Friday 31 October 2014

More to see today!

Good morning to you all!

A lovely surprise this morning from uomalley, thank you so much!

We have a beautiful Knitted Shawl, a warm Scarf and some lovely hats.

I would also like to thank uomalley for the donation of Ribbon which will be very useful to us.

A pretty Butterfly card too how lovely!

uomalley the Shawl and Knitted items will be very useful to the Residents in Homes. Very often
they help out with Gardening and also go out on outings to various places. It will be lovely for the Homes to have these items to keep their Residents warm. Let's hope  it's not too cold this year.

Your work is amazing I think the Shawl is so...pretty. Thank you very much for your kind words too about our 'SIBOL'  project. They are very much appreciated. If you would like to pop over to her Blog here's the LINK.

May I remind you all please that Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Knitted items must be with me by end of November. I will be going out to the Homes early December this year.

We will be around next year for Sunshine Blankets  and Shawls so please feel free to carry on Knitting and Crocheting for our Care Homes.

My email address is
Sue on

If you need my address thank you so much for your support!

x Sue x

Wednesday 29 October 2014


Hi everyone!

Well Shawls keep arriving at my home I'm very pleased to say and now I have another one which goes in my box ready to take out at the beginning of December.

This one has arrived from 'jenn1feranne' up in Scotland and once again this is such a pretty pattern.
I had to try it on as I do all the Shawls and I must say it really sits so comfortable on the shoulders.

Here it is.



Here's the LINK over to 'jenn1ferannes' project page on RAVELRY.

Made in beautiful sparkly yarn this is going to be so well
received at one of the Homes.

I can't thank you enough 'jenn1feranne'.

It's gorgeous!

A late parcel has arrived today. It went to my neighbour while I had popped out.
Inside were three Blankets.
The Squares were sent by Jodie in France who runs the Guide Group.
The young Guides received a badge for making them.
I think this is superb!

I'm sure you will agree the Blankets have come out really well and I would like to
thank  Sally for assembling them for me.

Let's take a look now.





They will be loved in the Homes thanks everyone!

x Sue x 

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Christmas Gifts arrive today!

Good afternoon,

It's getting dark already and it's only 3.00pm! I do hate these dark evenings.
Good job we have our crocheting and knitting to keep us entertained!

I would like to thank Crochet3214 over on RAVELRY for the donated Christmas Gifts
received this morning. What nice items to make for the Elderly!

We have some grey gloves and some pretty bed socks.
Made beautifully these are going to be a treat for someone this Christmas.
I can't thank you enough you must have spent quite a bit of time on them.

Let's take a look at them now.


Perfect in every way thank you so  much Crochet3214!

x Sue x

Thursday 23 October 2014

Just letting you know.....

Hi everyone!

Thank you for stopping by.

I'm just putting a note up asking if you could please 'if possible' try and send me your finished Sunshine Blankets, Shawls and Christmas Gift items by the end of November.  I always try and
take the Blankets etc., out at the beginning of December.  This gives me time to get ready for
Christmas at home. I find it too much to go out to the Homes when the mad Christmas rush is on
and I have things to do myself. Thank you.


I also had a note sent to me from 'Olivet' Care Home in Acocks Green I thought you might like to read it.

"A huge thank you to you and everyone associated with SIBOL for the lovely knitted and crocheted blankets that you so kindly donated to us yesterday. They have been admired by all who have seen them.
Thank you once again on behalf of everyone. 
Love from Jane."

It's so nice when we get notes of thanks. Thank you Jane.

theemuts over on RAVELRY very kindly put a link up for us too! She thought it would be a nice pattern to try.  

Easy, Cozy Colour Block Slippers

Here's the LINK.


I think that's all for now,  thanks for stopping by!

x Sue x 

Monday 20 October 2014

Two Deliveries in one day!

Good afternoon and welcome!
Well I've had a very busy day today.  Over the past few days I have been getting the Sunshine Blankets ready for delivering to local Care Homes. In total including Sally's Blanket received today
I had 61 in total to deliver.

The Blankets look so pretty decorated with Butterflies and Ribbon and it's always lovely to attach little cards to say who's made the Blanket too.


They look really lovely all piled up an I can't get over  how quickly they arrive at my Home. Ladies from all over the UK and further afield take part in our 'SIBOL' project and I am always very grateful to you all. The Homes really appreciate your kindness.

I often pass by Kingsleigh House Care Home, Kings Norton, Birmingham  on my way to the wool shop and I have often thought one day I will ask if they would like any of our Blankets. This morning I spoke to Alan the Manager and arranged to pop over with 30 of our beautiful Sunshine Blankets. It was a lovely welcome and Alan and one of the Staff were very pleased to accept our Blankets. I gave them  some background information about our Group and also the Charity Blankets that we have made in the past. They absolutely loved them. They both kindly agreed  to having their photos taken.
Photos are very important because it's like the end  of the journey if you like. It's nice to see which Home they reach and I know everyone is interested in my Delivery Days!


Thank you for accepting our Blankets it was nice to meet you both. The Home thanked you for  making the Blankets for them.

Alan gave me the address of one of their sister Homes Olivet in Acocks Green, Birmingham. I hadn't heard of this one. I decided just after visiting him that I would make contact with them. I spoke to Jane  who was only too pleased to meet me.   Piling up our Blankets and taking more photos before leaving.  We certainly have some beauties!  Another 31 in fact!


It didn't take me long to find Olivet, setting the sat nav on my iphone it was  really easy.
Although Jane was busy she found time along with other members of Staff to look at our Blankets.
They once again loved our work. I have been told on many occasions how useful the Blankets will be to their Residents and I'm so pleased we will make them happy. They certainly will be talking points for many days to come!



Both Homes say thank you to everyone and a special thank you from me too!

I met my Daughter for lunch  and afterwards I went round to Irene's our 90 year old 'SIBOLETTE'.
Taking  her 3 Shawls I had made. Irene's neighbour visits St. Katherines Home, in Balsall Common  and she offered to take in a couple of Shawls for me.Sadly I wont be able to get photos this time but here are the Shawls.

Thanks to 'me' Shawls for the Elderly.

As you know I do not accept Squares from anyone contacting me due to postage and time to assemble them, but Knitting Squares to Irene is very important. She can't see to read but she can to Knit and she tells me many times that it gives her something to do. So I'm happy to accept them from her.


I hope these odd shapes can be used in our Blankets too!


Thank you Irene.

Not only have I delivered Sunshine Blankets and picked up Squares I have also had a pretty Blanket arrive from Sally and two gorgeous Shawls.

Sally thank you.

photo 2.JPG

I managed to get this one decorated up before I left this morning.



Shawl from Sally thank you.


Fantastic Sally thank you so much.

Before I go I have to show you these wonderful Christmas Gifts made for the Elderly
by Sally.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Elderly.

I had no idea you were making them Sally.
They are perfect thank you so much.
Made beautifully.

There is still time to make small items to keep our Elderly Residents warm.
So please feel free to do so.

My deadline date is end of November.

If there is anything you would like to ask me  please contact me
I'm Sue

Thanks to Kingsleigh House and  Olivet for accepting our Sunshine Blankets today!
It was lovely to meet you all.

x Sue x

Saturday 18 October 2014

You must see what's new today! Pop in!

Good morning!

I would like to thank Gill this morning for some super duper Sunshine Blankets!
You are just going to love them.

Let's take a look at them now.

874 'Gill K' thank you!


Good ol' Granny Square. Reminds me of a football strip.

Then we have

875 Gill K thank you!


A lovely Granny Ripple Gill.

Look what we have next! Wow!

876 Gill K thank you!

Absolutely beautiful. What a lovely change and I'm sure these could be used for Shawls too. I love these Star Ripples both made in gorgeous colours.

877 Gill K thank you!

Spectacular Gill and I amazed once again how quickly you have made them thanks  so much.

I am always so grateful to you and everyone else that contributes to our 'SIBOL' project.

Have a nice day everyone!

x Sue x

Friday 17 October 2014

What's new on Friday?

Good Morning and welcome!

I would very much like to thank Olivia for a  pretty Sunshine Blanket received yesterday and also for some lovely Knitted items for our 'Christmas Gift' appeal for the Elderly. The Sunshine Blanket is made in a lovely colour combination and it's also a perfect size too. Once again someone will receive a great deal of comfort from it. The Knitted items too Olivia have been made beautifully I can't thank you enough.

873 Olivia.


Olivia thank you for the Knitted items for Christmas Gifts.

                                                                   Absolutely superb! Thank you.

Today I received a parcel from Chris. Once again wonderful Fingerless Gloves for Christmas Gifts.
These are made in lovely colours and as Chris was saying the darker colours will be ideal for an Elderly Gent. Why not indeed! They are made beautifully thank you so much Chris. I'm  very grateful to you.

Chris thank you!

The deadline for Christmas Gifts for the Elderly is the end of November and also for Sunshine Blankets and Shawls. I intend to go out on my last delivery at the start of December.

Thank you both so much. I know how much time goes in to the making of them.

x Sue x 

Monday 13 October 2014


Good Morning to you all!

Thank you very much for popping in to 'Mrs Twins' today!

This morning I would like to thank Lyn from Bournemouth who has very kindly sent me a bumper parcel of 'SIBOL' goodies. I knew she was busy Knitting Sunshine Blankets for us but I had no idea she had also made a Scarf and  Hats and Gloves too. The parcel arrived this morning from Hermes courier. I have to say a while back I wasn't too impressed with their service when they let me down on a collection from my home but lately they seemed to have got their act together. Not only can you have your parcel signed but you can also pay I think 30p to have a text sent to your phone when your parcel has been delivered. Amongst the other couriers they are the cheapest too and their service is excellent.  So thank you very much Lyn for sending the parcel to me.

Let's take a look inside now.


 Beautifully Knitted Butterflies  so useful to decorate our Sunshine Blankets.


                                                             Absolutely gorgeous!

                                                    Ribbon too very useful thank you Lyn

                                                          Warm Gifts for Christmas.....




and 9 Sunshine Blankets which are such a good size and are so colourful! I know these will keep someone so warm and cozy!


I'm sure you want to have a closer look.  Lyn has been making these over the weeks and she has also been keeping me up to date with their progress. Such pretty Blankets made in Knitted strips in such interesting yarn. So bright and cheerful just what we need for an Elderly Resident.










A pretty Granny Square Blanket too Crocheted in well co-ordinated colours.
How lovely!

Lyn thank you so much for making these wonderful Sunshine Blankets and Christmas Gifts. They will be delivered over the next few weeks. I think I have over 50 Sunshine Blankets upstairs so it's time to go out again.

I can't thank you enough this is a superb donation and it's been lovely to chat with you on email about your progress too.

I'm sure everyone has enjoyed looking at what's new today.

Thanks again,

x Sue x