Monday, 21 October 2013

Delivery Day and Sunshine from Spain!

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Well here in the UK it is very wet and windy but that hasn't stopped me from getting the Blankets ready for my Delivery today!  I am actually very pleased because Sonieta and her Mummy who live in Spain sent me four Sunshine Blankets this morning and I rushed around this morning attaching the Butterflies, finding the Ribbon  and writing the cards because I desperately wanted these to go out in my Delivery today!

In total I have 28 'Sunshine Blankets' ready for the off  and I'll tell you about the Delivery once I have shown you the Blankets from Spain.  These gorgeous Granny Square Blankets have been made once again in a variety of colours and they really have been made so well. Sonieta tells me that her Mummy is always busy Crocheting  Squares for 'SIBOL' and I know Sonieta does her fair share too. Sonieta's Mummy makes the Squares and also crochets them together!  It's always really nice to accept your Blankets, I know how much you enjoy supporting our project and I am very grateful to you both so please tell your Mummy and give her a Big Thank you.

Let's take a look at the Blankets now.





Aren't these Blankets colourful?
The Elderly love bright colours and making a Granny Square is a good way
of using your odd bits of yarn up.

I have made a Slide Show for you Sonieta and Mummy thank you very much!

Created with flickr slideshow.

Well I have 28 'Sunshine Blankets' ready to go to Homes and over the past few days I have been getting them ready.

Today I am visiting 'Stennards Leisure Home', Frankley Beeches, Birmingham which is the Northfield area. Here's a link.  and I am delivering  18 Blankets.


As soon as I walked in I could tell it was a really friendly and welcoming Home. The Staff immediately said how gorgeous our Blankets were and it was lovely to be able to tell the Staff about you all. Of course I told Angela and the Staff why I started the project in Memory of my Grandmother and how successful we have been and where I deliver the Blankets to.

I asked for a couple of photos and this was no problem at all. The Staff invited me in to the Lounge where the Residents were sitting. Straight away the Staff started giving our Blankets out and the Residents absolutely loved them. We read the names out to them of the Blankets and I also told them about Grace and Irene who Knit and Crochet for us.  The Residents loved having their photos taken and everyone was laughing and saying how lovely the Blankets were. I even had Ladies clapping to say thank you. They were all saying how kind you all were to make such lovely Blankets and I told them how the Squares and Blankets come from the UK and Europe and also told them how the four Blankets came in from Spain this morning.

They loved the Butterflies too but most importantly they wanted me to thank you all.
I have some lovely photos to show you now.





Such lovely Staff, so friendly and loved our Blankets as you can see. Everyone wanted me to thank you all. I loved talking to the Residents and I even spoke to one Lady who at one time did a little Knitting herself.

So thank you very much 'Stennards' for receiving our Blankets today, it was lovely to meet you all.

I love our Delivery Days. It's nice for you to be able to see where your work goes to. The end of the road if you like. So it's really important to me that I manage to get a few photos for you. I realised on the way home that I hadn't asked the Staff to take one of me there's always next time.

So okay it's a miserable day here in the UK today, but there is one little part of Birmingham that has received lots of Sunshine! 'Stennards' Leisure Home.

Bye for now and thanks to everyone!

x Sue x

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