Thursday 31 December 2009

You are all invited to pop in and join me! - Fireworks and Champagne should be fun!

Let's toast the New Year in together!
Glasses raised!

'Happy New Year to all my Flickr Friends!' - Wishing you lots of Happiness for 2010. -  I hope you'll pop over to

'Happy New Year'

to all my Blogland Friends!

Wishing you all the Happiness for 2010.

Here's to more fun in Blogland and I'm really looking forward to popping over to see what's going on in your world!

Thank you all for your wonderful, wonderful Friendship!!

Enjoy yourselves and be happy!

Lots of Friendship hugs and kisses coming your way!!!

Sue x

Monday 28 December 2009

It's no good, I can't stay away any longer! I miss you all!

Hi Everyone!
I'm having withdrawal symptoms.I've tried, it's no good. I have to get back to you all now.........

Well how are you all? Christmas is over I do hope everyone has had a really nice peaceful restful time over Christmas. Now we all look forward to a brand New Year. Pleased to say our snow has gone the garden is back to normal. I can see green grass instead of white snow out there. More is forecast though, so I just hope we don't have a lot. The weather has really been getting me down I do sympathise with my friends in the USA who have had it bad. I just don't know how you cope!

Well where does one start now? I'm sure it will come back to me.

It was nice to see my Daughter Twin 2 who came to see us on Christmas Day. We had an enjoyable time playing on the Wi. Aren't they just the best games? I have now learnt how to play the sword game, tenpin bowling, a bit of canoeing. Yes, we are now enjoying some physical activity in the Lounge. Daughter Twin 1 has yet to play, she has been burning the midnight oil out partying getting in all hours, having such a wicked time. Well that's what Christmas is all about enjoying yourselves.

My Mom loved her Ameythst stone I mentioned we bought her. It was nice to visit her when we could.

Mr Twin was slightly in trouble Christmas morning he forgot my card. But he made up for it Boxing Day went out and bought one for me, which had a beautiful red rose on the front. So that made up for it. I do love my red roses on cards.

I was surprised to see my friend Elizabeth had posted over Christmas and was having a fantastic vintage card giveaway, 'fingers crossed!'. We was all having a chat over there about Husbands buying their wives Christmas gifts. Somehow or other they always seem to get it wrong.
What fun we had chatting!

Then dear Lucy had managed to find time to post about all the snow she had in her part of the country. Her photos were beautiful. I am always amazed when she finds time to post with two small children and one on the way!!

Then me well I haven't been posting but I have been Crocheting and flicking through some lovely Crocheting magazines I managed to get from W.H.Smiths. 'Crocheting Today' which I was really surprised to get hold of in the UK and the other one 'Inside Crochet'. I also treated myself to two Crocheting books just before Christmas.

I've tried to pop over to blogs in my spare moments and leave a few notes in places. I think everyone is starting to get back to it now. I've really enjoyed visiting your blogs, lovely to see what you've all been up to. I'm sorry I haven't time to post photos, but I'll make up for it in the coming days. Now I have to pop out and do a few errands.

I've been really pleased to read that you've all had an enjoyable Christmas, now we look forward to the New Year.

I shan't be posting properley until the 4th of January as my family are at home. I hope you will all understand. I just wanted to say hello to you all!

Chat soon with you.....Suex

Tuesday 22 December 2009

To all my wonderful friends on Flickr and Blogland. May I thank you for your wonderful support during 2009 on my Flickr photos and - Here's looking forward to continued Friendship in 2010. Enjoy yourselves everyone!

'Happy Christmas to all my Friends on Flickr and my blog

Christmas is approaching, us Mom's are busy. So as we haven't got that much time left now, I thought it was the idea time to send you all a Christmas card!

This card is very sentimental to me it is over 20 years old. When my twin daughters were nearly 3yrs old they both went to the local Mom's and Toddler's Group at a local church. One day a helper came up to me and said, Just look at this card the little twin girls on this card could be your Daughters!' They were the spit image. I have a large copy in my hallway which I treasure. I shall have to find a photo out when I have more time to show you. It's just a lovely Christmas card and I thought how I would love to share it all with you.

I may post tomorrow, I may not. See how busy I am. But if I don't Christmas Eve will be busy so that will be that until after Christmas.

'Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone all over the world'
Who have supported me on Flickr and Blogland over the past few months. I've had such a happy time. It has been lovely to share everything with you all and I just love receiving your comments and replying back to you. It's great.
Thank you!!
Hugs and Love Suex

Look forward to chatting again very soon.Here's some more of my Mosaics from 2009!

I hope you'll check my other posts out if you have spare time.

Monday 21 December 2009

Crocheted Butterflies for my Mom's tree.

Hi Everyone!

Christmas week is here, and what horrible weather we are having. It seems as though we've all got snow apart from our dear friends in Australia who are sweltering in the heat. It's causing such a lot of problems the roads, the planes, the Channel Tunnel. Oh dear.

I've been doing just a little bit of Crocheting this weekend. Mom loved my Butterflies so I crocheted her a few for her tree.

I'm posting a couple of photos for you to see.

I did go out into the garden early morning on Saturday to take a shot. It was quite sunny at the time which was nice. I hung the Butterflies on the bush outside.

Butterflies for my Mom's Christmas Tree,


Then I went round to my Mom's she lives locally. I hung them on her Purple and Green decorated tree. She has a white tree the same as mine. It's nice to see how these trees can differ with a different colour combination.
Sparkle, Sparkle!

Pretty Butterfly.


Mom's favourite colours Purple and Green. Her whole house is in Purple and Green! Even the garden, Green grass, Purple flowers! Purple and Green carpets all over her house. Purple and Green ornaments adorn her home.

Even Mom's rings were Purple and Green stones! When my twin Daughters were little, Little Miss Twin 1 held her hand with the Green ring, Little Miss Twin 2 held the other hand with the Purple ring! Even now the girls love these colours. Dear Nanny!

So Mom loved the Butterflies, they glisten beautifully on her tree.Thanks for letting me share them with you.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Pleased to say my Fireside Ripple made it to Explore, but then dropped out. Also My Christmas Angel. I am so pleased they made it. (Didn't stay there too long, but at least I can say they got there!). Unfortunately, I never noticed until too late! I've now had 6 in total make it to Explore.

Also welcome to my new Followers! Thanks for joining me!

Friday 18 December 2009

'Show and Tell Friday' - Crocheting for my Home 2009.

Hi it's already Friday, one week to go!

It's 'Show and Tell' Friday. Thanks Cindy for hosting, so near to Christmas.

I know we've all been busy but at the start of the week I sat and thought about my Crocheting, what I had managed to achieve since starting Flickr and Blogland. I put together a couple of mosaics for you.

Sue's Crocheting 2009. - Please visit

Looking back at my work 2009.

It's amazing how many projects you've actually managed to finish when you put together a mosaic like this!

My Christmas slideshow just for you!

'Happy Christmas to my dear friends on Flickr and Blogland'
and to my new friends that are passing through on 'Show and Tell' Friday!'.

Lots of Friendship hugs and love
from Sue x

Monday 14 December 2009

Sue's Crocheting in 2009 - 'My Productive Year'.

Hi everyone!

Hope you've all had a good weekend. Finished your Christmas preparations? Won't be long now and Christmas will be with us. I've been running around trying to get everything sorted. Haven't had that much time for Crocheting and Blogland, like a lot of others! It's been pretty quiet on Flickr too.

I've been busy all weekend and yesterday my Daughter came over for Sunday lunch unexpectedly which was really, really lovely. I was hoping to sit down in the afternoon and do a bit of Crocheting but that didn't happen until the evening. I came on here just before bed to see if anyone had posted and then I sat thinking about what I had managed to crochet this year. I've had such a wonderful time on Flickr since May of this year and I've truly enjoyed my experience into Blogland since September. I've just been looking back on my photostream of the things that I have made. I wondered whether you'd like to take a look too.

Now for those who haven't had a go at the Mosaics they are so easy. Big Huge Labs are great for doing these. Kim, 'when are you going to have a go?' I'm waiting!!!

I hope you'll pop over to Kim's blog. She has some lovely Christmas goodies on there.

Looking back at my work 2009.

Sue's Crocheting 2009. - Please visit

What a great evening we enjoyed on the TV last night. So pleased Little Joe won on the X Factor. He's just so cute and sang beautifully. Then to top it all we had our Susan Boyle. Our American bloggers will have heard of her, she's done so......well. Her story really was quite moving last night. ITV did us really proud last night I thought, makes a change from the usual rubbish. I wonder what will be on next Saturday night though, probably nothing, back to normal!

Anyway, housework is calling 'again!'
Bye for a bit.

I'll leave you with my slideshow.

Monday 7 December 2009

'Show and Tell Friday' - My Christmas Ripple Tree Skirt.

Hi Everyone!
It's 'Show and Tell' Friday. Cindy is hosting from 'My Romantic Home'. I hope you'll pop over and visit her. Thank you Cindy once again.

I expect everyone is getting ready for Christmas this week. I have been busy getting presents for the family. It's always difficult knowing what to get for everyone. Especially now my Daughters are older. I haven't even had much time for Crocheting!

My post today for 'Show and Tell' Friday is my Christmas Ripple Tree Skirt. I have had some really nice comments this week and I thank you all so much for them. As I haven't got anything else sorted for Friday I hope you don't mind me showing it again! There may be some who haven't seen it.

My Secret Ripple.

As soon as I posted my 'ta-dah' of My Fireside Ripple I immedidately began my next project. BUT I didn't let you in on this one. Only one or two of my regulars knew what I was up to!

I'm really sorry I didn't tell. But I really wasn't sure whether it was going to work out. I didn't use a pattern, it was just something I sort of thought of.

Anyway, while waiting for my Daughter to come home the other evening I managed to finish the crocheting and put the finishing touches to it. Then that meant I had to change the tree display again. I hope you think it's worth it.

Introducing 'My Christmas Ripple Tree Skirt!'.

'Rippling around the Christmas Tree!'.

How did I do it? I'm not sure. There was a lot of work involved, a lot of work I can tell you! This may seem a silly way to do it. But I basically made two rectangle Ripples. Sewed the sides together, to make a very large tubey. Then I threaded some gold ribbon through about 2 inches below the top row, slipped it under the tree and then gathered the ribbon up, tying at the finish. I'm sure there would be an easier way to do it, but that's the way I did it.

Tree Skirt gathered around.

My Christmas Ripple Tree Skirt.

'It's finished and it's been a secret from you this time!'.

Now it's done I think it looks okay, but I did have my doubts whether it would work out or not, right up until the last minute I thought I may have to 'bin it' or 'frog it' is that the right expression? ha,ha.

What's next? Well hopefully I will start something new. But with Christmas soon approaching and family visiting we will have to see what happens!

I just want to mention I don't know whether anyone is interested. The cutest blog on the block are printing our BLOGS! I have ordered two copies I thought my Daughters might like one each. I'll let you know what they are like when they come and I'll show you some photos of the covers etc., All comments can be included too, and I thought it was a nice keepsake.

Have a good weekend everyone and don't spend too much money!

Thursday 3 December 2009

'Show and Tell Friday' - Welcome to my home at Christmas.

Hi I'm linking this to Cindy of My Romantic Home. She is hosting 'Show and Tell Friday' again. Thank you Cindy.I hope you'll pop over and visit her.

Thanks for popping over to see me.

I decided yesterday to put the decorations up. I am quite early this year, in fact I don't usually put them up until a week before. Little Miss. Twin has her Gym Dinner and Dance on Friday evening, she is going to wear a silver sparkly sequin dress and you know what I want the house to be Christmasy for her. That's the reason why I have put the tree and decorations up early. I want to get her in the mood!

Well I am pleased to say I did manage to get another Christmas tree from the same Garden Centre. As lots of you know they had reserved me one, but upon going to collect they told me they had had a break in! So my tree was no longer available. They worked very hard to get me another one in. So thankfully I have one in time. They are always such a pain putting up and I'm really glad that's it now done to my satisfaction. (Let's hope it doesn't fall down!).

Anyway this is my room at Christmastime. I say 'my' you know it's 'ours!' ha.ha.

The lights on the tree have around 8 different combinations So maybe on some of the pictures the tree seems very bright.

I have certain things which I always put on year after year. My Angels. The one at the top of the tree was given to me 48 years ago on the day my Brother Kevin was born. 30th November in fact. I remember now standing at the bottom of the stairs all excited. Here she is.

My 48 year old Fairy. I was given this on the day my brother Kevin was born. 48 years ago last 30th November. She sits at the top of my tree every year!.

The two paper Angels, holding the book. These hold very special memories for me. Walking around the market at Christmastime with my two beautiful babies in their pushchair. I just couldn't resist buying two one each for the girls.

I have two of these Angels. Bought when my Daughters were only babies. They are now nearly 24 years of age.

The two Christmas Angels, well you've seen these before. They are from a pattern from Candle House Crafts. They come in kit form everything is included material, sequins etc., They are around £11.00 each and they are so wonderful to make. Please check them out on the link. They do other things too which you can make and they really make lovely gifts. These were made some years ago, but these always have to take pride and place on my tree.
'Christmas Angel'.

This beautiful Snowflake was made and given to me by my dear friend BrendaS2 on Flickr. Isn't it gorgeous. She made me quite a few. I always hang these on my tree too. Along with a little blue Angel.
'Snowflake' a gift from my best friend BrendaS2.

Now I come to 'Golden Birdie' thread sent to me by Elizabeth Cat. Just couldn't wait to put him on the tree this year.

Better view of my 'Golden Birdie'.

Along with the beautiful 'Golden Butterflies'. I made three, one small, two larger ones. They look beautiful when the light catches them.

Beautiful Golden Butterfly twinkles in my tree.

Then the other Butterflies I made a couple of weeks ago, white and light brown. Their antennae were made from Gold Metallic Spiral Cord.

'Crocheted Butterfly'.

Then I load the tree with Gold bows, Gold baubles, Gold Crackers, a little Gold Chime from BrendaS2 and lots of other sentimental decorations from my neice and nephew.

I tend to use Gold and White these days to decorate my tree. I do like the Christmasy colours, Red, Green and White. But I have felt since the girls are grown up now, we have to have something a little more adult-like.

Then I like to decorate my Fireplace with my twinkling lights and Garland. I always have lots of twig lights in my Lounge, Kitchen and Conservatory. I feel that they always make a corner so special.

Garland and Lights over my Fireplace.

There you can see my latest Ripple on the sofa, just waiting to be used again.

Lights at Christmas.

I've also got icicle lights in the bay window.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at how I decorate my room.I do hope you'll post photos of your house I'd just love to pop over and look at them.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, will you be putting your Christmas tree and Decorations up?