Sunday, 13 September 2015

Berrylicious, Creme Caramel, Parma Violets and Blue Lagoon.

Good morning and welcome!

Throughout the year we have been very busy making Sunshine Blankets and Shawls for Residents in Care Homes mainly in the Birmingham area.  I'm very pleased to be telling you that a few Ladies in our SIBOL group have taken on the task of assembling Blankets in the SIBOL name and arranging delivery near to where they live. This is fantastic because it means that our Blankets can reach other parts of the UK. BigBlue  over on (RAV) is one of these Ladies.

Over the past few months she has been collecting Squares and has assembled some stunning Blankets and it is my pleasure today to be showcasing more of her work.

Let's take a look now.

The first one is called 'Berrylicious'.

Berrylicious made and donated by BigBlue and SIBOL Ladies. Thank you.

The second is called 'Creme Caramel'.


The third is 'Parma Violets'.


BigBlue thank you so much for collecting the Squares on behalf of SIBOL and assembling them. You have made a fantastic job of putting them together. I'm really grateful to you.  I would also like to thank everyone for sending in Squares to BigBlue.  The Blankets are really interesting and I know the Residents in Homes are really going to appreciate them especially as the weather is starting to change now.

brownie47 has also spent time making a Blanket for SIBOL. I'm sure you are going to love this one too. It's called 'Blue Lagoon' and once again a stunning Blanket.

Blue lagoon made and donated by brownie47 RAV. Thank you.

This brings our total to 1110
Thank you all so much!

Any enquiries please contact

I'm Sue

Thank you. 

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