Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Helping "2 Wish Upon a Star'.

Good afternoon,

Our 'SIBOL' project has become very popular indeed and since January 2010 we have made well over 1,000 Sunshine Blankets which have been donated to Residents in Care Homes throughout the UK.  From time to time I am asked if we could help out with other Charity work so it is my absolute pleasure to now give you details.

Yesterday I received an email from Liz in Wales. She writes...

"I was wondering whether I could ask for your help with a project I'm working on.
A friend of mine asked me recently to make a blanket for the
" 2 Wish Upon A Star :: Cwtch of Comfort' project.'

This is a Charity that needs donations of blankets to put into 'bereavement boxes' for
parents who have suffered the loss of a child.

I have committed to making three blankets  for them and I'm asking others to help me
make more. We've organised a local crochet along and I'm asking people if they would like
to send squares to me to be made up into blankets for this very worthy cause.

I have been so inspired by SIBOL over the past few years and the fantastic
work you have done.  I have always been touched by how the online 
crocheting/knitting community will rally together for a good cause.

I have put a post up on my blog  it's under Unravelling Me.... Thank  you"

Can we help Liz? I do hope so. 
She needs the following:

6" Squares Knitted or Crocheted 
White or very pale pastel colours
Pale pastel colours need to be 'gender neutral, ie, pale lilac, pale yellow, etc.,
This is so that the bereavement boxes don't need to be marked as 'for a boy' or 'for a girl'.
Acrylic yarn please
1 or 2, or how many you can manage would be fantastic
Deadline End of May 2015.

 Please contact Liz on the following email address.

This is a really worthwhile project  and I'm sure we can help.
Why not pop over to 'Unravelling Me' and see what's needed.

Thanks everyone!

x Sue x

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