Friday, 24 January 2014

Blankets arrive for our Elderly folk.

Good afternoon and welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you two fantastic Blankets today. They have arrived from Jayne and 'jessiebonbon'.

The first one has been made by 'jessiebonbon' over on RAVELRY. It's called 'Rainbow Blanket' and it is made from scraps of yarn. What a fantastic idea! We all have odd bits of yarn in our Stash that could be used this way. I do hope 'jessiebonbon' has inspired you to do something similar! It certainly is a very colourful Blanket and I know that an Elderly person is going to love the colours in this Blanket.

626 'jessiebonbon' RAVELRY. Thank you for 'Rainbow Blanket'.

Butterflies used on 'Rainbow Blanket' were sent in by Jayne.





A great border finishes it off too! What a gorgeous Blanket.

Thank you very much indeed 'jessiebonbon'.

Secondly, I would like to thank Jayne for donating a Blanket to 'SIBOL'. This one has been finished off with a couple of tiny Butterflies I had in my Stash and I also found some Red Ribbon which compliments her Blanket really well I think. Only a few colours have been used in this Blanket but I'm sure you will agree they all co-ordinate so well.





Another fantastic Blanket and gorgeous Butterflies too Jayne thank you. Great for my Stash.


The Blankets are coming in very quickly this year which is lovely. Although
we are NOT collecting Squares now we have some beautiful donated 'Sunshine Blankets'
all ready to go off to the Elderly which is lovely. This saves us a lot of time assembling Squares this end.

Thank you both very much indeed!

x Sue x 

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  1. Such a nice thoughtful idea. I'm sure those blankets will ne a blessing to whoever receives them.


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