Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Delivery Day and 'Twining Trees'.

Good afternoon and welcome to 'Mrs Twins',

Over the past few days I have been getting our Blankets ready for my next delivery. They certainly pile up very quickly indeed. I had another 23 ready and thought it was time to part with them. Don't they look pretty on my conservatory sofa?


When I drive to Irene our 90 year old Knitter I pass by The Grove Care Home situated very near to Solihull and have often thought that I will ask them  next time.  Here's some details about the Home.

Delivery Day again! 18th September 2013. The Grove Care Home, Solihull.

 I telephoned and spoke to Lyndon Green the Manager and she said she would love our Blankets. It worked out well really because I was due to meet my Daughter for lunch.  I loaded the car up and once again felt very proud of all our beautiful Blankets.

Lyndon loved our Blankets and said they will be very useful. I picked out a few to show her in particular 'Dancing through the Dahlias' and 'Barcelona Beauty'. She loved them and said one of the Ladies in particular would love the Dahlia Blanket because she could fiddle with the Flowers! The Elderly love to touch Blankets I have been told this before.



It was a lovely Home, the Staff were very friendly indeed and Lyndon told me they have 30 Residents so I have said I will pop back soon with 7 more.  I told  Lyndon all about our SIBOL project and why it was started and she couldn't get over the talent of all the Ladies who sent in Squares or indeed made a Blanket.
She sends her thanks to you all for such beautiful Blankets and she said she was really pleased I telephoned her.

I am so pleased our project is successful. Our Blankets certainly make a difference to the Elderly and I am very grateful to everyone that sends in a Square or indeeds makes a whole Blanket. Thank you from me and also The Grove.

When I got back home I found a parcel in my porch. It was from 'Great Balls of Fire' (Una) If you follow over to her Blog she writes about the making of the Blanket she sent to me. It is called 'Twining Trees' and here are details about the centre panel. What a fantastic idea.  The  Blanket has been made beautifully by Una and it is so warm and comforting, ideal for our Elderly folk. I am sorry this didn't arrive in time for the Home this morning but I promise to take it to The Grove next time I visit.  Thank you very much indeed.

Here's 'Twining Trees'.


Created with flickr slideshow.

Una also made some Squares for our Festivals Challenge.
'Fireworks' a great idea thank you so much!
We do still have spaces in this Challenge if you are interested
please pop over to

Another great day thanks to everyone!
x Sue x 

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  1. Hi Sue
    Well done for all your continued good works with the blankets for the elderly. Sadly we're moving into the time of year when we all need a helping hand to keep warm sometimes (although we also complain of being to hot too on occasions, but that's just our age, eh?) My parents-in-law live in Solihull, almost opposite to the Grove (Maplebeck Court) - I thought I recognised it! We'll be on a brief visit there tomorrow, so I'll be thinking of you and your blankets! Take care, and enjoy the return of summer for a few days!
    Janet x


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