Saturday, 20 September 2014

New Shawls and Sunshine Blankets arriving here at HQ!

Good afternoon  to you all!

First of all may I welcome anyone new visiting our 'SIBOL' Blog today and over the last few days. It's so nice that you are coming across us. There is always something new to see on here and I do hope you will scroll down on previous posts too.

May I say before we go any further there is no need to wrap the 'Christmas Gifts' in Christmas wrapping paper. Although I said they will be 'Gifts',  the Homes will do this as they do our Blankets for Christmas. So I wouldn't want you to go to that added expense. If you are new to SIBOL I have been asking if anyone would like to make small warm items such as Bed Socks, Bed Jackets, Crocheted or Knitted Slippers, Warm Hats Knitted or Crocheted, Scarves, Fingerless Gloves, Wrist Warmers etc., anything like that for an Elderly person to open on Christmas Day. The Residents in Homes do not receive many Gifts and I just thought it would be something new we could try as a Group this Christmas. Thank you.

I would like to thank Kianie this morning for sending in a Blanket for our Elderly Residents. I just love the colour combinations in this one and the Squares are delightful too! A great sized Blanket this one will give a lot of comfort to someone Elderly. It's called 'Paint the Town Red!'. A wonderful piece of work and I love the name too! Thank you so much Kianie!



I would also  like to thank Sally very much indeed for assembling Knitted Squares from our 90 year old Irene. She has made a couple of beautiful Shawls which will be very useful and also some Sunshine Blankets.  I would also like  to thank  jenn1feranne for sending a lovely purple Knitted Shawl too. We certainly are getting some lovely work arriving.

First of all let's take a look at the Shawls from Irene and Sally.



A pretty pastel one and now a shocking pink one!



Sally has assembled Irenes' Squares so beautifully. Thank you.

Now the Sunshine Blankets.

Sally has assembled some odd Squares that I had at home into this Blanket and she's also added some of her own. It's an interesting Blanket Sally.



I love the colourful border.

Then Irenes' Squares have been put into Sunshine Blankets. A pretty Blue one now.



The Squares go together so well in the next Blanket.



Striped ones make an interesting Blanket too!



All of our Blankets are so...different.



I'm over the moon with them Sally thanks so much for giving us a hand!

jenn1feranne (Scotland) has sent in a Shawl  which arrived today.
Details are on here.
A gorgeous Shawl made in pretty colours this is going to be so warm for someone frail.

Your work is amazing jenn1feranne!
Thank you! 




It's always so lovely to receive everyone's work and I can guarantee you that it will all be given out before Christmas.  I go to the Homes myself and hand deliver everything. I'm sure the Residents will be very pleased to receive these wonderful makes.

I think that's about all for today.
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Thank you

x Sue x

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