Monday, 13 October 2014


Good Morning to you all!

Thank you very much for popping in to 'Mrs Twins' today!

This morning I would like to thank Lyn from Bournemouth who has very kindly sent me a bumper parcel of 'SIBOL' goodies. I knew she was busy Knitting Sunshine Blankets for us but I had no idea she had also made a Scarf and  Hats and Gloves too. The parcel arrived this morning from Hermes courier. I have to say a while back I wasn't too impressed with their service when they let me down on a collection from my home but lately they seemed to have got their act together. Not only can you have your parcel signed but you can also pay I think 30p to have a text sent to your phone when your parcel has been delivered. Amongst the other couriers they are the cheapest too and their service is excellent.  So thank you very much Lyn for sending the parcel to me.

Let's take a look inside now.


 Beautifully Knitted Butterflies  so useful to decorate our Sunshine Blankets.


                                                             Absolutely gorgeous!

                                                    Ribbon too very useful thank you Lyn

                                                          Warm Gifts for Christmas.....




and 9 Sunshine Blankets which are such a good size and are so colourful! I know these will keep someone so warm and cozy!


I'm sure you want to have a closer look.  Lyn has been making these over the weeks and she has also been keeping me up to date with their progress. Such pretty Blankets made in Knitted strips in such interesting yarn. So bright and cheerful just what we need for an Elderly Resident.










A pretty Granny Square Blanket too Crocheted in well co-ordinated colours.
How lovely!

Lyn thank you so much for making these wonderful Sunshine Blankets and Christmas Gifts. They will be delivered over the next few weeks. I think I have over 50 Sunshine Blankets upstairs so it's time to go out again.

I can't thank you enough this is a superb donation and it's been lovely to chat with you on email about your progress too.

I'm sure everyone has enjoyed looking at what's new today.

Thanks again,

x Sue x

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