Thursday, 17 October 2013

More Blankets!!

Good Afternoon and Welcome!

I am very pleased to be showing you three new 'Sunshine Blankets' which have arrived this morning.
Two from 'Marilyn' and the third from 'jean nock'.  They really are the prettiest of things.

Making 'Sunshine Blankets' yourselves has really taken off within the group and of course you are invited to take part. Our usual Blankets comprise of 25 6" Squares. These can be Knitted or Crocheted and we usually put a 1 to 2" border around the Squares. If you want to make the Blanket any bigger that's fine. I always say anything above 36" Square. Of course the size depends on what joining you use on the Squares it's really up to you. SIBOL is a place where we can be creative and it's so interesting to see what comes in.

Of course I accept Squares but making a Blanket really helps the Group. It saves us money sending the Squares on to an 'assembler' and we can get the Blankets to the Homes quicker too. So if you are making a lot of Squares why not make them into a 'Sunshine Blanket' yourself. Thank you. All information is on here.

Let's start with the two Blankets that Marilyn has sent in.
They are so...pretty!



I love both Blankets Marilyn. The Squares are really interesting and great colour combinations.
Marilyn is brilliant at flat braiding as you can see! We have to think of names for these Blankets any idea?
I am very grateful to you for the time spent on both Blankets Marilyn and I shall be taking them out to a Home very soon.

The next Blanket has arrived from 'jean nock' this morning.


Really cute tiny flowers in the centres of these Squares and I've found some Butterflies too to decorate the Blanket. You've made a wonderful job of the Blanket 'jean nock' I'm very grateful to you too, thank you so...much.  Our Blankets are piling up again and once I have received some more that are due in I shall be taking them out to a Home.

Thank you both very much indeed.

x Sue x

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  1. Yes Sue, yarn bomb the pipe... Perhaps a vine climbing with leaves and flowers ? It all looks fresh and new . Lovely!


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