Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday's post.

Good afternoon,

My postie has been very busy today - three beautiful Sunshine Blankets arriving for Residents in Care Homes. 

The first one arrived from juliesgems3 over on RAVELRY.   Here's the LINK to her page.

This Crocheted Blanket is so pretty. I've added a Butterfly too which we do on all of our Blankets.  If you'd like to have a go yourself they are very easy to do. Nettie's Blog in Australia has a great video tutorial. Here's the LINK. We are always in need of Butterflies so please feel free to make some. Decorated with Ribbon and a Butterfly this Blanket is going to be a wonderful Gift. Thank you very much juliesgems3.

1117 -'Granny Square Lap Blanket -  Thanks Julie C.


The centre really stands out and I love the variegated yarn used too.  What a treat thank you!

Next we have two Sunshine Blankets arriving from Linda. Linda has made the Sunshine Blankets in two shades of Lilac and I love the roses and frilly edging. It must be the day for Lilac! Both are great sizes for someone's lap thank you so much.

1119 - 1118 Thanks Linda - I love the colours in these two Sunshine Blankets.

1119 - Cute Roses Linda!

1118 - Thanks Linda - such a pretty Sunshine Blanket.

I would also like to thank everyone who has contacted me after seeing the small article in 'Yours' magazine.  I've had a lot of enquiries and I'm pleased you'd like to support us.

If you'd like to visit 

SIBOL CHALLENGES it gives you information about our work.
Here's the LINK

I'd like to say my address is available by email only.

We also have a SIBOL Group over on RAVELRY.
Here's the LINK.
You are most welcome to join our chats anytime.
So why not introduce yourself? (Optional).

It's so nice to have new enquiries so thank you. 

Thanks once again Linda and juliesgems3 I am very grateful to you both.

x Sue x 

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