Wednesday, 9 October 2013

'Granny's Garden', 'Picking Daisies' and more!!

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I always say our 'SIBOL' Group is a place where we can share our creativity and try new things out and joyce28 has certainly done that. Yesterday tea-time I picked up a parcel from the local convenience store. and there was a pile of goodies inside.  Collect + is a very fast delivery service and extremely reliable. joyce28 only sent the parcel on Sunday and yesterday it arrived at the store. It really is no problem for me to go and pick parcels up and it might be worth you trying this service if you have Blankets to send to me. Please email me for more information. Sue on  As the light had gone down so early again last night I didn't have chance to take any photos so as soon as I had finished my work this morning I took some. Such fun!

You will love the Sunshine Blankets that joyce28 has made for 'SIBOL'. It is really lovely to try new patterns out and 'SIBOL' is a place where you can do that and also help the Elderly too. Our Blankets are so welcomed in the Homes.

The first Blanket is called 'Granny's Garden' and if you would like more information please follow the Link here It is so pretty I absolutely love it. So colourful and very interesting. This Blanket measures 40" Square and it's a great size for a Blanket for the Elderly. I can just imagine this on someone's bed joyce28. I had better show you now.


Gorgeous isn't it?

The next Blanket is called 'Picking Daisies'. A brilliant name for this one too! All information is here. What a striking Blanket! I love the bright colours on this one. The Elderly particular like Bright colours.
I agree with you it is a good way of using un-wanted yarn up joyce28. It's going to be so well received.


The third Blanket is made with tiny Squares and what a lot of patience you must have had.  Great colour combinations in this one once again and a great size too! Thanks so much. It measures 40" x 40" and all information is here. Here it is...


What amazing Blankets! I can't thank you enough for making them. I'm sure everyone visiting 'SIBOL' today is going to follow the Links I have in place for them.  I shall be taking the Blankets to the Homes as soon as possible.

The final Blanket today is one I have assembled myself. It's called 'Brighten up my day!'.  Such bright colours in this Blanket and I would like to thank everyone for sending me the Squares it really has worked up lovely.

Thanks to everyone that has contributed Squares for this Blanket.

I've made joyce28 a Slide Show now thank you so much for supporting our project.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Thanks for visiting today!

Up-date Late.
Another finished Blanket this one is called 'Peach Melba'.
Thanks to everyone that contributed Squares for this Blanket

Thanks to everyone for sending in Squares for this Blanket.

 x Sue x

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