Monday, 1 September 2014

Something different!

Good afternoon,

I would like to thank 'jenn1feranne' Scotland for a really unusual Shawl received today.
Made in red and white this is going to be such a talking point in the Home I will be visiting to
deliver it. I love the style of the Shawl I think it's come out really well. Although 'jenn1feranne'
tells me that it was an experiment and it took her longer than what she had hoped I think it was
well worth the time spent on it.

Here's the Link over to 'jenn1feranne's' project page over on RAVELRY. ''jenn1feranne' has some amazing work in her projects you might like to spend half an hour looking at everything. You're one clever lady 'jenn1feranne!'

Thank you so much for sending this Shawl to me I know it will be loved.

'jenn1feranne' thank you for the Shawl. It's so pretty. x


This one is a little bright sorry about that.


I do hope you will scroll down to see what's new. We have been busy lately.

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