Thursday, 17 September 2015

Delivery Day to Belvoir Care Home.

Good evening,

A busy couple of  days for me visiting 'Bramley Grove Care Home', and also for 'BigBlue' Lisa over on RAVELRY for visiting a home near to her called Belvoir Care Home in Rochdale.

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I asked Lisa if she would write a couple of paragraphs about her visit. This is the first time she has invited Ladies to send her Squares on behalf of 'SIBOL' and as I have found out over the years Ladies in the Crafting Community are terribly kind and it wasn't too long before she had enough to start assembling Blankets together. Not only did she assemble  Squares into Blankets she also had donations of finished Blankets which really helped her.

I am now going to let you read what she sent me.

Belvoir Care Home

"It's taken me  a few months but finally I finished off the Sunshine blankets this week.  My friend Dorothy helped with putting ribbons and butterflies on all the blankets and made a lot of butterflies for me.
Today we took 20  Sunshine blankets and 19 shawls to a home quite near to me in Rochdale called Belvoir Care Home. The manager Amanda Richardson was really friendly and welcoming, and very interested in hearing about how the blankets were made by many people around the world. She was amazed at how much work went into them by so many people. The residents were interested in them too and one lady called Gladys was very keen to have her picture taken with Amanda and the blankets.  They will be a big talking point for quite a while. 
With many thanks to Amanda for accepting them.  

They enquired about sharing them with their sister home, so they will be the next on the list."

This is great thanks Lisa. I'm so pleased the visit went well.

Now we have some photos which Lisa  sent over to me. I would like you to see them.

That was really lovely of Gladys to allow you a photo Lisa and what gorgeous Sunshine Blankets too! They are absolutely beautiful and  decorated perfectly.

Thanks to everyone for helping and to Belvoir for accepting them.

'SIBOL' is a place where we can be creative and at the same time doing something worthwhile for others too. As you can see from today's posts many Elderly Residents are benefiting from our work and I am so pleased that our  Sunshine Blankets are getting to people in other parts of the country.

Thanks so much.

x Sue x


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