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'Darling Dahlias'.

Good morning to you!

Thanks for visiting 'Mrs Twins' today.  I would like to welcome everyone visiting me today. We certainly have had a busy week over on SIBOL. and I do hope you will scroll down to the previous posts and catch up. I have visited a Local Care Home this week delivering our 'Sunshine Blankets', received beautiful Blankets and Squares and I also watched a very interesting programme on BBC 4 called 'Fabric of Britain'. This really was very interesting, I particularly enjoyed the part about Knitting through the war time. I'm sure you will too.

I would like to say hello to anyone visiting us through 'Simply Crochet' because in Issue 10 we have had a great write up about our 'SIBOL' project and if you scroll down again you will be able to catch up with that too. I have already had enquiries about our work so I'm really pleased.

I would like to say at this point that we now have enough Squares for our special 500th Blanket so I can't accept anymore. Thanks to everyone that has taken part.  This is to celebrate the making of our 500th Sunshine Blanket although now we have reached 532 which is amazing! As soon as I take Blankets in to the Homes I get more delivered which is great and actually it's so nice that you are all helping me with the making of a whole Blanket because as you can realise this takes up a lot of time assembling and I have the uploading and Blogs to take care of too.

I do however need to publicise the 'Festivals' Challenge and you can find all information over on this Link to SIBOL CHALLENGES. I need Squares in as soon as possible. They can be 6" Knitted or Crocheted Squares with a 'Festivals' theme. I will give you some examples. We have had Squares in for a Wine Festival, Flower Festival, Fireworks Festival and there could be plenty more. Such as a Book Festival, Music Festival. The ideas are endless. Do you think you could make a Square for us? I would be very happy to accept it. Details are on SIBOL CHALLENGES thank you!

One of our 'SIBOLETTES' Sally is very good she takes cares of the Knitted Squares for me. One of our Ladies 'Irene' makes beautiful 6" Knitted Squares but as I am not too good assembling Knitted ones Sally very kindly takes care of this for me.  Saying this I have had around 90 Squares come in from a Scottish Craft Group and if anyone would like to assemble any for me please feel free to contact me. I don't want Sally to feel she has to take care of all of them. So if you have time on your hands and would like to help us that way please feel free to contact me.  My mail address is 'Sue' on

Now lets take care of what I have received today. Thank you!

On June 20th of this year, Beverly (baw1812)  over on RAVLERY very kindly invited Ladies to take part in her Dahlia Challenge.The Square in question is the Dahlia Square from Jan Eaton's 200 Block Book. Here's the Link to her project page. She asked if Ladies could make the Flowers in really bright colours and do the edge in any shade of green they have. She made a red one for a SIBOL June swap and also some yellow ones that she sent to me to  put in to other Blankets. I of course thought that this was a fantastic idea and soon after Ladies started sending their Squares to Bev.   Well today I have received the Blanket back and I am so excited to be showing you.

The Blanket is called 'Darling Dahlias' and it's absolutely superb.

I have to thank Bev and everyone else for taking part in this special Challenge.

Here it is.

With thanks to everyone who took part in the 'Dahlia' Challenge. Superb Blanket.

As you can see Bev has made beautiful Butterflies co-ordinating very well indeed with the rich colour used on the border. Cream for the joining really makes the Flowers stand out don't you think? Can you imagine an Elderly person in a Home accepting this Blanket?  They are going to love it and I'm sure they will enjoy looking at the Flowers and thinking perhaps of their own Garden. Once again a very nice talking point too.

I have made a Slide Show for you! Thank you.

Created with flickr slideshow.

Not only did Bev send in the Blanket she sent some great Squares for our Challenges too!


Two Squares for our 'Festivals' Challenge called 'Festival of Quilts' so....pretty!

A Square for our 500th Blanket. A present! Everyone needs a present if you are having a party!
Thank you!


Also some great Squares for our stash. Thank you.


Butterflies too and a little Gift for me to celebrate reaching our 500th Blanket.  How kind of you thank you!
A beautiful Butterfly memo clip which I shall treasure thank you!

A gift from Bev to celebrate our 500th Blanket. A beautiful Butterfly memo clip thank you!

You have certainly put a lot of work in to the making of 'Darling Dahlias' Bev. I know how much time it takes to organise the Challenges also for everything else that you have sent thank you very much indeed.

As well as Bev's parcel I received a package from 'jean nock'. What exciting Squares in this one too!

Flower and Wine Festivals are high on 'jean nock's list.

'jean nock' Festivals Challenge. 'Flowers' thank you so much!

Celebrating our 500th Blanket we have a Party theme.
Icecream, Lollipops  and cupcakes go down very well indeed!

'500th' Blanket Challenge. Let's have cupcakes, lollipops and icecream! Thank you!

Butterfly Squares with our beautiful Butterflies. Perfect in every way thank you so much!

Butterfly Squares.

Well done 'jean nock' and thank you!

SIBOL Butterflies.

What beautiful work today I do hope you have enjoyed popping in.

It's taken me ages to write this post, I'm off to have a cuppa now.

Bye for now 

x Sue x 


  1. Sue you are amazing and doing such a great job co-ordinating all this. Keep up the good work !!


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