Monday, 8 September 2014

Yet another Delivery Day!!

Good afternoon to you all,

Over the past few months Sunshine Blankets and Shawls have been arriving at my home and once again it's time for yet another Delivery Day! I am always so.....excited when this special day arrives because  I am  so passionate about what we all do for the Elderly.  It's rather like the 'end of the journey' if you know what I mean. 

It's really surprising how the Blankets and Shawls add up and I am even more surprised that I still get an awlful lot of interest from everyone in the Crafting Community. Ladies send Blankets and Shawls from all parts of the Country and even at times from other parts of the World and as I have said many times before I am so...grateful for your help. What started out as an idea back in January 2010 has now escalated into something so much bigger! We have now made  826 Sunshine Blankets - my original aim was to make 6 so we are doing really well. 

I have had a Home in mind for several months now. Ever since I visited Hasbury Residential Care Home, Kings Norton, Birmingham back in November. I found out from the Staff that they had a sister home in Kings Heath called Rosemary Lodge.  I looked on the internet and found out that Rosemary Lodge Care Home had 29 Residents so I have purposely been collecting for this Home.  


                                                            Rosemary Lodge Care Home.

Set on a busy main  road going in to Kings Heath,  Birmingham I set the sat nav and found it really easily. A lovely old house with lots of character I thought.        

The Home is owned by Sally and after speaking to her on the telephone I arranged  to go in  this morning to meet her. What a lovely Home! I was shown into the Lounge and offered a nice cup of tea and Sally came and sat with me.  It was lovely to be able to tell Sally about my Grandmother and why I felt the need to start the project. She said my Grandmother would be very proud.  I also told her how terribly kind Ladies are out in the Crafting Community to find time to Crochet and Knit for Residents in Care Homes. Sally spent a lot of time telling me about her work too. It was so interesting to speak to her. I admire all Staff who work in Care Homes every day must be very challenging but what a lot of satisfaction they must get from doing something so worthwhile. 

After my cup of tea I went out to the car and with the help from Sally (Right)  and a member of Staff we carried the Blankets in to the Home. We were all so excited. I lay the boxes on the floor and Sally agreed to having a few photos taken. I showed her some of the Blankets and one in particular made by Jenny our 16 year old 'SIBOLETTE'. Jenny wrote a little card with her Blanket and Sally thought it was a lovely thought. 



Sally and the other member of Staff absolutely loved the Blankets and even tried on a few Shawls!
Sally mentioned they have some really frail old Ladies so the Shawls will be particularly useful. I would like to thank you all on behalf of Rosemary Lodge Care Home. Our work was very much appreciated and will certainly make a big difference to the Residents. 

Before I end this post .........

I just want to mention that Sally and Staff wrapped up the Blankets last November for 
their sister Home Hasbury ready for Christmas Day. They put them under the tree. She said it was really hard to keep them  wrapped until Christmas Day every one was wondering what on earth was under the tree!

The Blankets at Hasbury have been so well received by the Residents and actually she says it's really hard to put them in the wash because  they are so attached to them. They belong to each of the Residents and they think such a lot of them mainly because they haven't anything else personal to them. A lot of them  do not have visitors so gifts are very scarce. I'm sure the Residents at Rosemary Lodge will love them just as much.

"Delivery Days are just the best". It's so nice to be able to take photos to show you and I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. What we are doing is so worthwhile and it's so nice that Sally at Rosemary Lodge really appreciates what we have done for her two Homes. So a Big Thank You from me too!

In closing may I thank Sally and Staff for making me feel so welcome and hospitality shown I had a lovely morning. Thank you!

x Sue x 

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  1. Woo hoo! I can see my blanket has landed in its new home. Brilliant.


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