Friday, 20 September 2013

Donations of Blankets and Squares arrive today for our Elderly.

Good morning,

We certainly have had a busy week and I do hope you will scroll down on previous posts to see what's new!

I would like to thank Myrna today for three beautiful blankets which she has kindly donated to our 'SIBOL' project.



Aren't they gorgeous?  The Elderly are going to love these blankets, a nice lap size.

The 3rd one is another Granny Square blanket that Myrna originally made for Oxfam and then she thought she would like to ask our Group if we would like it for the Elderly. Of course I said yes please! I'm sure one of the Homes could use it on their beds. I really appreciate you sending these blankets to me Myrna and I will take these in as soon as possible to a nearby Home.


Your Crocheting is lovely Myrna, I can tell it gives you a lot of pleasure. Superb colours in all three Blankets. Nothing like the good ol' Granny!

Thank you.

I also had Squares arrive from the Netherlands today our friend 'wilfi'. One of the Squares is for our special 500th Blanket. If you would like to take part we need Squares for a special one-off Blanket celebrating our 500th Sunshine Blanket.  This one has a 'party theme' so I am inviting you to make a 6" Square with balloons, cake, champagne, streamers, bunting that sort of thing. I do still have spaces for this one.

The Squares can be Knitted or Crocheted with a suitable design. Thank you. Let's take a look now at wilfi's Squares.

The first one is for our 500th Blanket.

Square for our 500th Blanket. Thank you!

Our special 'SIBOL' Butterfly adornes this pretty Square.
The second Square is for our Stash another lovely design.

Stash Square.

It's been a busy week and I do hope you will scroll down to see what's been happening. I would also like to thank the team on 'Simply Crocheting' for publishing a lovely write up for us.
Thank you!

Thanks for visiting and now I will leave you with a Slide Show I have made for Myrna.

If you have any enquries about our work please contact me
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Enjoy Myrna!

Created with flickr slideshow.

x Sue x 

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