Monday, 28 October 2013

Delivery Day on Friday!

Good morning and Welcome!

I am very grateful to Tinaspice for assembling 3 Sunshine Blankets for me. To save her spending valuable money on Postage I suggested she delivered them to her Mothers Home which is The Hawthorns in Southampton. Tinaspice  made a great job of assembling them and finished them off beautifully with our SIBOL Butterflies and Ribbon. I sent everything over to her and it sounds as though she had fun putting it all together. They arrived just in time on Friday so that she could parcel everything up and take them to the home that day. Tinaspice decided to stitch the Butterflies in place this time which was lovely and they looked very effective and gave a lovely finishing touch.

Normally Tinaspice visits her Mother at the weekend and doesn't really see many of the management team but as she was on holiday so she was able to go in on a weekday. She met Beverley the Manager and told her quickly about the work our Group does for the Elderly. She was very pleased indeed to receive our Blankets and said she would pass them on to three Residents. 

Angela another member of the team agreed to have her photo taken  for us so that you could see the Home receiving the Blankets  which was lovely. I do love photos as you know.

Tinaspice delivered 3 Blankets to her Mothers Home. Name to be advised. Thank you Tina.

tinas blanket home two

Thank you very much Tina for taking them in.
 I am so pleased you have enjoyed the 'SIBOL' experience.
You have assembled the Blankets beautifully and even delivered them and I have to say
you are the very first 'SIBOLETTE' to do this so you know first hand what's it's like
to reach the end of the road if you like.

Thank you Angela and Beverly too.

Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x 

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