Thursday, 23 January 2014

More pretty Blankets arrive today!

Good Morning,

Before I show you what's new today. I have a problem.....can you help?

Yesterday I received 3 'Sunshine Blankets' through the post and I thought they were Myrna's Blankets as I was expecting some. So I posted them on the Blog yesterday thinking they were hers. Unfortunately, there was no note inside the parcel. Well today I have now received 4 Blankets from Myrna. So the ones yesterday couldn't have been hers.  So if you are popping in to 'SIBOL' today and are wondering whether I have showed your Blankets please could you mail me. Sue on I have put yesterday's post in to draft until I know who they belong to.  I am at present trawling through my emails to try and find out who they belong to and of course going back into my photo records to see if I can get a clue who they belong to. We have regular Ladies and I shall probably kick myself when I find out who they belong to but at the present moment it's a mystery.  I'm all over the place at the moment with my new routine at home.

Anyway today I have pleasure in showing you Myrna's 'Sunshine Blankets'. She has sent me 4 beautiful Blankets and it's going to be so difficult to think of names for these ones. But I'm sure with the help of Ladies on RAVELRY we will be successful.

Here's the first one.

625 Myrna thank you


A pretty Border finishes it off so well. 

624 Myrna thank you!


Myrna has added her own Butterflies. They look lovely.
If you want to have a go at making them please follow this Link to Netties Blog in Australia.

623 Myrna thank you.


Can you spot the Snowman on the Blanket above? A real Christmasy Blanket I feel.

622 Myrna thank you.


I love how the Grey and Yellow Squares are placed in the Blanket above.

These Blankets are really stunning Myrna..
I love the Butterflies you have made and I know they are going to be so well received in the Homes.

Thank you very much indeed.

x Sue x

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