Saturday, 19 October 2013

Another Beauty to see!

Good Evening,

I am very happy to be showing you a new 'Sunshine Blanket'. This one has been assembled for me by Tinaspice. I am very grateful to Tinaspice because over the last couple of months she has been assembling Squares for me and this really helps me get the Blankets to the Homes quicker.  She has in fact now assembled 3 Blankets for me and they are all superb.

She has just finished this one and I'm sure you will agree it's another beauty.

562 With thanks to Tinaspice for assembling and everyone for the Squares.

tina spice blanket one

She was really impressed with the Squares that were given to her and she sends her compliments to everyone that took part. We even had our 80 year old Grace make Squares in the next two Blankets coming up. We have named the first one 'Blueberry Pie' and the second one 'Citrus Crush'.

556 'Blueberry Pie' made up by Tina'

Blueberry Pie


Citrus Crush

I have suggested that she donates these Blankets to the Homes where her Mother lives and I shall be sending some matching Butterflies, Ribbon and of course our cards to decorate the Blankets up.

Perhaps you could send me some photos Tinaspice of the Blankets

decorated ready to go!

I am very grateful to you thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed the 'SIBOL' experience!

I have had a few new Ladies contact me about our 'SIBOL' project over the last few days and I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you.

If anyone else wants to help please contact me on

Sue on

Or why not pop over to our RAVELRY SIBOL GROUP?

Here's the Link.

Have a good evening and thank you very much Tinaspice.

x Sue x

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