Monday, 6 January 2014

Shawls for the Elderly.

Hi everyone!

I'm late this evening and wondering if......

you would like to make Granny Shawls for the Homes? Just thinking of something different to make for the Elderly.

When I visited sheltered accommodation with Pippa some time ago  the Ladies were telling us how they like to throw a Blanket around  their shoulders in the middle of the night if they can't sleep and 'Silver Surfer' from Loving Hands mentioned in one of her emails recently that someone over on LV  had made a Granny Shawl and it was so nice. She thought that it might be something different for the Group to make for the Homes. So this idea really is from her.

I  have been trying to locate the pattern for Granny Shawl by Sylvia Syfrett and one is on it's way to me now but there are other ones on RAV too if you want to have a go.

Here are a few Links.

Just to give you some ideas.

I have had Ladies say that they prefer triangular Shawls so please feel free to make one of these
if you want to. They can be Knitted or Crocheted in whatever colour you like.

There is absolutely no pressure to take part in this idea.
It's just a thought. I thought  it would be nice to enclose a few in with the Blankets when we deliver them. Maybe a nice gift for the Elderly?

I would welcome your thoughts and I'd be very pleased to accept Shawls (as long as you don't expect me to model them!) :)

I'm  Sue on

Thank you!

x Sue x

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  1. I think this is a very good idea. Are there options for knitters? I found a couple of patterns that I could do if you like them.


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