Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Sunshine Blankets.

Good afternoon and welcome!

'BigBlue'  over on RAVELRY has been collecting Squares on behalf of SIBOL and assembling them into Sunshine Blankets for a Home called 'Belvoir' near to where she lives. On Wednesday morning she will hand deliver 20 Sunshine Blankets and 19 Shawls to Residents in their Home. What
an achievement! I must congratulate her and all the Ladies who have very kindly contributed.

The latest Sunshine Blankets are Strawberry Sundae and Peppermint Cream. Two more stunning Sunshine Blankets.

Thank you to brownie47 for 'Peppermint Cream' - Perfect name.

I will be very interested to read how you got on 'BigBlue' thank you so much for doing this and everyone else who has donated Squares and Blankets.

x Sue x

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