Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunshine Blankets arrive at HQ.

Good Morning and welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you two 'Sunshine Blankets' which have arrived this morning from 'Sister Sestina' on RAVELRY. Thank you so much for sending these two lovely Blankets on to me I am very grateful to you.  I am due to go out to the Homes over the next few weeks and I will be sure to take them with me. Made in lovely colours they surely are going to keep an Elderly person warm.

Our 'Sunshine Blankets' are mounting up and I will be going out to the Homes very soon. The last date I can receive Blankets or Shawls for now is the 8th February. I am due to have my Kitchen installed on the 17th February and I have to get myself sorted. I'm hoping to receive again 3rd March but I will have to advise you on that.

Let's take a look now at 'Sister Sestina's' gorgeous Blankets.





Superb thank you so much 'Sister Sestina'.
What lovely colour combinations once again.

Thanks so much!

x Sue x

Up-dated 2.17pm.

I'm back again because I have just picked up a parcel from joyce28 and Maria-Jesus from the local convenience store. Thank you both so much for sending these superb Blankets.

Let's take a look at 'Shooting Stars' first. 
This was made by Maria-Jesus.
You will see why it has this name.


Great Butterflies too! Thank you.


So different! Thank you Maria-Jesus.

Next we have a Take-a-bag that joyce28 has very kindly assembled for us.

It's called 'Pink Lemonade'.




Thank you to everyone who sent in the Squares for this one.
Great Border joyce28 thank you.

Next.....we have 'Football Crazy'.
This is a fantastic Blanket for a Football fan we hope!





Great name for a wonderful Blanket joyce28.
Thank you so much!

I'm really grateful for the Blankets received today.
A busy day here at SIBOL HQ.
It's always so interesting to see your Blankets arrive.

I do hope you have enjoyed viewing them.

x Sue x 

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