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Make a Shawl for the Elderly.

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When I visited one of the local Homes yesterday the Staff said how useful the Crocheted and Knitted Shawls would be. I offered to go back when I have enough for the other Residents. I'm wondering if you would like to help me make some more for them?  They are so useful when sitting about and I tend to use one myself when watching TV. They really do take the chills away.

We have over the months found some nice patterns on RAVELRY here's the LINK to the site.
You will have to sign in if you haven't been there before.
But then if you click on Patterns and just type in whether you want 'Knitted or Crocheted'.
You will be able to access  many ideas.

One of the popular patterns is the 'Original Half Granny Square Shawl' by Amar Enid Alcala.
Here's the LINK. to that one.

It can be made in any colour you like and whatever size you like too.
But a good size is 124 cms across and 65cms top to point.
It could also be smaller or larger it's entirely up to you.

Here are some of the Shawls that we have made using  this Half Granny Square method.

Shawls made my Bev thank you.

Shawl made by Gill thank you.

Shawl from Marilyn thank you!

Thanks to 'me' Shawls for the Elderly.

This is a very simple pattern using the Granny method and it's a great way of using your un-wanted stash. Why not make a Crocheted Butterfly to finish it off. Here's the LINK to Netties Blog in Australia. She has a great video tutorial and once you start making them I can guarantee you will become addicted to making them.

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