Monday, 20 April 2015

What's new on Monday?

Good morning and welcome!

I would like to thank baw1812 for the parcel received this morning. Inside were two beautiful Half Granny Shawls, Butterflies and the last Square for our special 1,000th Blanket. Thank you so much. The Butterflies are going to be so useful my Butterfly stash is getting pretty low.

Let's take a look now.

Great colour combinations in these two Shawls.

 Thanks for helping me out with the Square too baw1812, thank you so much!

Barbara has very kindly sent in a pretty Granny Square Blanket today. She tells me that she started the Blanket using scraps of yarn that she had lying about with no particular use in mind. Then she heard about our 'SIBOL' project and was motivated to get on with it and get it finished. I'm ever so grateful to you Barbara. I will be visiting a Home again very soon and I will definitely be taking your Blanket out with me. It's a great size, will be very cozy and it's really pretty. Thanks so much once again.

Thank you both very much.

x Sue x

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