Friday, 17 October 2014

What's new on Friday?

Good Morning and welcome!

I would very much like to thank Olivia for a  pretty Sunshine Blanket received yesterday and also for some lovely Knitted items for our 'Christmas Gift' appeal for the Elderly. The Sunshine Blanket is made in a lovely colour combination and it's also a perfect size too. Once again someone will receive a great deal of comfort from it. The Knitted items too Olivia have been made beautifully I can't thank you enough.

873 Olivia.


Olivia thank you for the Knitted items for Christmas Gifts.

                                                                   Absolutely superb! Thank you.

Today I received a parcel from Chris. Once again wonderful Fingerless Gloves for Christmas Gifts.
These are made in lovely colours and as Chris was saying the darker colours will be ideal for an Elderly Gent. Why not indeed! They are made beautifully thank you so much Chris. I'm  very grateful to you.

Chris thank you!

The deadline for Christmas Gifts for the Elderly is the end of November and also for Sunshine Blankets and Shawls. I intend to go out on my last delivery at the start of December.

Thank you both so much. I know how much time goes in to the making of them.

x Sue x 

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