Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Hi everyone!

Well Shawls keep arriving at my home I'm very pleased to say and now I have another one which goes in my box ready to take out at the beginning of December.

This one has arrived from 'jenn1feranne' up in Scotland and once again this is such a pretty pattern.
I had to try it on as I do all the Shawls and I must say it really sits so comfortable on the shoulders.

Here it is.



Here's the LINK over to 'jenn1ferannes' project page on RAVELRY.

Made in beautiful sparkly yarn this is going to be so well
received at one of the Homes.

I can't thank you enough 'jenn1feranne'.

It's gorgeous!

A late parcel has arrived today. It went to my neighbour while I had popped out.
Inside were three Blankets.
The Squares were sent by Jodie in France who runs the Guide Group.
The young Guides received a badge for making them.
I think this is superb!

I'm sure you will agree the Blankets have come out really well and I would like to
thank  Sally for assembling them for me.

Let's take a look now.





They will be loved in the Homes thanks everyone!

x Sue x 

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