderful. It really, really has.

I'm hoping this will be the first of many. I have enough squares for another two blankets. I only finished the first Saturday evening while Harry Hill was on :) Those knitted toys of his make me laugh! Has anyone seen them! My aim is to make at least six this year. I don't know whether that's 'impossible' or not, we will see.

It's not too late to help if you would like to. As I've said before there isn't a deadline. No pressure at all.
6"x 6" (15cms x 15 cms)squares Knitted or Crocheted.
Any design, any colour.
It can be a basic granny square, or if you want to try a new square out please do!
Acrylic if possible as it washes better but really anything.
Now I only want you to use your odd bits up I know we all have loads in our stash. This is a good way of using them up.
Even just one square would be a great help to me.

My email address is


Now I want to say if you don't see your square this time I have enough squares for another two blankets so it will be on the next ones. So please hang on in there! Each square is 6" with a bit of crocheting in between and around the borders it's measuring exactly 36" x 36".

Thank you to everyone that has helped me, your kindness is very much appreciated.

Hugs Sue

I hope you enjoy looking at the Slideshow.

Monday 15th Feb I received squares from Linda 'Chalky's World' which are now in my Slideshow. The most beautiful colours thank you very much Linda.

I've also made a 'Group' on Flickr 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010'.
This is where I will also be uploading photos of squares that are received from you all. You are quite welcome to load your own photos after finishing squares for the project. Thanks.

Saturday 13 February 2010

'Love You'

'Happy Valentine's Day!'

To all my friends in Blogland

'Happy Valentine's Day !'

I hope you all have a good day,

Thank you all for your wonderful Friendship and support.

Hope you'll stop by Monday I have something you might like to see :)

Hugs and Love Sue xx

Valentines Love for My Husband and Daughters. Red Crocheted Carnations and Crocheted Hearts.

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Ta - Dah! Red Crocheted Carnations for the people in my life for Valentines Day.

Hi Everyone!

Well it's been particularly cold these last few days in the UK, but I was really brave yesterday (Monday) and went out into the garden to do a 'Ta-dah' on the famous bench.  The bench in the garden is the place I seem to display my crocheting once it is finished. Whether it's the flowers on top of the Bird cage, my ruffled Stork or even my Ripples.  Well Monday I went and lay my bouquet down for you all to see.

Now when I put the link on it doesn't work. I used the link for most of last year, for some reason it's not working this year. I have put instructions for what I call 'the long way round'. If you follow them you should get to the Crocheted Carnations pattern.

Go to Google Search.
type in 'StarGazer's Crochet Pattern Index'
The listing will come up
Go to 'Crochet Index' the Title.
The address underneath should be ''
so you know that's the one.
Then 'StarGazer's Crochet Pattern Index' should come up.
Click on 'Flowers'
Click on 'Carnations'.
Let's hope the pattern comes up for you.

I couldn't resist making a few Hearts and of course the famous Butterflies! Carnations especially red ones are very special to me because my Husband wore a red Carnation in his buttonhole when we got married.  I do wish I had been crocheting these flowers 26 years ago, I would have loved to have crocheted my bouquet. Then I could have kept them for years to come.

It was pretty cold outside and it was trying to snow at the time I took these photos, so it was a hurry job. I hope you enjoy them.

Crocheted Carnations, Crocheted Hearts and Crocheted Valentine Butterflies

Valentines Fun in the Garden!

I made 12 of the Crocheted Carnations and I also made a Crocheted Vase cover with dangly hearts.

Crocheted Carnations and Crocheted Vase Cover with dangly hearts for the people in my life

Valentines Love for My Husband and Daughters. Red Crocheted Carnations and Crocheted Hearts.

Great fun sprinkling a few paper hearts underneath the flowers and putting the little hearts in a Valentines Dish I had bought years ago.

I wasn't on Flickr last February so it's really nice for me this year to see everyone's Valentine goodies. There are indeed some beautiful hearts whether they be crocheted or in a quilt.  I think everyone has done a wonderful job.

I know I'm early for Valentines Day but I just wanted to share my Carnations with you. Wishing you all a very Happy Valentines Day for the 14th February!

I lost 3 lbs at my Slimming Club last night, so all is going great there. My Daughters birthday tomorrow (10th Feb Wednesday) they will be 24 years of age. Where does the time fly? So it's birthday celebrations tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone and I'll chat soon!

Thank you so much Kathy from Yarns from a barn in France. Your square arrived this morning. Such a pretty pink! Many thanks. (10th Feb).

Thank you Kathy! Your square arrived this morning.Such beautiful colours! Anyone wanting to help me make blankets for the Elderly. Please visit  27th Jan post.

Saturday 6 February 2010

Karin's Donation of Squares (Blankets for the Elderly).

Hi Everyone!

Well it's Sunday evening now. I actually had this post ready and up to go last night. But Blogger decided to play up and it's taken me quite a while to get signed in. Does anyone else have these problems, or is it just me?

I must apologise I've been a bit late getting round my blogs over the last few days. The lap top has been playing up as well  hopefully it's okay now.

Saturday afternoon was spent  doing  some dressmaking repairs.  Little Miss Twin bought a sparkly dress in the sale a few weeks ago, it had short sleeves.  Well she asked me if I would remove the sleeves, so this is what I have been doing took me longer than what I would have liked. The sequins were flying everywhere, but I'm pleased to say I've had a good result with it. She wore it last night and she was really pleased with it.

I've been finishing my Crocheted Carnations off this weekend along with some Valentine Butterflies. I'll be showing these probably tomorrow. I'm really pleased I've managed to get them finished, now I can start concentrating on the squares.

I would like to thank Jak 'Winter Tells' for her beautiful squares which arrived last week and also from  Pilar for her gorgeous selection. It's always so lovely to see that Postie walk down my drive. I should imagine he is wondering what's going on at my address. I'm getting so excited now to see the collection of squares, all different designs and indeed colours.  I am going to start 'planning' now. So hopefully it won't be too long before I can assemble them together.

I would like to show you Karin's squares. Aren't they gorgeous?  Karin lives in the Netherlands it's actually her birthday on the 7th. So from all your blogging friends Karin 'Happy Birthday!'.  I do hope you will check Karin's blog out. She loves to Crochet as we all do.  She has a few crocheting books and often tries out new patterns for squares.  Karin is not afraid of colour and really likes to use purples, blues etc in her work. She's made some really nice things, getting inspiration from Attic 24 on occasions. Baking is one of Karin's favourite pastimes, and she makes the most beautiful cakes! She also enjoys walking in her free time with her friend and enjoys being outside in the fresh air. She loves her family as we all do and even celebrates her birthday with her daughter! How lovely.

'Happy Birthday Karin!'. Enjoy your day!

Beautiful Squares from the Netherlands arrived this morning. Thank you so much Karin aan de haak.

PLEASE VISIT 28/1/10. Karin aan de haak sent me these beautiful squares this morning.

Beautiful squares thank you Karin!

I've just crocheted Lou two squares a 12" and a 6" for her Charity work

and also Linda 3 - 8" squares for an ongoing project she's doing.

One good turn deserves another. I am really, really interested in making  the  blankets for the Elderly, but these are worthwhile causes so I thought why not. Both ladies get involved in numerous charities and give their time freely.

I do hope you friends in America are not snowed in! I see the weather on the news is pretty bad over there. Please don't send it to us in the UK! :)

I hope everyone has a good  weekend.  I might be late coming on tomorrow I have plenty to do this week as Little Miss Twin (2) is coming back home.  My Daughters celebrate their 24th birthday on Wednesday too, so I have to 'prepare'  and get myself ready for their birthday celebrations. We'll see how the time goes.

I hope everyone had a really good weekend, and I'll chat soon.

Thursday 4 February 2010

Bethel's donation of squares for the Elderly.(Updated Slideshow today Wintertells and Pertinitaco!) LAP TOP PLAYING UP IF I GO QUIET!'.

Hello on Thursday!

Yesterday I received Bethel's squares all the way from 'Down Under!'. She's been a little worried about me receiving them she thought it was taking a mission, but actually it's only just over a week. I'm very pleased to say they arrived fine.  I bet our Postie is wondering what's going on with all these little packages arriving ! Good isn't it?

Well I'm going to show you the photos I took on Wednesday but I have to say the daylight on Wednesday was not too good, not a lot I can do about it I'm sorry.

Please visit I'm making blankets for the Elderly. Pretty squares from BethelofBethania! Received this morning. Thank you Bethel! :)

BethelofBethania made these beautiful squares, they arrived today! She'll be pleased!

I do hope you will pop over to Bethel's place if you havn't already met her.  Like most of us she Crochets! She likes nothing more than to sit with her girlfriends watch DVD's, chat and Crochet! :) She's recently crocheted some CD covers, garlands, flowers, butterflies, bunting, snowflakes and stars.  She was very busy at Christmas time making gifts for Teachers and friends too, what a fantastic idea! She has a beautiful garden in the Land of Oz and likes nothing more than to potter about in her garden, sit in the shade and Crochet. with a nice cool drink to cool her down in all that heat!  Ooh, I forgot to mention she talks to her 'chooks' too! :)

STOP PRESS: Jak - Wintertells and Pertinitaco your squares arrived today! They are on my Slideshow below. Thank you both so.....much! Beautiful squares.


Thank you Bethel for everything that was in your package! Really lovely and the colours  of the squares were great!