Saturday 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas to you all!

'Happy Christmas to all my Friends on Flickr and my blog

 Happy Christmas to everyone visiting 'Mrs Twins'!

Love and Best Wishes Sue x

Friday 16 December 2011

My last Ta - Dah of the year! SIBOL 122!

Ta - Dah! introducing SIBOL 122.

Good Evening Everyone!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today.

I am very happy to be showing you our 122nd SIBOL. Thanks to everyone that has contributed Squares for this Blanket. I am very pleased how it's turned out!  A lot of the Squares have come across from the States our friend Luna. Thank you!

I thought this one worked out very well.

Let's have a look at the Slide Show now!

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I love this Blanket!

x Sue x

Thursday 8 December 2011

Ta - Dah! SIBOL 121.

Ta - Dah! Introducing SIBOL 121.

Good Evening Everyone!

I am so pleased to be showing you SIBOL 121. It was so nice to work with these gorgeous Squares! Thanks to everyone that contributed Squares for this Blanket.

Table top view of 121.

If you would like to see my 'SIBOL BLANKET TRAIN' please pop over to SIBOL.

I'll leave you now with our latest SIBOL!

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Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

x Sue x

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Ta Dah! Ta Dah! TA Dah! 118. 119, 120.

Hi Everyone!

Yes I'm very pleased to be telling you that we have now assembled 3,000 Squares (120 Sunshine Blankets) and I would like to thank each and everyone of you for donating your Squares to SIBOL.

I have three new SIBOLS today for you to look at.

The first one SIBOL 118 called 'Pastels in a Paintbox'. Squares were donated by Jean B and Emily both Ladies in the UK. Thank you both very much indeed. I'm sure you will agree this Blanket is lovely. Such pretty Granny Squares!

This is the second Blanket I have made with Jean B's Squares. Not quite enough so I have added some from Emily too. Thank you both.

The next one is a Flower Blanket. Such pretty Flower Squares! Flower Squares and Grannies are my absolute musts! I love them.

Table top view of SIBOL 119.

Do you like it? Gorgeous isn't it?

The last Blanket I have to show you has been assembled by 'Jean Nock' and she has made a wonderful job for SIBOL. The border is simply gorgeous. Thank you Jean Nock!

Just got some photos before the light went on me.

Thanks so much to everyone that has sent me Squares for these Blankets I am most grateful to you.

I have a Slide Show now for you. Let's take a look at these gorgeous Blankets.

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I hope you enjoyed looking at the Blankets.

Bye for nox

x Sue x