Friday, 27 September 2013

I love Grannies!

Good Morning and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

Today I have received three beautiful Granny Square Blankets from
'Jannine' here in the UK and I would like to thank her very much indeed.
Unfortuately, I have mislaid the mail address to acknowledge receipt of 
your work so if you are popping in please contact me on
I have however put a note in the post to you. So thank you very much.

'Jannine' these Blankets are so pretty.
I can see you have used quite a lot of your stash up in these Blankets.
They are so bright and cheerful and I know they will be terribly useful to the Elderly in the Homes.

I have found some pretty Ribbons and Butterflies to compliment your Blankets and I shall be taking these out as soon as I can. 

I am very grateful to you thanks so much for making them.

2 Granny Squares were also enclosed in the parcel and these will be put into future Blankets too.


Let's take a look at the Blankets now!
My creation

I've also made a Slide Show for you!
Sit back and enjoy!

Created with flickr slideshow.

I also had three other Granny Squares arrive in the post today from 'Lesley'.
These are made in such pretty yarn. Pastel colours I think are my favourite.

Thanks so much Lesley I am pleased you are still enjoying Crocheting!


Please scroll down on previous posts to see what's new.
I don't know whether anyone is interested but I am selling 25 Let's Get Crafting
Crocheting and Knitting magazines

I am having a de-clutter but also raising money for SIBOL.
There are lots of hidden costs and any proceeds will go towards
Stationery which involves Brochures and Cards for the Blankets.

Later on in the day.......

I have now finished assembling Squares from Grace.
Grace is 80 and lives in Sheltered Accommodation.

She loves Crocheting for SIBOL, she tells us that it's good exercise for her hands.

Thank you Grace. I know these Blankets are going to be loved.


I think that's about all for now,
Thanks for visiting today!

x Sue x 

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