Thursday 29 April 2010

My article for 'Inside Crochet'. Squares from Wanda and Karin (Slide Show working!).

Hi Everyone!

Just popping in to tell you that my article for 'Inside Crochet' is going in 9th June Issue 8. I'm really pleased and the lady was pleased with what I wrote. I will be putting it on the blog so you won't need to go out and buy it. I don't know whether you get that abroad!  Kim will you please tell Little Kimbles that she may see her  Square in the magazine as it was on the photo of 'Across the Oceans!'.  I don't know which photo they will use, but the lady said they were okay.

Also my ring is ready......So I will go on Saturday with Mr. Twin to collect it. I can't wait......

It's been a wet day here in the UK pretty miserable. Hope it's better with you!

My Daughters have broken up  from work today.  It's a Bank Holiday here in the UK on Monday, but they have decided to have an extra day off which is lovely, and I'm looking forward to having them at home with me.  Hopefully, this won't disrupt my routine on here too much!

Also I have had some beautiful Squares in to day from Karin in the Netherlands.  She was very eager to try her Flower Squares and I must say they are absolutely beautiful! So thank you Karin.  My Slide show is not working but until it is here is a photo to be going on with!

'Flower Squares!' Now I wonder where these have come from? Of course it's Karin in the Netherlands! Ladies they are more beautiful in the 'flesh!'. Thank you Karin!

I also had some more Squares from Wanda in Puerto Rico! I wonder if she knows Damaris! Beautifully coloured Squares great for our 'sun' theme Blankets! Thank you! They're gorgeous, I'm sure you will agree both sets of Squares are just wonderful!

Pretty pattern. Pretty colours! OOh! Aren't we having a great time looking at all these Squares!

I will install the Slide Show as soon as I can, that's on a go...slow too!

Bye for now, and please pop over to 'SIBOL' .

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Gibraltar Louise and Bienzfive send me pretty Squares!

Such happiness today two lots of Squares have arrived from USA  and Gibraltar! Yes thank you so much
Bienzfive and Gibraltar Louise. Both sets of Squares arrived this morning and it was such a pleasure to open the packages as usual.

Bienzfive from NY, USA has donated some Squares to me before.  Last time they were darker colours, this time she has crocheted some Squares in a lovely strawberry colour and they will be come in really useful for our strawberry theme, but of course some will be ideal for our flower Challenge. They are absolutely beautiful.

I'm in love with this pink! Beautiful Squares from Bienzfive USA

Gibraltar Louise has been making Flower Squares ready for our next Challenge. Aren't these pretty? So delicate looking, and the colours are lovely. OOh, I get so excited when opening packages as you can imagine! Gorgeous Squares thank you!

Pretty Flower Squares from Gibraltar Louise arrived today! Aren't they just wonderful? So delicate!

Aren't they lovely?

If anyone is interested in making Squares for me to make into Blankets for the Elderly please pop across to SIBOL. It gives all the details on there about what is required. I'm having such a lot of fun doing this Project and I'm really happy to say that I've put the article in now to 'Inside Crochet' and they have 'approved' it, so all is well for the next issue.  It's not a 'full page' (I don't think) but it's about our on-line Crocheting and Knitting group and it was fun to do. Me little me, who would have thought it. I still have to get my head round this whole thing. Who would have thought a couple of months ago before 'SIBOL' was born that I'd be writing articles! he.he...... You gotta laugh!! Mr. Twin and myself have a regular chuckle and a little hug at the same time.

My ring......Well I'll give them to Friday and I will phone them up. It's been at the Jewellers now for three weeks. It should be ready soon hopefully. As long as they can do it, I don't mind waiting.

Bye for now, chicken for tea I have to go!

Sunday 25 April 2010

Ta - Dah ! Introducing 'SIBOL NO. 8'.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! It's been a nice day here and I've managed to get 'SIBOL No.8' now and truly finished.  With thanks to  Posy Linda in Florida who very kindly donated the Squares!  I've had such fun doing this Blanket. Mind you I have fun doing all the Blankets! Who wouldn't with these gorgeous Squares!

If you go over to 'SIBOL' Karin has written a post today and she's put some gorgeous photos up of her Flower Squares.  She's made a wonderful job of them.  I expect now everyone thinks they have to get their skates on and hurry up! 

Tonight I have to write an article for 'Inside Crochet' would you believe.  They contacted me last week because they had seen our 'SIBOL' Blog.  They were very interested in our SIBOL Project and want me to send up some photos and do a write up. So I just hope I can do it okay. If I get the article in by next Friday it will be  in the next issue.  I will let you know when it's published!  Of course Rachel very kindly put an article in her Weekly news update also.  So all in all we'll getting popular!  Who would have thought it little me, SAHM, not worked,  for 24 years all of a sudden sending up an article for a Crocheting magazine. I still can't get my head round it!  Just a little idea I had in my head, and it's all thanks to the kind Ladies on the blogs that have helped me make my dream come true! I have a full time admin-job here now what with the blogs, checking enquiries about SIBOL, etc., etc.,  OOh, what fun! Not to mention the Crocheting. 

We're all having a great time making the Squares, and it's given us all something to chat about I think. I feel we have a really nice little crafting community around us!

Anyway, back to the job in hand.  Here's the Updated Slide Show with the new Blanket included 'SIBOL No.8!'  I do hope Posy Linda likes it. Thanks so much to you Posy Linda and everyone else that helps me.

Enjoy the rest of the Weekend everyone!

Saturday 24 April 2010

Saturday and the Postie arrives with more Squares!

Hi to you all,

Are you having a nice weekend? I do hope so.

I'm very pleased to say I had some great Squares come in today. Some from Spain 'Sonieta' and the others from BrendaS2.  Both lots of Squares can be seen over on Flickr or indeed here in the Slide Show. I do hope you enjoy looking at the Squares.

It's always so nice to see what everyone comes up with.  I know BrendaS2 has been on to find different Squares. Details are over on Flickr if you want to learn more about her Squares. It's always nice when we know what the Square is called and where the pattern was found.  I would also like to thank Sonieta for the gorgeous little Friendship Square she very kindly sent to me.

Enjoy the Slide Show everyone and have a good evening.I'm off to watch 'Britain's Got Talent' now.
Bye for now.

Friday 23 April 2010

Friday Squares from Australia!

Hi Everyone!

I had some lovely Squares come in this morning all the way from Australia.  forines13 very kindly sent them to me. They are all so beautiful, each one different. Beautiful colours too! I've taken some photos as I always do when new Squares arrive because I know you are all very interested in the colours and patterns. We always seem to find something new to talk about.  I hope you enjoy looking at forines13 set of Squares for the 'SIBOL' Project.

The sun shines down on Squares from forines13!

Can I just say I am still unable to contact L. Dalius.  I'm sorry but my message just won't go through to you.
So annoying, but there isn't anything I can do.

Don't forget our new Challenges, on 'SIBOL' Squares! Flowers, Blue and White, Strawberries and Cream, Black and White, Men's theme, Children's Picture Squares.

I'm sure there is something that you'd like to make pop over to 'SIBOL'.

Happy Hooking everyone!

Thursday 22 April 2010

Squares from France /New Challenges announced 21st April.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all okay.  I've just had some new Squares in today from rose-marguerite in France.  They are for our 'sun' themed Blankets.  I bet she is pleased they have arrived !  They are gorgeous, just what we need again for our 'sun' theme Blankets! The colours are bright and sunny they surely are going to cheer us up! I've had trouble taking photos in the Conservatory there always seems to be a lot of shadow in there. But I'm doing my best.

Aren't we all just lovin' everyones' Squares! Stephanie I have waited for you! Thank you.

I've up-dated the Slide Show for you all to see. I wonder if anyone sits through it, I often wonder? The new photos are always at the beginning of course.  Here you are rose-marguerite and many thanks for sending the Squares to me.

If you are interested in our new Challenges over on 'SIBOL'
Please pop over and say hello!
Enjoy the rest of the day!

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Do you want to make a 'Flower Square?'

Hello Everyone!

My internet seems to be improving, but at times I am back to 'square one', so please bear with me. The Engineers are supposed to be still working on the problem.

Thank you all so much for the 'SUN' themed Squares. (Over on 'SIBOL').  They are all so fantastic. I'm going to have a great job putting all these together now! I appreciate each and everyone of them. I know I always say this, but I really do.

Our 'sun' theme has finished today. But please don't worry if you have made Squares for this theme, and they haven't arrived yet due to the 'ash' problem! They will be used. This is just to say that the theme has now ended and that we are moving on to the next one.

Which is?..............'The Flower Square' theme. (Deadline 31st May)

Now please trawl the internet, get your Crocheting books out, ask Friends, and try and find a nice 'Flower Square' pattern. Luna very kindly puts up some great 'Flower' Squares and there actually is a nice video in the side bar on 'SIBOL' which you can click on to.

Once again these Squares will be made into Blankets for the Elderly. These Challenges just make the project more interesting for all of us. We like to discuss new ideas, and try different things out.

1. 'Flower Squares'.
    Deadline 31st May.

2. 'Blue and White Squares'
    (Suggested by Kim)
    Deadline 30th June.

3. 'Strawberries and Cream Squares'
    (Suggested by Handmade in Gibraltar).
    Deadline 31st July.

4. 'Male Squares'
    (Suggested by Karin)
    Deadline 31st August.
    (Darker Colours, we always think of the Elderly as Women, but of course there are men also! )

5. 'Black and White Squares'
    (Suggested by Pertinitaco)
    Deadline 30th Sept.
    (We could use this as a Man's Blanket!).

6. 'Childrens' Picture Squares'
    (Suggested by crochet3love Flickr).
    Deadline 30th Oct.

She suggested 'Children's Picture Squares after seeing my 'Little Miss. Sunshine' used in the 'sun' theme Blanket idea. She thought maybe we could make a Children's Blanket with pictures on, Crocheted or Knitted.

Make a 6

You know me by now! I am so pulled towards making Blankets for the Elderly, but I would'nt mind just seeing whether this Challenge would work! If it works out, we could give the Blanket to a Children's Charity/Hospital or whatever, some worthwhile cause.

If you don't want to take part in any of these Challenges, that isn't a problem. Please feel free to send in a Square of any colour, any design of your choice. I can always use them in other Blankets. This is something I want to be doing for quite a while. I am just loving the whole experience.

I still haven't done my totals but I will. With all my internet problems I am running a bit behind.

I do hope you will join us, we are having lots of fun here over  on 'SIBOL'.

    Can you please contact me through Flickr. (If you join up you can send me a Flickr mail.) or try again.

2. RACHANA - Please contact me through email/Flickr.
So sorry but I have tried numerous times!

Please don't forget to check out our 'Blankets for the Elderly 2010' over on Flickr. It's our Flickr group showing our 'SIBOL' Squares.

Every day I am touched by the kindness of people all over the world. Making Blankets for the Elderly was just a little idea that I posted back in January. I had no idea that it would have been so successful! I would like to thank each and everyone of you! I am most grateful for your help. Every Square I receive will be made into 'Sunshine Blankets' and donated to Nursing Homes/Hospitals/Charities.

Thank you all for your wonderful support!

~~~ Sue ~~~~

LATEST SLIDESHOW!  Thank you very much to Manclass82 over on Flickr. She very kindly sent me some really bright Squares today for the 'sun' theme.  It's taken me awhile to load this up because of my internet speed. I do hope  you enjoy looking at the new Squares! Thank you Manclass82!

'Put your sun-glasses on! Ladies! Great for our 'SIBOL' 'sun' theme Challenge! Manclass82 (UK). Thank you! How lovely!

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Monday's New Squares - Good News/Bad News!

Hi Everyone,

It's Tuesday - but Monday's News! Does that make sense?

Anyway, first of all my internet is not working too well. This is the third day. Engineers are working on it apparently, we have to sit here and wait. I cannot accept any emails on the PC or here on the lap top. I do however get them on my iphone so I'll do my best to reply to you. If you can, please use Flickr mail. I'm frightened of missing someone on my iphone. Mr. Twin has a job to do tonight when he gets in from work. To phone 'Talk Talk'. Just not good enough!
So annoying!

Secondly, I had some really beautiful Squares come in yesterday from Pol on MSE Knitting Forum. These Squares are just ideal for our 'sun' themed Blankets over on 'SIBOL'. I'm sure you will agree. So bright aren't they? Great, just what we need. So I will put them in my Slide Show for you.

The third thing is - I want to thank Rachel for publishing my article on 'SIBOL' yesterday. I've already had some enquiries which is really good. I hope you will check her out if you haven't heard of her before. Rachel's Crochet Spot Weekly Update is really interesting and if you sign up it will come through your mail box every week.  I usually get mine Monday. Although this week I had to access it on my iphone!

The 'sun' theme Blankets deadline is tomorrow, but if any Squares come in after that date they will be used, please be assured.

Our next challenge over on 'SIBOL' is making 'FLOWER' Blankets. I'm so looking forward to this one! So look out your patterns and start 'Crocheting' or 'Knitting!'.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday 18 April 2010

Saturday post from the USA - Thank you 'The Garden Bell' - pop in and take a look!

Good Morning to you on a Sunny Sunday!

It's beautiful here again in the UK. I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Now yesterday I had a package come from 'The Garden Bell' USA. Unfortunately, the internet is only working at 2% of what it should be, so that means it's really, really slow. British Telecom have been told and apparently we have to wait 72 hours for the problem to be rectified. So annoying. Therefore, I really had trouble yesterday afternoon making a Slide Show with Garden Bells Squares in.

I've managed to do it now, but it's took an absolute mission. But here goes please enjoy Garden Bells' Squares!


Aren't they just great! I love them. They will be perfect for our 'sun' theme Blankets. The 'sun' theme runs out 21st April but if any Squares arrive a bit late please don't worry they will be used.

I do hope you have enjoyed looking at Garden Bells' Squares! Thank you so much Kate for the package!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Friday 16 April 2010

Ta - Dah ! Introducing 'SIBOL' No.7 - With special thanks to Damaris!

Hello Everyone!

Just wishing you all a very happy weekend! I'm as pleased as punch today because I have finished another 'SIBOL' Blanket. I am so thankful to Damaris from Puerto Rico who sent me some Squares at the beginning of March.

In a few days I am going to tell you how many Squares I have now received, how many Squares I have used etc., etc., I just wanted to get this Blanket finished first.

I have made a special Slide Show for Damaris. This is 'her story'. Perhaps you would like to join me on the journey of making 'SIBOL' NO. 7! Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, pull up a chair and enjoy the Slide Show.

Have a good weekend everyone, be happy! Enjoy your Crocheting!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Great Game today on Flickr! Squares from France arrive!

Hi Everyone!

Well Bethel told me that we would all be taking part in a Challenge today! I didn't quite know what it was going to be! I went and did my shopping, came back home and put the lappy on. My friends have beaten me to it. They had loaded photos of 'their work space area!'. What fun this is going to be today! I put my shopping away and instantly started taking photos. Now the idea was to take a photo of the place where you do your crocheting, sit at your computer etc., Oh! I mustn't forget where you keep your stash.

Now I am slightly embarrassed at my untidy box of wool. It's up in our bedroom at the moment. I know not very 'romantic' is it? This is the only thing that gets in the way of Mr. Twins. The Squares aren't a problem, they are hidden under the sofa in the Conservatory, and neither are the Blankets but the wool stash well that's a different thing. I have to virtually climb over it to go to bed! Not ideal is it I was keeping it in Little Miss Twins bedroom, but as she's come back home it's back in our room. I'd rather have her in the bedroom and know she's there rather than have the wool in there you understand! I really need to get a second box.

Anyway, here's the wool stash

My Stash !

Here's my Work Space!

'My Work area!'. - I didnt want you to see my Crocheting! Suppose to be a surprise! (That is Bethel's stream on lappy!).  How come I haven't got a special room?

Yes I mostly sit at the Kitchen Table, because I have so much Laundry in this house, I need to keep the washer going, tumble drier going, kettle going, etc., etc., In between I need to make these Blankets! So there's a sneaky view. I didn't want you to see it, but now as you are paying a visit to my home there you are 'SIBOL' 7. 'briefly!'.

Now this morning I had another batch of Squares arrive at my home. It was from my Friend Dulcinae in France. Many thanks for your beautiful Squares they really are so lovely. They will go perfectly in my Blankets. It was very kind of you to send them to me. Your Squares are now in the Slide show so please enjoy them!

Thank you Dulcinae! Your Squares arrived today. They are so pretty!  :)

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Wednesday Squares from Yarns From a Barn In France and Valerie.

Hi Everyone!

Ooh, it's been so cold here in the UK today! I've had great difficulty keeping warm! Just longing to get outside again in to the Garden, bit nippy at the moment.

Today I had some really nice Squares come in.  I know I 'always' say that, don't I? But you know I really do mean it. For every Square that comes through my letter box, (or should say lands on my carpet) each one is a sheer joy! I've had some Squares from Yarns From a Barn in France, and a beautiful little Flower Brooch. Thank you very much for the Squares and gift, it was very nice of you. Really lovely 'sun' themed Squares will be just perfect for our Challenge!

These Squares have travelled from France. Thank you Kathy! Really lovely!

Valerie has sent me Squares before and it's really nice of her to send me two today.  They are so pretty. The colours she has used go together so well.  Isn't it amazing when you crochet Squares how good they look even when you use a variety of colours?  She's given me some information in an email about the Squares. If you are sending me Squares it would always be useful to include some information about the patterns used.

The mauve square was from crochet overlay jewelry by Melody macduffee the squares in her book are made out of 2 strands of ordinary cotton sewing thread but when made in wool they come out much bigger.It is sort of simular to aran crochet. The other square was from the 99 crochet flower book by leisure arts."

 crochet3love sent me these beautiful Squares today. Thank you Valerie! I just love them. Just look at the one on the right! Isn't it unusual.

I'm sure you'll agree both sets of Squares are just great, thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy the Slide Show with Squares that have been received today.