Saturday, 18 October 2014

You must see what's new today! Pop in!

Good morning!

I would like to thank Gill this morning for some super duper Sunshine Blankets!
You are just going to love them.

Let's take a look at them now.

874 'Gill K' thank you!


Good ol' Granny Square. Reminds me of a football strip.

Then we have

875 Gill K thank you!


A lovely Granny Ripple Gill.

Look what we have next! Wow!

876 Gill K thank you!

Absolutely beautiful. What a lovely change and I'm sure these could be used for Shawls too. I love these Star Ripples both made in gorgeous colours.

877 Gill K thank you!

Spectacular Gill and I amazed once again how quickly you have made them thanks  so much.

I am always so grateful to you and everyone else that contributes to our 'SIBOL' project.

Have a nice day everyone!

x Sue x

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