Wednesday 28 November 2012

Stop on by and read about my 'SIBOL' Blanket Deliveries today!

Good evening everyone and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I have had a very busy day today delivering our 'Sunshine Blankets' to local Homes in my area of Birmingham and I am very pleased to tell you that I have now finished for this year.

The Blankets have all been accepted so well and the Staff and the Residents absolutely loved them. I would like to thank everyone who has supported 'SIBOL' this year for your kindness.

Some weeks ago I started getting the Blankets ready for the Homes, adding the Butterflies, Ribbons  and Gift Cards which I think really finishes them off. I always like delivering the Blankets because it's the final part of the story if you like. Hundreds of Squares have come in to my Home once again this year and indeed Blankets that you have made at Home and sent in to me. I am terribly grateful to everyone.

I would never have thought back in January 2010 when I first announced this project in Memory of my Grandmother that we would have made so many 'Sunshine Blankets'. My idea at first was to make 6 we have now made 328!






They do look lovely all ready for the off. 

I am very grateful to Anne for coming with me today, we certainly had a busy time.  I arrived at Anne's around 9.30 am and after a quick hello to her dear Hubby we set off.

Blanket delivery today to 'Rosefields' - Sheltered Accommodation Birmingham.

Our first visit was to 'Rosefields' in Birmingham. 'Rosefields' is sheltered accomodation and there we met the Lady who runs the accommodation 'Jacque'. We were offered cups of tea and Anne and myself set the Blankets out on the table. What a great selection of Blankets! They looked so lovely all tied up with ribbons.

Here I am with our gorgeous 'Sunshine Blankets'.

                                                                           Here I am!

Jackie - The Manager and Pippa.

Jacque and Anne

I introduced Anne and myself  to the Residents and then I told them about our 'SIBOL' Group. I explained to them that  'SIBOL' was not an ordinary  Knitting Group  which met  in a Church Hall where you sat around drinking cups of tea and chatting. I explained to them that our Group was 'internet-based' and that I had members all around the World. Also that we shared the love of Knitting and Crocheting and  that throughout the year we worked hard making 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly.  I also told them about our Charity Blankets. They were very interested in our Group and afterwards Anne and myself gave the Blankets out.

I was allowed some great photos and I am sure you would all like to see them. Everyone wanted us to thank you for the beautiful Blankets, they really could not get over how kind you all were. They couldn't believe that the Squares and indeed Blankets travelled hundreds of miles to get to them. Also that in this day and age there were so many kind people around!

Meeting some of the Residents.



This Gentleman absolutely loved his Blanket, particularly because it had Flowers on! He kept plants on his window sill.





I told this Lady that her Blanket was given to Tinka in Belgium from her friend  Vera and that she wanted to donate it to our project.  She absolutely loved the Blanket.


It was also very nice to know that the Gentleman in the Lounge appreciated 'his' Blanket so much too!

After spending quite a bit of time with the Staff and Residents and thanking them  we moved on to 'Selly Wood House Nursing  Home'.  These Homes are all set on the Cadbury Estate in Bournville, Birmingham and are all very near to each other. Of course very near to where the Chocolate is made.

Selly Wood House Nursing Home, Birmingham

Here we met the Activities Co-Ordinator 'Eve'. Eve was very happy indeed to accept our beautiful Blankets. She loved them and said that she would be keeping these Blankets and giving them out on Christmas Day. Some of the Residents do not have any visitors and she thought it would be a lovely thing to do for them.

Delivering the Blankets to Selly Wood House Nursing Home.

Some Residents in Homes particularly feel the cold due to medication they are on and I am sure these Blankets will give a great deal of comfort to them.

We thanked Eve for accepting our Blankets and I went back to Anne's where we had a cup of tea. Shortly after I headed back home and rang up Cotteridge House in Kings Norton. Cotteridge House has 11 Residents.

Sunshine Blankets ready for Cotteridge House, Birmingham




Once again the Blankets look really pretty all ready for the off.

Cotteridge House for the Elderly, Birmingham.

I arrived at Cotteridge House where I met the Manager 'Mrs. Walker'.  Once again she loved our Blankets so much and said that she would be keeping them for Christmas Day. Quite a few people in her Home do not have visitors and on Christmas Day they give presents out to the Residents in the morning and at lunchtime and our Blankets will be given to them. How lovely! It's so nice to know that someone has been thinking of them maybe living thousands of miles away. I explained there were Blankets from Belgium, Spain and some of the Blankets had Squares from other places around the World. The Staff wanted me to thank everyone for these wonderful Blankets and just wanted you to know that they were appreciated. They have 11 Residents and a Blanket for each of them!

The Manager accepting our Sunshine Blankets.

Afterwards I popped back to St. Michaels in Olton as they needed another of our Blankets. I took them 'Flower Burst' made by Tinka.

284 'Flower Burst' made and donated by ATheeC! Thank you!

So I've had a very pleasant day with Anne meeting the Residents and Staff who care for them.

So on Christmas morning when you are all sitting with your family opening presents, spare a thought for
these Residents. Can you imagine what they are all going to talk about? Can you imagine their faces when they open up their Gifts. I have been told on numerous occasions how our Blankets are talking points and it is you I have to thank. So a Big Thank you from me and everyone I met today. I really enjoyed going to the Homes with Anne. Thank you Anne for coming with me.

I do want to continue making our 'Sunshine Blankets' in the New Year that's if everyone is happy to do so.
I look forward to 'meeting and greeting' your Squares and Blankets and hopefully we can have another successful year!

May I remind you that we still have our 'Think Pink' (3) for Sale. I am accepting offers over £100.00. The person who bids the highest will receive this wonderful Blanket. It is raising money for Breast Cancer Care here in the UK. The closing date is 30th November at mid-night, so please email me Sue on

'Think Pink' (3) Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this Blanket.

Thanks for visiting 'SIBOL' today!
x Sue x

Monday 26 November 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Hi everyone!

I'm very pleased to be showcasing a beautiful  Blanket sent in by sistersestina over on RAVELRY. It has arrived today just in time for my Deliveries to the Homes.

This is such a striking Blanket made in Red, White and Blue  and it's called 'Diamond Jubilee'. What a great Blanket!

Thank you so much for making this Blanket and donating it for our Elderly.

Let's take a look at it now.

This is a gorgeous Blanket sistersestina, thank you so much!

sistersestina sent in some Butterflies for her Blanket and I have added some Navy ribbon. It really is lovely.

Created with flickr slideshow.

I hope you have enjoyed your Slide Show, it was a delight to receive your Blanket today, thank you!


                                                                           x Sue x

Friday 16 November 2012

Are you interested in owning one of our 'Think Pink Blankets?' Up-dated Saturday 17/11/2012

Good Afternoon,

As you know we work very hard all year round making 'Sunshine Blankets' for the Elderly in Nursing Homes, but we do also make Blankets to raise money for various Charitites.

Well today I am holding a 'Silent Auction' on the SIBOL Blog.  This is your chance to own one of our 'Think Pink' Blankets. This is the 3rd of our Think Pinks.  All proceeds will go to Breast Cancer Care here in the UK.


Breast Cancer Care Challenge.

This lovely, one-of-a-kind item was knitted by members of the ‘Sunshine International Blankets of Love’ group, who make blankets for the elderly. Members of this world-wide group knit or crochet squares and send them to the project’s co-ordinator, who then sews them together and distributes the finished blankets to the elderly via nursing homes. This particular piece was made by group members from the UK, Wales, USA, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Breast Cancer Care, an essential charity for anyone affected by breast cancer. Some of the contributions here were made by actual sufferers and survivors of this relentless illness.

Each of the 25 squares on this special blanket, lovingly nicknamed 'Think Pink!', relates to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, either depicting a cancer ribbon or simply having been made with pink shades of yarn. The blanket is 35 inches square, making it a typical ‘lapghan’ size. It will also arrive specially presented in the style of all SIBOL items and include a card detailing the names and nationalities of all contributors.

We have chosen to open the bidding at £100.00 to reflect the huge amount of time and effort involved in this project, and the fact that this unique blanket has been made for a very worthy cause.




SUE on








Best of luck everyone!

'Think Pink' (3) Thanks to everyone who contributed towards this Blanket.

314. 'Think Pink (3). Thanks to Fiona (Netherlands) for making up.

Best of Luck everyone!
Any queries please contact me
Sue on

Thank you! Sue x


Good Morning and thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

'jenn1feranne' SCOTLAND Has made and donated this beauty! Wow!

I'm glad you have stopped by I have a beautiful Blanket to show you. It has come in from 'jenn1feranne' who lives in Scotland. Another amazing Blanket for our Elderly. How 'Jennifer' finds the time to make so many Blankets for 'SIBOL' I will never know! She is certainly making some beauties.

The Blanket is made in such striking colours and one thing I have found out while visiting the Elderly is that they love bright colours. They can see them much better than the darker colours. I have had to put my 'sunglasses' on to view this one. We joke about sunglasses, but sometime back Bethel in Australia actually sent me some Ozzie Sunglasses simply for this reason! This was taken May 2010!

Well what a laugh I had this morning! Bethel sent me some Sunglasses to wear while making the 'sun' themed Blankets!

I can't believe we are still making Blankets! Who would have thought!
Anyway........I'm very happy to be showcasing 'jenn1feranne's' beautiful 'Rainbow Ripple'. What a beautiful Blanket, I love Ripples!

Simply gorgeous how kind!

I told you it was nice!

Let's take a look at the Slide Show now!

I just love this Blanket, thank you so much 'jenn1feranne'.  You have devoted such a lot of time to 'SIBOL' lately and I am very grateful to you. Superb piece of work!

This pattern is available as a download on RAVERLY. Here's the link!  Who needs to go out shopping when we can all make such wonderful items! Pop over to RAVERLY there is always so much to see on there. Some wonderful ideas and patterns.

The other Blanket today is 'Snowy Blue'. The centrepiece was sent in as a small donated Blanket and I was asked to make it larger. I just added some Butterflies and a couple of inches of blue and white. Now it's a more acceptable size and one more Blanket for our Elderly!

Please don't forget we are holding a 'SILENT AUCTION' trying to raise money for Breast Cancer Care with our beautiful Think Pink (3) Blanket. Please go back a post and have  a read!
Thanks for stopping by today!


x Sue x


Thursday 15 November 2012

Such talented Ladies!

Good Afternoon everyone!

May I first of all ask Glenda to contact me please.
I'm sorry I can't put my hands on your email address.
Sue on

I am very pleased to be showing you two Blankets which Glenda has sent to me today. They really are so different from each other.

A Pink and White one......

From the 'Interlocking Crochet' book by Tanis Galik.

What an interesting pattern!  It's taken from the 'Interlocking Crochet' book by Tanis Galik.
I love this Blanket.

The second one with multi-coloured Squares comes from the Chain  Reaction Afghan which is free from 'Interweave Crochet'.

Squares from the Chain Reaction Afghan which is free from Interweave Crochet.

Glenda I absoloutely love these Blankets. Your work is truly amazing and how kind of you to donate them both to our 'SIBOL' Group for the Elderly. The second one really has some very interesting Squares and I love the colours that you have made it in. I have made a Slide Show for you, sit back and enjoy!

Glenda please contact me if you are reading this post. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find your email address. I have put a letter in the post 1st Class to you to thank you for these gorgeous Blankets  just in case you don't see my post.

Our Blankets are going to be delivered very soon, so please stay tuned and read about my deliveries.
Thank you Glenda and thanks to everyone for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today!

                                                                          x Sue x

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Help with Knitted Squares! 4/4

Good Afternoon everyone!

I am very grateful to ginnyknit from the MSE forum because today I received back two blankets which she has put together for me.  I received quite a lot of Knitted Squares some months ago and she has been very kind assembling them for me. I'm sure you will agree she has made a great job of them. This really has helped me out and I'm really pleased that they have arrived back just in time for my next deliveries. Let's take a look at them. The Squares are great colours and I would like to thank the Craft Groups for sending them in to me.

Two blankets made up by ginnyknit (MSE). Thank you!

Great blankets ginnyknit, I really love them!  The Purple and Green Squares are great combinations together. You have a real knack of joining them!
Let's have a look at the Slide Show now!

Such pretty blankets!

Thanks for stopping by!

x Sue x

Granny Love! 3/4

Hello everyone!

Thanks for popping in.  I would like to thank Joanna today for the two blankets that I received this morning. I am late posting them because 'Flickr' and my internet have been playing up.

Joanna is one of our 'SIBOLETTES' and over the months she has made some wonderful blankets for SIBOL which she knows I am very grateful for. Today I received two blankets from her, one a Large Granny Square blanket and the other made with smaller Granny Squares. One in blue and the other in Lilac, Purple and Pink. Both blankets have been sent with pretty ribbons which I am very grateful for and also 'SIBOL' Butterflies.
These blankets really are lovely and they are so....warm. Joanna likes to make Granny blankets at the end of the day while watching TV. It's a good way of relaxing and they don't need a great deal of concentration. Both blankets are made in really lovely colours and I am so pleased that they arrived just in time for my deliveries.

Let's take a look at the blankets now. Thanks Joanna.

So pretty! Love the colours in these Squares!

Great Colours in this blanket too!

Beautiful aren't they? Joanna I have made a Slide Show for you!

These two wonderful blankets have arrived in time for my last deliveries of the year, I am so pleased Joanna
managed to finish them in time. Thank you so...much!
Many thanks for popping in to 'Mrs Twins!'

x Sue x.

'Christmas Lights!' 2/4

Hi everyone!

I am a busy bee today with all these wonderful blankets arriving at 'Two Times!'.  I am very happy to be showcasing 'Christmas Lights'. This blanket was made by 'jenn1feranne!' The pattern was designed by Amy Schwab who lives in Canada.  Isn't it gorgeous?  These Squares remind me of looking through windows and seeing all the lights in houses at Christmastime. What a lot of work has gone in to this blanket! Can you imagine all the ends that Jennifer had to sew in? Wow!
Thank you so much 'jenn1feranne'.
Let's take a look now!

What a wonderful blanket!

How kind of you to put so much work in to this blanket! I really appreciate your 'SIBOL' contributions!

Such wonderful Squares in this blanket

Sorry about the pin on the floor :) Used it to keep the Butterflies on! :)
x Sue x

A blanket full of Sweeties! 1/4

Hello Everyone!
I had 4 parcels arrive this morning at 'Two Times'. Wow! What a morning!  What could be inside?

Well I have spent all afternoon trying to write my Blog posts and load my photos on to Flickr. In the end I had to stop and give everything a break. After getting our meal ready this evening I decided to give it one more try and I'm pleased to say that everything seems to be working fine now! It does annoy me when 'htmls' don't work how they should.

As I have said I had four parcels arrive and I would like to thank everyone for their 'SIBOL' contributions.

ginnyknit sent me two 'take a bag' blankets back, Joanna sent me two Granny blankets, jenn1feranne sent me 'Christmas Lights' and Maria-Jesus and Purlygalore  on RAVELRY sent me Daffodil Squares and 'Liquorice Allsorts!'.

I have written individual posts for everyone. I have made you all Slide Shows and I really would love you all to scroll down so that you can see what's new. These blankets are all absolutely amazing!  I am very grateful to everyone for getting them in to me before I go out on my deliveries! The 'Wow's' did not stop coming today!

The first blanket has arrived from Maria Jesus and Purlygalore over on RAVERLY. They have worked together on this blanket and it absolutely amazing as you will see. Do you like Liquorice Allsorts? Our 'SIBOLETTES' even sent me a bag of sweets with this blanket!  Can you see the Butterflies in the centre? What a lot of work has gone in to this blanket.

They both worked on this blanket together!

I know it's definitely a Wow!  Let's take a look at the Slide Show now!

How kind of you both to work together on this blanket, what a good idea!   'SIBOL' is definitely a place where we can show off our creativity and make something useful too.
Not only did the 'SIBOLETTES' make a beautiful blanket they also sent in Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge. They are so lovely. Thank you very much.

After I have delivered the blankets  things on 'SIBOL' will probably be a little quiet until I have got the Challenges sorted etc.,  I realise everyone will be making Christmas Gifts etc., but could I just ask if you have any spare minutes that you would have a go at making some Butterflies. We have had a lot of blankets arrive  recently and although I still have plenty here we do need to keep our Butterfly stash up.

Here's the link to Nettie's Blog in Australia. It's a great tutorial - have a go!
So please scroll down and have a look at the previous posts, you wont want to miss our new blankets!

Thanks for stopping by.
x Sue x

Saturday 10 November 2012

Think Pink arrives from Belgium!

Good morning!

I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!  My SIBOL work does not stop even at the weekends and this morning I received a parcel from ATheeC in Belgium. 'Tinka' has very kindly sent me some wonderful SIBOL goodies!

First of all I would like to show you Think Pink (4). ATheeC has very kindly assembled our special blanket for Breast Cancer Care. Our SIBOLETTES have once again been working so hard making 'pink' Squares. These Breast Cancer Care blankets are one of our favourite Challenges. We enjoy making the Squares but we also enjoy raising money for this worthwhile cause.

Let's take a look at this gorgeous pink blanket!

Thanks to everyone that took part in this Think Pink (4).

Aren't the Squares wonderful! Thanks to everyone that made a Square for this blanket and thanks ATheeC for assembling it. You certainly have made a wonderful job!

Created with flickr slideshow.
ATheeC also sent some Squares for SIBOL.
Some Butterfly Squares which are so pretty.  I have the link for this tutorial on Luna's Blog.
Card and Butterfly Squares from ATheeC (Belgium). 
A beautiful card sent by ATheeC with a Crocheted Flower inside and also some
Stash Squares!
Stash Squares.
Very pretty thank you!
To my complete surprise I found another blanket inside the box.
This was made by Tinka's friend Vera.
She has used the Willow pattern to make this wonderful blanket. How very thoughtful!
What wonderful colours this blanket is made in and how delicate looking.
Thank you so much for making this beautiful blanket Vera!
Vera your kindness is very much appreciated. I am so glad that Tinka has a friend to share her love of Crocheting with!
Let's take a look at the Slide Show I have made for you!

Created with flickr slideshow.
I found some ideal Butterflies and some pretty ribbon to decorate your blanket thank you very much! I would also like to thank you for the Square you sent to me!
Vera (Belgium) Thank you!
What a lot of Crocheting you have done for our Group, thank you Vera!
I also had a Square from Maria another friend of Tinka's.
Maria (Belgium) Thank you!
Another pretty Square. Maria has contributed to SIBOL before thank you very much!
Our Think Pink blankets will be sold to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.
Thanks to everyone for visiting 'SIBOL' today!
Thank you Tinka, Maria and Vera for supporting SIBOL!
x Sue x

Thursday 8 November 2012

A pretty Flower blanket!

Good Evening and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

I have written two posts today so I do hope you will scroll down and read the previous one. Our lovely Fiona in the Netherlands has  very kindly made up our 3rd Think Pink blanket and I really would love you to see it. This blanket is going to be sold by 'Silent Auction' on the 'SIBOL' Blog very soon.
Now today is quite an eventful day for me and our 'SIBOLETTES'.  I have now finished all of our 'SIBOL' Challenges and today I would like to present our 'Irish Rose' blanket. But before I do may I just keep you in the picture.

I have a couple of  'take a bags' due to arrive back at 'Two Times' very soon, I hope in time for my November deliveries. Now apart from this I have about 20 odd size Squares which are spare. I would like to thank everyone on RAVELRY  who have been supporting me with 'take a bag'. I have had hundreds of Squares over the last 3 years and I am very pleased to be telling you that all of these Squares have now been used up. What an accomplishment for all of us! 

We have made some wonderful blankets and the final ones will be delivered mid - November. We have all been really busy once again this year and what fun we've had.

As my last Challenge blanket is finished, I am going to write our 'SIBOL' cards out for the blankets and get them ready for the homes, up-date our 'SIBOL' Blog, sort out our next  'SIBOL' Challenges  and of course up-date my photo albums. There are many bits and pieces I need to do before I start  collecting Squares again.  We are however still collecting Squares for our Marie Curie Cancer Care Challenge.

I can't thank you all enough for your friendship and wonderful support with the 'SIBOL' project. You are all such a lovely group of Ladies and it's a pleasure to know you all.

Let's take a look now at 'Irish Rose' a beautiful blanket and the Challenge was suggested by jenn1feranne and I am very grateful to her. This is my favourite Challenge I just absolutely love this blanket.

Thanks to everyone that has sent in Squares for this 'Irish Rose' Challenge, simply amazing! Thank you!

A closer look now!

If there is anything you wish to know about our 'SIBOL' project please do not hesitate to contact me and thanks once again I hope you like the blankets shown today!

x Sue x