Thursday, 9 October 2014

Beautiful Shawls arrive today!

Good afternoon and welcome!

I would like to thank 'BigBlue' over on RAVELRY for the parcel received today. She has sent 8 Shawls today which have all been beautifully Crocheted for our 'SIBOL' project. The dark purple one has been made by her friend Janice from her Knitting Group and I am  very grateful to both of you. They have  all been made in different patterns and I love the colour of the yarn on each one  too. What a great parcel!

Let's take a look at them now.









I've been busy too making 3 Shawls for Lady Katherines Home, Solihull. Irene's neighbour will be taking them in for me and unfortunately I wont be able to take any photos.  But here they are.


Big Blue and Janice thank you so much.
I love all of the Shawls and I know the Residents will too!

x Sue x 

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